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Bianca Alyssa  Suicide Blonde β€’pole fitness β€’hair metal β€’Anna Nicole and Jenna Jameson love child β€’HTX

The only time I'll agree with Dee Snider.

Why am I starting to like this? You know he hasn't hurt me yet. πŸ’ (Screenshot from old Snapchat cause I HAVENT LOOKED CUTE IN DAYS)

I post a lot about music and I know 3/4 of my followers don't give a shit about my taste in music and I get that but you're wrong.
It's so rare that I prefer a cover over the original but God, every time I hear this song I fall in love with it even more. Tesla is one of my favorite bands and I got to see them earlier this year. Hands down one of the best shows I've been to.
I just feel like I need more people to appreciate the beauty in this song πŸ’”

If by the age of 22 we aren't together, just throw me in the trash where I belong. @nunobettencourtofficial what's up man? Is everything alright? Why are you holding out on me? I'm cute. I'm a fan. You're a hot God. You could be a fan of me. Lets get this going. πŸ‘πŸ»

Take me as I am, cause I would do anything if only I could see you. I'm deprived of hope, I'm God's sick joke. ✨

She alone is the reason my spirit's wild πŸ’‹

Did you read it in the paper? 'Bout the danger comin' your way. She'll tear you up at midnight, a killer on the loose. Get out of her way. πŸ’

1.) I highly believe the song Poison by Alice Cooper was written for me, even though I wasn't born yet. He just knew.
2.) I have an upper respiratory infection and my doctor gave me a ZPak and instantly feeling better
3.) why am I not a playboy icon yet? ( an actual question that no one seems to have the answer to)
4.) I'm Barbie's bitch cousin Bianca πŸ’

Couldn't see my man @michaelstarr tonight because I'm insanely sick and doctors appointment early in the morning. πŸ’” my heart is broken, I wanted to be 1/17 girls in a row

A true story. I'm really sick but still look like $100. Not a million.

I dyed my hair back to blonde and my mirror is dirty but woah hot

I posted this on my story but it's too cute to only be seen for 24 hours.
I'm starting to like my hair but since there's no school tomorrow I'm probably going to stay in bed sad and end up dying it blonde again.
I'm also thinking about how it'll be when I see Dangerous Toys next month. If I leave this hair color, it'll be the first glam concert without being the youngest bleach blonde goddess in the audience and can I really do that to my 45 year old Houston glam fans and the musicians on stage ? Bianca Alyssa, asking the real questions in life.

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