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STIGA  STIGA, in your garden since 1934. 🌱🌿🍀 check our brand new Magazine to get the lates news

England is famous for its marvellous villages and towns, scattered throughout the green countryside: a dream for gardening enthusiasts. If you are on holiday and want to set aside a day to spend doing something out of the ordinary, the Eden Project in Cornwall is the destination for you: this botanical complex is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The garden hosts two of the largest biospheres in the world, within futuristic domes made from steel and plastic, with more than 100,000 plants originating from every continent. Incredible!

The STIGA Autoclip 200 series robot mowers have a very appreciated feature that will leave you speechless: they work for longer cycles effectively, with care and without the need to stop. They do the work and you will have more time to relax and enjoy your newly fresh cut garden!
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The scalping effect is a nightmare for those who love green and well cared for lawns. Plants always tend to go brown at the base, and an excessive cut can reveal this part of the plant and the grass will take on an unpleasant brownish colour.

If you are creative, all objects can become beautiful works of art! If you feel in the mood to give your garden a unique and original touch of colour, here is a quick and easy DIY project: colour terracotta vases with animal shapes!

Performance, quietness and comfort: the STIGA 80v battery hedge trimmer guarantees power, minimising noise and vibration. Discover its features at

Meet the new STIGA Autoclip 530 SG: perfect results from wherever you are. Experience the freedom of controlling your robot mower via App, excluding areas and mapping terrain for an intelligent sub-zone cut. A new form of intelligence for your garden!

What is the best time for cutting grass? The answer to this question is important and very simple. Grass should be cut while dry, and one must be sure that grass can dry quickly from the liquids emitted by the blades of grass at the end of the job. In most cases, therefore, lawns should be cut in the late morning or, during late spring or summer, even in the early afternoon.

STIGA 48V battery mowers are the perfect choice for the care of medium-sized gardens! Lightweight, silent and reliable, they will grant you all the power you need: just one charge to complete the job! Find out more at

Italy is scattered with historic noble palaces, castles and mansions. Often, many of these buildings are surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks. One of the most famous and largest of these is surely the Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, in the region of Campania. It was commissioned by Queen Maria Carolina of Austria, and according to her plans it was meant to be the most beautiful garden in Europe. Some of its main “attractions” are its labyrinth, the pond of water lilies and the Roman crypt.

Designed for mowing large areas in less time by turning 180° and cutting at a high speed, STIGA Zero Turn mowers offer a unique driving experience and have easy-to-use levers for steering. Their agile movement makes edging flowerbeds and moving around obstacles a breeze. Curious yet? Discover them at!

The special, secret "ingredients" are often not in plain sight, just as in the case of the STIGA Autoclip robot 200. Its blades are large and precise, to give your lawn a perfect cut, and its engine is powerful and quiet!

All owners of large gardens know one thing: that the irrigation of grass is a priority in every season. Water is life! If, however, you are tired of waste and are searching for a “trick” to reduce the water consumption of your garden, here is a simple piece of advice: water during the coolest hours of the day, either early in the morning or late at night. Take a look at our article to discover other methods.

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