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STI International  STI International is the premiere manufacturer of our original 2011® style firearms.

RANGE DAY IS THE BEST DAY! Join us at C2 and experience the worlds best shooting pistols! #whysti #howflatisit
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We hope to see you at STI Demo Day this Saturday, Sept. 1st at C2 Tactical Tempe! You’ll get to try out the brand new V23 Range Simulator, too!
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The DVC Carry: 16 rounds of reliable travel companion
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We are for shooters, by shooters! As we head into the weekend we want to take a moment to recognize the amazing team that builds these pistols. #americanmade #forshootersbyshooters .
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This video gives us the sudden urge to go to the range
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Straight Outta Comp’ton
Left - DVC Omni
Right - Costa Carry Comp
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After losing his right leg, left eye, and suffering traumatic brain injury from an IED explosion in 2006, @james.gill556 didn’t let that stop him:
“My interest in Competitive Shooting really began as a rebellion against not being allowed to requalify for rifle after I was injured. I was considered a ‘liability’ due to having only one eye now. As fate would have it, I would later become the head coach for the United States Marine Combat Shooting Team, and the first Marine to become a professional 3-Gun shooter. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a dream job.”
-James Gill
USMC veteran, Purple Heart recipient,
& STI Pro Team Captain
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The new @stiinternational Tactical has to be one of my favorite pistols we have ever released. Signed off by LAPD, evaluated by multiple other agencies, well over 15,000 rounds tested so far and no reported malfunctions. This thing is a beast. #igmilitia #pewpewlife #CCW #duty #thinblueline

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting @tonypignato1 out at the #dawsonprecision range. Anyone else get some range time today?
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OK Monday, we’re ready for you 😎

It’s official!
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@stiinternational tactical 4.0 is #lapd approved for duty! I just test fired it and I am throughly impressed. #standby #sti #thickblueline #nevergiveup

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My new favorite hand gun.

@stiinternational Omni Carry Comp 2011
The pros: it’s amazing.

I recently went to @triggrcon to be a judge for the Golden trigger awards.
The first day there was the range day which any range day is always my favorite.
Shoot all the cool new stuff or what ever you want all on someone else’s Ammo tab.
I walked into the @stiinternational range booth. They handed it to me and the first thing I noticed was how the DLC (diamond like coating) slid like glass on the first rack of the gun to check if there was one in the chamber. I racked it a few times, just literally mind blown in fit. I felt the trigger and reset a few times. They asked “ you ready” and handed me a Loaded a mag. and it just pointed it self basically my eyes immediately picked up the Trijicon red dot. Where as some i have to chase the dot and the sights are never co witnessed right.
I slid the mag in chambered a round and proceeded to place all the rounds on the steel like I have ran the gun for years. I was truly in awe.
Well actually I geeked the fuck out about it.

@stiinternational chambers it in 45 or 9mm.
It’s double stack hence the 2011 model designation. For those who don’t know what that is a 1911 they designed and made it a Double stack which is the one thing I dislike about the 1911.
The truth is You can’t beat a 1911 Trigger.
The cons: it’s expensive!
It’s heavier than my Zevtech Glocks
But trust me it’s worth every penny!
How do you justify the 4K price tag.
Shoot it.
How do you justify the slight weight difference.
Shoot it.
How do you justify the slight thicker grip.
Shoot it.

If you can only buy one hand gun this would be it.
So save your pennies, bitcoin, gold, what ever and when you’re ready let me know.
It’s now replacing my Glock 19 I’ve carried for so many years.

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