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Sticky Rice Travel  We're a responsible travel agency dedicated to bringing you #meaningfuladventures in Malaysian Borneo. 🌏 New blog post on our company trip to Sayap👇🏼


#IGTakeover | @mattshepherdphoto - 'Solitude'⠀

This apex predator, the Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans and are currently listed as Vulnerable by the #IUCN. This is arguably the world's largest known extant macropredatory fish photographed while cage diving with @rodneyfoxsharkexpeditions in Port Lincoln, South Australia. ⠀
The Fox Shark Research Foundation was established 'to inspire the appreciation and understanding of great white sharks through research and education.'

#IGTakeover | @mattshepherdphoto - 'Meteor Shower'⠀

A passionate self-taught photographer who never passes down an opportunity to get outside and explore. With an eclectic skillset and a keen eye the work he produces is uniquely remarkable, evoking a powerful, yet humbling emotion which calibrates the senses, and creates wonder in the mind. ⠀

His backyard is the east coast of Australia, yet, he continues to travel around the globe on a continual search for inspiration - currently traveling through Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir - India. Please enjoy Matt Shepherd's photography from below and beyond the horizon...

#CleanUpTheWorld weekend is upon us, aiming unite millions in global environmental action along with celebrating participants' year round action towards a better environment. This weekend is designed to draw global communities attention towards environmental action inspiring individuals to make a positive contribution towards a cleaner healthier world. How will you be helping out this weekend?

Today's #fridayfeature is showcasing an image from the talented @mattshepherdphoto Known for his underwater photography Matt is currently travelling through Southern & Southeast Asia so be sure to check out more of his upcoming travel photography. ⠀
This woman is a village elder from the Karen S'gaw tribe in northern Thailand. She, like many others in the village, emigrated to Thailand from Myanmar to escape the growing civil conflicts and, at present, is still stateless with no national identity. ⠀

Not wanting to turn this moment into a photoshoot Matt wanted to get this image right the first time. All nerves aside Matt was overwhelmed with the opportunity to take her picture and share her story.

One of the most epic sunrises we've seen at Danum Valley yet. It's a truly magical experience witnessing this spectacle of nature.

Kinabalu Mountain offers an extensive network of trails within many forest types throughout the foothills, each patch offering different perspectives of natural wonder to explore. If you hike up from Poring you can reach this incredible 150m tall cascading falls, Langangan Waterfall, one of the tallest in Sabah. #meaningfuladventures

The world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, is a stunning parasitic bloomer despite its short life span. There are approximately 28 known species of the “corpse flower” and 8 of them are native to Malaysia; R. keithii is found along the eastern slopes of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, and Rafflesia tuan-mudae is endemic to only Gunung Gading National Park in Sarawak.⠀

The Rafflesia is temperamental as it is beautiful, it takes up to nine months to spring from seed to pod to flower and even then it only blooms for a few days to a week. There isn’t a way to forecast the blooming season either, some say with a bit of luck and heavy rainfall, one might spot a pod. One thing’s for sure though, a Rafflesia can grow up to a metre in diameter and weighs up to 7 kg!⠀

Did we tell you that it has no root or stem? The Rafflesia also stinks like rotten meat to attract insects. Pretty cool, huh. #wildtropics #meaningfuladventures

Also known as parachute frogs, the Wallace's flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus) inhabit the dense tropical jungles of Malaysia and Borneo. They live almost exclusively in the trees, descending only to mate and lay eggs. These individuals were found on a night walk at a breeding congregation within a temporary pool formed at #DanumValley. #wildtropics

A beautiful find during a night walk of this Bornean Leaf-nosed Pit-viper (Trimeresurus borneensis) at the Sayap substation in Kinabalu National Park. A very well-camouflaged snake that ambushes its prey from an arboreal perch. Normally found on low-lying branches, tree trunks and sometimes around streams perching on mossy stones. No fatal record from this snake so far but always watch your step!

Sunset silhouettes from U Bein Bridge, a 1.4 KM long teak bridge in Mandalay. Commuters use this giant wooden bridge to get from home to work and just so happens to be one of the best places for sunsets on the planet.

This woman from the Forestry Village on the edge of a Teak Forest. Chin State, Myanmar has extensive facial tattoos that cover her entire face. In the 1960's the Burmese socialist government banned the practice as a part of the modernisation of the region. These women are the last generation to all bear facial tattoos; when they die, a chapter of Chin history will be relegated to the textbooks.

The majestic experience of an early morning sunrise hot air ballon ride is hard to beat. In Bagan, Myanmar you can do just this watching the Valley of the Temples drifting by below. It makes the early start to the day all worth while.

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