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It's Friday

Oh spidey

June 10th the best looking ref in the game debuts in Atlantic City, don't miss this one!

We didn't plan this, with the color gimmick

Sometimes you just have to be a patriotic beetle and beat the shit out of a one eye'd octopus monster

Danger can happen!

Traded in some old trade paperbacks and got some good ones: -Amazing Spiderman #298
-Marvel team up #141 (2nd black suit)
-Sub Mariner #5 (first appearance of tiger shark)
-Godzilla #1
-Uncanny X-men #156, #145

Saturday kaiju big battel in Somerville Massachusetts 7pm!

This Saturday if you wanna see me as a giant monster and live in New England come to this! Title is on the line you freaks

Let's do face masks she says, you'll be a panda she says, here I am looking like I belong in insane clown posse...

Traded some stuff in I don't want or need anymore and got some gems, and finally completed the punisher mini series: -Judge Dredd #1
-Web of Spiderman #1
-Amazing Spiderman #302
-Godzilla #14 (Godzilla vs shield)
-amazing spiderman #332
-Toxic Avenger #1
-New Mutants #1
-Punisher #1-5 -Ewoks #15


Some pick ups from free comic book day:
-Venom #6
-The Incredible Hulk #272 (2nd appearance of rocket raccoon)
-The Mighty Thor #338 (2nd appearance of beta ray bill)
-Moon Knight #39
-Secret Wars #1
-the Flash #330
-Ghost Rider #15
-Uncanny X-men #212
-Swamp Thing #7
-Howard the Duck, holiday special -Amazing Spiderman #312
-Daredevil #175

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