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Sticky Rice Travel  We're a responsible travel agency passionate about crafting low-impact #meaningfuladventures in Malaysian Borneo. 🌏 Check out the latest blog👇🏼


Morning like this at Bukit Atur in Danum Valley make for an impressive start to the day. Although a mammoth challenge getting out of bed while its still pitch black outside the rewards are totally worth the effort with views like this. ⠀

A good sunrise at this lookout is a rare treat as you don't always know what the mist is doing above the forest. Drier conditions and little cloud is sure to deliver the goods for an epic sunrise.

Keeping with our theme of island endemism this week, today's #tbt photo is of this babirusa (B. babyrussa) a type of pig endemic to the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. This monotypic genus were, until recently considered part of a single species however now there are four confirm species. These animals are best recognised for the huge canines that grow from the heads of males. Emerging vertically the canine grow through the skin curving backwards as the teeth continue to grow towards the forehead. In extreme cases the teeth will continue growing to the point that they actually penetrate the skull, although this is very rare. #wildtropics

The striking appearance of babirusa have inspired mythology and legend in this part of Indonesia with cultures designing grotesque masks imitating the intimidating face of these unusual creatures. With the usual threats of deforestation and overhunting all living species of babirusa are either listed as vulnerable or endangered by IUCN.

One of the aspects that make island life so unique is the endemism that occurs after decades of isolation, as species become more evolved and highly specialised to the environments presented to them. Introduce a steep elevational gradient like that seen at Sabah's Kinabalu National Park and a whole new range of ecosystems evolve at different altitudes.⠀

This Whitehead's broadbill (Calyptomena whiteheadi) is specially evolved to montane forest throughout Borneo which present a unique environment entirely different to the lowland forests and peat swamps. If food is scarce at higher altitudes these birds will seldom forage at altitudes as low as around 700 m ASL. Whitehead's broadbill is considered a lifer as it is not only endemic to Borneo but endemic to the montane areas of the island and very difficult to see. We suggest searching for these guys on the lower trails at the Kinabalu National Park. #wildtropics

Found in a few Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines tarsiers are a group of tiny primates with unusually large eyes with each eyeball being the size of its brain! They have incredibly strong auditory sense allowing them to accurately pinpoint prey. Large, elongated bones in their feet are where these guys get their name from and has made them specialised for vertically clinging to and leaping from branches.⠀

The spectral tarsier in this photo is from the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. They differ somewhat from Borneo's Horsefield's (or Western) tarsier in that it lacks adhesive toes making it somewhat less specialised. Where you will usually only find one Horsefield's tarsiers hunting in the forest alone the special tarsiers live in family groups inside the trunks of old strangler figs. #wildtropics

The Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) is Southeast Asia's commonest most widespread forest raptor, and the same is true of Borneo, inclusive of the montane endemic Kinabalu Serpent Eagle. Perched prominently along the fringes of Tabin Wildlife Reserve at close proximity provided us with a clear view of the eagle's stunning colouration. There were a few individuals lined up along the forest's edge taking advantage of the open space, waiting for prey to move in the vicinity. #wildtropics

It's that time of the week - #TGIF - we've got our first week of December down and the Christmas season is nearly upon us. Are you going on an adventure this festive season? Here's a shot from the peak of Mount Kinabalu in the dark early hours of the morning, the yellow light on the horizon is from Kota Kinabalu city. This is one of the more spectacular experiences you can encounter from climbing the mountain. Getting a crisp clear morning like this is a rare treat. What adventures are you getting up to this holiday season? @kkcity

[ WE'RE HIRING ] Are you looking to join the Sticky Rice Travel family and progress your career in responsible tourism? We are currently looking for an experienced and licensed nature wildlife guide. If you fit the bill please apply by sending your CV to Dinna at hr@stickyricetravel.com.⠀

#meaningfuladventures #jobad #responsibletravel #natureguide #hiring #sabahokbah #kkcity

Throw back to our recent company trip, the team on their A-game heading out for an early morning jungle trek. The bridge across the Segama River at the Danum Valley Field Centre is the gateway to the green heart of Sabah. As you walk across the bridge you are faced with an immense wall of jungle that cuts off the outside world when you walk within its boundary. #danumvalley

#wildlifewednesday - A White-crowned hornbill (Aceros comatus) found at the Sukau Rainforest Lodge along the Kinabatangan River. One of only two Borneo hornbill species that are co-operative breeders, in which the family group all help to feed the helpless female and young. ⠀
⠀This species is the rarest and most carnivorous of the hornbills in Borneo. They prefer dense, shrubby vegetation next to rivers in lowland and hill forest where it hunts in family parties of 4 to 6 for insects and small animals. #wildtropics

A shot of a few of our team members heading out into the forest in search of wildlife at the Danum Valley Field Centre. Long pants and leech socks are a must to cover up along with the trusty adidas kampung, a studded rubber shoes that are designed perfectly for walking through the slippery muddy forest. It had been raining a lot at Danum so the leeches were out in full force. They have a way of finding themselves a nice place to feed no matter how hard you try to cover up. The leech socks certainly do a good job of keeping them at bay. #responsibletravel

The Bornean keeled pit-viper (Tropidolaemus subannulatus) is one of the more beautiful snakes found in Borneo. This is an adult female that was found recently at Danum Valley resting amongst some small trees after it had eaten. These snakes rarely move from one place, as ambush predators they sit and wait for their prey sometimes for more than a month. When a bird or small rodent comes within striking distance these snakes launch themselves open mouthed hitting their prey with lightning speed. Their fangs inject a lethal dose of venom through their hypodermic needle-like fangs. #wildtropics

Seeing the morning mist rise over the Danum Valley Rainforest from above gives a completely different perspective on the landscape. With the Segama River running through the jungle the lush tropical 130 million year old forest is a pleasure to explore. #wildtropics #earthcapture #dronestagram #dronephotography #aerialphotography #earialphoto #dji

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