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Justin  Attack

Looking for my "lost" glasses and I found these In a drawer. Time to play these again #evilwithin #evilwithin2 #handsomejack #ps4

And tattoos and cars. Satan also forgot those are on my list #sillysatan


Giving me old school Marvel vs Capcom vibes... definitely excited for this one.
@swollenmusclefibers @gifted76

Marriage counseling lol #therapy

Rip George Romero. Awesome wild movie maker behind night/dawn/day of the dead. Sucks. I loved those movies #zombies

Soooo we pick up our Great Dane Bella next Sunday. She's awesome and gonna be uuuuge

Now I can get that awesome September 11th plate I've always wanted. What do you mean California is out of touch? Way to go guys! #norespect

On a hot day you get a vanilla ice cream taco with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

Sooooooo the pot was hot hmmmmm

Namakubi on the leg @alessioricci did an amazing job. Everyone in San Diego needs to go to him for all your badass Japanese tattoo needs #namakubi #bloody #toobrokeforsuitlife I also heard @his_wife__his_rydah was sad I hadn't been tattooed in a while so that's for her too :)

Making my own game in #unity how hard could it be? #unity3d #scopecreep

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