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• pretending my dance moves are as magical as the Maria + Captain dance scene from The Sound of Music • 📸: @shelbymarie.ca

• i miss when you knew me. now you’re looking right through me. if i’m falling will you catch me. or will you just watch me drown •

• brb, busy dreaming •

• yo, people of the ‘gram. take care of yourself today. 🍰✨☕️


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In many ways, yesterday sucked. And no, not for the typical reasons people think Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s not for a lack of love in my life because truly I’m surrounded by wonderful people who love me & fill me up in different ways. • •

Yesterday I had a regular check up with my oncologist. These appointments occur about every 3-4 months which come a week or so after I receive an MRI. I’ve gone almost a year without any changes in my tumor, no additional growth or decrease in size. I’d been told in the past that the longer I go without any changes, the likelihood of the tumor growing again would decrease. The news I got yesterday wasn’t the news I thought I’d be getting. After almost a year (and thinking I might be out of the woods) I got the news the tumor is growing and I’ll need to go back on treatment. • •

I’ve been through the worst of it and I’m lucky enough that we’ve caught it growing early & treatment will hopefully do it’s job. But man, this shit SUCKS. The treatment is mild compared to other forms of treatment but each time I fill the needle & inject it – Im irritated that I have to do this. Then the stomachache & nausea sets in. I’m overwhelmed & overcome with emotions. •

I’m a different person now than I was prior to the initial diagnosis in 2015. Luckily, I’m stronger this time around. I have to choose to deal with this and ride this wave differently. Choosing joy & excitement for life. Following my dreams harder than ever but still allowing myself to just crumble & cry, just for a moment. •
I’ve struggled the last few years with the emotional trauma that has come along with this experience. I’ve become increasingly passionate about speaking more on sympathy and recognizing that you never know what lurks just beneath the surface of a human. Scars aren’t always visible. Be kind. Share love. Support your friends & family. Be thankful for what you have and where you’ve been and where you are. ✌🏼💕💋

• I remember being no older than 10, singing in my spice girls microphone (likely a @celinedion track) performing for my cousins (or to my make believe audience in my basement), taking interviews from @oprah with my sold out audience of teddy bears & Barbie’s but writing never became a thing for me until high school. Today, I don’t go a day without writing. My darkest days are turned around by putting a pen to paper & I wouldn’t want it any other way. ✨📝

📸 :: @shelbymarie.ca

•• pushin’ boundaries - let em’ know you’re here. ••

A little Sunday inspo for ya.. courtesy of @nike & @bricklosangeles ✌🏼✨💯


Shout out to all the bad ass bitches out there crushing life, drinking champagne cause they want to, staying out late or going to bed early & sharing their beautiful minds with the world. Ya’ll inspire me... so keep it up. 🔥☝🏼💕

• V I S I O N S • •
It’s Friday and I wish I had this jacket so I could wear it & celebrate. ✨💕 [📷 : @shelbymarie.ca ]

• D R E A M I N G •

I love this damn city but lately I’ve been dreaming of a few familiar and unfamiliar places. New York, LAX & Nashville - I’m coming for ya ✨😍
📷: @shelbymarie.ca

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