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Stevie Cruz-Martin  •it's a wild world✨• filmmaker• storyteller• photographer📸• director of feature film Pulse. Bookings

✨❤️ L O N D O N✨❤️!
I'm back on ya in 7 weeks and this time I'm bringing my darling lady @kayliebod with me🇬🇧!!
Scotland, Bath, Croatia and Spain to follow!
@kelseycruzmartin, @rodbrakes @magwai60 And @brucem1903 are you READY🌿🌲🍃🌳!?!

Happy Birthday Darling One @kayliebod ✨😍✨!
Your core is the salt of the earth kind, adventurous, forgiving and full of so much love.
We've been through a lot in the past 3.5 years, the lessons I've learnt from you, which you've learnt from nature🌿 have significantly shaped me, us and our relationship👭.
Seeing you branch out this past month in to a new venture is ridiculously inspiring⚡️ and it's so wonderful to see you really come alive again❤️!
We haven't had a lot of time to just "be", but I hope you know this picture, your tiny frame around mine is one of my most favourite places to stay.

Love you Birthday Lady✨🎁 You take up the whole damn month- you deserve it😝!!

The short film📽 we shot in January
will have it's World 🌏✨Premiere at this years @sydfilmfest! We feel so damn lucky to be attending this festival with our projects two years in a row...but none of it would have been possible without some extremely talented, generous and all round beautiful humans❤️👭👫👬. Thank you to @busstopfilms, @creatensw and our killer producer @missshlog.
To our fearless cast Daniel Monks and @curlybrewster.
Also our Insta warrior crew members @genevieveclaysmith @josephdutaillis @thegraceeyre @the_other_meg_white @sian_ia @laurensillato @bec_hitch @the_editors65 and many more who aren't on Instagram!

If you find yourself in Sydney please come down and support!
Ticket link:
Screening 14th June 6.30pm, 16th June 12.30pm & 17th June 4pm✨

See you babes in Sydney!
So Much Love Always❤️
Stevie and Danny xxx

The kind of human you will know for this lifetime and the next ❤️


Our latest collaboration✨. "A deeply personal story of how a young disabled person struggles to reconcile with the impact his disability has had on his relationship with his boyfriend. This honest exploration presents a side of the lived experience of disability rarely seen, with questions posed that have no easy answers. A rare, tender short film about two men who love each other deeply but struggle to sustain that love amongst unsolvable obstacles that go deeper then just physical barriers."

t h e
d e p t h
o f
y o u

s l e e p y
l o n d o n
t o w n 🌚

l o n d o n t e x t u r e

Spent the week with the most beautiful souls✨!
London our hearts are full❤️🇬🇧!
@kelseycruzmartin @rodbrakes

Oh London how we've missed you!!!☃🇬🇧🙌🏼🌹🕊💋xxx

Three years ago my favourite human turned up at my then front door and surprised the shit out of me🙋🏻 @kelseycruzmartin !! She had been living in the UK🇬🇧 for 4 years and she got me REAL GOOD😍!!! It's been 3 years since that surprise and when @dannymonks and myself got the news that Pulse would be playing at BFI Flare in London I thought "This is my chance!!" I waited as long as I could before telling her man love @rodbrakes I would after all need his brilliant organisational and persuasion skills!! I'd fly over 22 hours, arrive in London at 7:30am drop my luggage at our accomdation, down a quick breakfast with my other beloved Mr Monks "WE ARE IN FUCKING LONDON WE YELL FROM THE STREETS!" Get on a coach at 12pm from there and travel 2.5hours to get to Bath! The plan was to surprise her at her favourite restaurant... as her waiter!
Sooo on with the journey, we are on the bus outside of London and it accidentally scrapes a car, names are given details take - this significantly puts us behind and I'm frantically whatsapping Rod "STALL- PUSH BACK- I'm not going to make it in time"! Rod pulls in to Tosca😂, probably driving every back street in Bath and trying in every possible way not to slip up with my always questioning Kels😏!
In the lead up I've spoken with the manager of the pub-Suzy❤️, she knows the time I'm meant to arrive- I'm still not there😫. By this time I'm convinced the bus is driving purposely at 5km's💤 to implode my heart plans!
Data Roaming becomes my friend and I'm googling🌍 like crazy how long this bus ride🚌 has until destination!! Finally!! We pull up, I'm first off that coach and I'm running (literally)🏃🏻 through the streets of bath yelling "WHERE IS THE CLOSEST TAXI RANK!?!" A lovely old man👴🏼 points me in the right direction and there it is, My Hero 🚖! I get my very own 'Hank' "Hi Hank!" and he drives like he's never driven before "TO THE LOCKSBROOK INN !!!"🚕💨!!!
I stumble out of the car the manager is waiting "Suzy- ya legend!" I throw on an apron and.....

This woman @kayliebod (the one looking incredible in all of the hat attire) she has my heart cupped deeply in her palms. Waking always with the sweetest of smiles(not joking, she actually wakes daily like the cutest little monkey out🙊), the grandest of adventure plans⚡️ and the softest of nature souls🍃🐝🌿. We have chosen each other for over 3 years now and although we have certainly had the hurdles, I fall asleep beside her every night knowing deep in my belly that it has always been worth it. Love you beautiful ways darling heart! ❤️✨❤️✨❤️

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