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Sticky Rice Travel  We're a boutique travel agency dedicated to bringing you #meaningfuladventures in Malaysian Borneo. 🌏 New blog post on Tabin Wildlife Reserve👇🏼

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The Celebes-crested (or black-crested) macaque is one of the highlights of North Sulawesi. In Tangkoko National Park, we spent time with all four resident troops. Troop-1 can frequent be seen on the black-sand volanic beaches. Each troop also has varied degrees of habituation toward humans; Troop-1 is extremely comfortable with human contact! 🦍 Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - This bizarre looking creature is called a Sulawesi bear cuscus. It is a marsupial and very little is known about its status and ecology. It moves slowly through the treetops, using its prehensile tail to aid in movement between branches. They are only found on the island of Sulawesi and are threatened, like many local species, by habitat destruction. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The Japanese macaque is the most northern-living and cold-dwelling nonhuman primate on the planet. These remarkable monkeys live throughout Japan, despite their enormous popularity in the seasonally snow-covered mountains above Yamanouchi. In the hot springs where they live, social groups are very segregated - monkeys that are part of the dominant male's family group reign over the warm baths while other groups are forced to huddle together in the cold to stay warm. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The West Indian manatee is also called a "sea cow" for obvious reasons. These slow-moving aquatic giants are one of the funniest animals I have ever encountered. They are playful and curious, enjoying the company of humans that enter their territory. One of the most comical behavioral traits is that they can't control when they fall asleep, napping spontaneously on the bottom of coastal waterways. In Florida, they swim into freshwater in the winter for warmth; despite popular belief that boats are the largest killers of these animals, hypothermia is by far the most significant threat to manatees today. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - With a final burst of flame, we were airborne. Hundreds of temples rolled below us as we drifted to the south. The timing couldn’t have been better; moments after takeoff the sun pierced the horizon sending rays of orange and magenta across the east-facing walls of the countless ancient structures. At that moment, it was hard to imagine anything in the world that would rival the view that lay below 🎈 If it isn't there already, make sure Bagan, Myanmar secured a spot on your bucket list! Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - No matter how many times you see them, it's impossible not to stare in awe at the Borneo pygmy elephant 🐘 Several populations exist in isolated groups in eastern Sabah. Expanding agricultural land plots threaten continued habitat destruction. Additionally, confrontations between humans and elephants through expanding land cultivation that leave both humans and elephants dead are not uncommon. Combined with already low population numbers, the Borneo elephant species is at extreme risk. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The white-headed capuchin monkey is native to the forests of Central America and the extreme northwestern part of South America 🐒 One of the most common monkeys in this region, the capuchin is vital to the pollination and seed disbursal of the rainforests flora. These new-world monkeys are highly intelligent and extremely social; in most places where they live, they become quickly habituated to people. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The nothern elephant seal is commonly spotted on the Pacific Ocean's coastline from Mexico to Canada. When resting on hot beaches, they use their front flippers to spread cool sand over their skin, which acts as a sunscreen. These giant mammals can weigh up to 7,000 pounds and can hold their breath for up to two hours, diving to depths of over 1-mile. These stats are the most impressive for any noncetacea mammal that lives in the ocean, as elephant seals spend more than 80% of their life in the water. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

[ NEW #BLOG POST ] Check out the latest #StickyRiceTravel blog post, 'The Subtle Beauty of Tabin Wildlife Reserve', and get inspired by the impressive forest, wildlife and mud volcano. Link in bio!

@forsakeco #IGtakeover - The mountain goat is the official symbol of Glacier National Park in the northern United States 🐐 These tough mammals graze in meadows between tall mountainous peaks and are excellent climbers, often choosing resting places on sheer cliffs to avoid predators. Glacier National Park is one of the best parks in the States to reliably view mammals. Photo shot by @jackbknoll with @forsakeco. #getoutthere #adventureworthy

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@bedleyasun #IGtakeover - Mount Kinabalu (4095m asl.), Sabah | Malaysian Borneo #meaningfuladventures

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