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STIGA  STIGA, in your garden since 1934. 🌱🌿🍀 check our brand new Magazine!


Give a touch of originality to your garden. An alternative to traditional turf grass is Dichondra Micrantha, generally known as Dicondra simply. It is a herbaceous plant native to eastern Asia; it perfectly adapts to those garden areas that are little walked on. It grows quite quickly and endures well both high temperatures and very shady places.

The Autoclip 230 S robot lawnmower is perfect for gardens up to 2000 m² and can work in two separate cutting areas. It mows tirelessly for 2 hours which combined with its stainless steel 25cm cutting blade ensures a truly perfect finish.

Discover with us the robot lawnmowers that best suits your needs: stiga.com/robot

Have you ever gone four-leaf clover hunting?
It’s a fun game and no equipment is required. Only a whole lot of luck and patience!
Let us know how many you find!

Even plants can feel stress. Mowing time is ‘stressful’ for your lawn. In fact, turf grass may lack nutrients and easily fall pray to insects and weeds. A possible solution to this problem: do not cut your lawn too short.

Meet the new STIGA Autoclip 530 SG: perfect results wherever you are.
Experience the freedom of controlling your robot mower via App, excluding areas and mapping terrain for an intelligent sub-zone cut. A new form of intelligence for your garden! Discover it at stiga.com/robot

What is a mulching mower? Reduce your lawn care time by up to 30%! Read the post on @mr_plantgeek blog here -> https://goo.gl/2KXWtR to know more!

A good afternoon snack is crucial! Having it in the open, in a beautiful garden is far better, right?

The Autoclip 530 sg robot lawnmower is the perfect partner for gardeners who love to ‘go smart’. It can manage gardens up to 3000 m² and can cut up to 4 separate cutting areas. It’s up to you to decide which area to mow and when! Discover all the functions of this smart lawnmower: stiga.com/robot

Perfume, taste and eyes’ delight: that’s how gardens are seen in Southern Europe. A second home to enjoy a relaxing time, to have fun and to host parties in spring and summer. Let yourself to get carried away by orange’s scent, by the sweet perfume of wisteria and by the intense colour of peach and cherry trees! Enjoy Southern European gardens with us, run at STIGA Magazine (link in bio)

Not all cutting methods are the same. There is one to suit every particular case. If you do not want natural fertilization in excess, the traditional collection method may be the solution for you. However, some points should be taken into account. Yes, this is an effective cutting method. But it may demand more work as the bag needs to be frequently emptied.

Planning to mow and trim your lawn? With the #Stiga 48V #brushcutter you will forget about fuel and cables snagging on plants or furniture. All you need to do is to snap in the battery - and voilà! You will be ready to take care of your garden. Find all the Stiga battery powered tools at stiga.com/battery

The Generalife is the garden of the Alhambra, the Arab fortress that dominates Granada. The best time to visit this incredible place is summer when the thousand species of flowers and plants in the garden are in full bloom! Generalife is a piece of typical Islamic architecture, with fountains, water channels and reflections on the water. The combination of water and light creates a dream-like atmosphere here. A magical place for garden lovers!

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