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STIGA  STIGA, in your garden since 1934. 🌱🌿🍀 check our brand new Magazine!

Gardens are pieces of private paradise that can be easily enjoyed, especially in summer. If you also have trees, the game is easy: put a hammock and relax, night and day!

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If you'll be in France this summer, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Courances Castle, which is located 47 km south-east of Paris. The castle houses a large park, considered one of the most beautiful in France, including a wonderful Japanese garden, a French garden with long avenues, watercourses and fountains.

There are so many nice and simple ideas to give a garden a touch of extra fantasy, and some of these are really easy to do practically for free. An example is the creation of geometric shapes in the lawn with stones and gravel. Have you ever tried it?

#Repost from @stinesjoedahl 😍🖒🖒 ... Denne fine @stiga Robotplæneklipper fra @k.sjodahl pyntede jeg i går. 😍 Den blev SÅ fin! Hvis bare den altid kunne se sådan ud 👏😂😍 Men hvis du også gerne vil opleve den live, så kig forbi bloggen Der står meget mere om hvorfor jeg dog har pyntet den med blomster og hvor du kan se den 😉❤@jannegry har stået for mange af de super fine billeder inde på indlægget. Hun er super dygtig 👌Hvis du kigger et billede tilbage herinde så kan du se den køre 👏😍

Some grasses have a good resistance to climates like the Mediterranean one that may go from droughts to high temperatures. If you live in areas with this climate and have problems in managing the health of your garden, these plants might be a good choice. One example is the Zoysia japonica. This grass is not really known, although it is in fact one of the most resistant and adaptable: it leads to the formation of a very dense, high-quality mat, able to resist to high temperature and calamity! Did you know it?

During summer, even a simple free evening can give you a great joy! Sit back, relax, look at the starry sky and have fun recognizing and discovering the constellation!

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Every garden is different and has its needs to grow and be always at its best. To find out more about your lawn, you may consider to get a simple scientific soil ph study: it could help you figure out what elements may be missing in the ground and guide you in choosing the most suitable fertilizer.

Relaxing in the garden during summer is just the best, but for the more active people there are plenty of activities that can be organized, such as volleyball! What’s your favorite open air activity?

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