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Steve Saylor  BLIND GAMER on YouTube. ▶️ Hi, I'm Steve. I'm blind and I play Video Games. 🎮


NEW VIDEO! I got to shoot a gun for the first time! Spent some time with my friends at a shooting Range Urban Tactical @utrange in Brantford, ON. I've played games like @callofduty @battlefield before but I've never held a gun let alone shoot one! I never thought as someone who is legally blind would be able to do this so I'm incredibly grateful for the experience and that I didn't shoot anyone! Plz watch and share! Video on my YouTube Channel http://youtube.com/snowball (link in bio) 📸: @krunchie78 🎥: @martothezo #guns #shootingrange #glock17 #handgun #rifle #shotgun #gunsafetyfirst #gunsafety #fps #firstpersonshooters #firsttime #gaming #gaminglife #brantford #canada #canadianyoutuber #vlog #vlogger #BLINDGAMER #irl #inreallife @youtube #youtubegaming

Here's my Pops when we went to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame @rockhall That was an amazing trip and both my dad and I got to fulfil a dream we both had. Happy Dad's Day Pops!!!!!

To those who have watched or shared any of my BLIND GAMER videos I owe this day to all of you. I got to, for the first time, be a guest co-host for ‪@AccessibleMedia ‬hosting along with @anthonymclachlan. Almost 10 years ago I had given up on doing anything TV hosting related because I couldn't read the TelePrompTer properly, so I went into radio instead. But today the producers and crew was so accommodating that they increased the font size so I could see and read properly! I never thought this was possible! This is a a major dream come true! Thank you all! You helped make this happen!!!!!!!! #tvhosting #television #dreamcometrue

BBQ'd for the first time tonight! Cooked chicken and it turned out great!!!! #myfirstcottagetrip #cottagestyle #cottage #bbq #bbqchicken #grilling #bbqandbeer #carona

Good morning from the cottage!! I'm doubling down on wearing socks all weekend! You can't stop me!!!

My view for the weekend #cottage #cottagestyle #myfirstcottagetrip

I'm going to be an Uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for my lil bro @tim_saylor and my sis-in-law @itsnadines !!! I can't wait to meet him/her and we might share a birthday too!!!!!!! #Repost @tim_saylor (@get_repost)
I'm going to be a Papa! 3 months in and I'm already in love with the little guy...or girl. Wifey/Mama is doing incredible and I couldn't be more proud. Love you @itsnadines 👶🏻❤️ #LittleSaylor

Jays lost but my sis and I had a great time! @jen_say

First time I've been to a Jays game with the dome open since my first game in 1993. Forgot how cool it looks. #skydome #bluejays

These seats are aiight. @bluejays #MLB Jays #Yankees

Two years ago I met the ORIGINAL Wonder Woman @reallyndacarter and it was one of the greatest highlights of my life. Lynda is sweet, charming and GORGEOUS! I am so happy that now we get to celebrate the role she originated as Wonder Woman on the big screen. @galgadotwonder took the mantle Lynda passed down and made it her own. If you want to hear my thoughts on the film check out my and @torontojj's review here https://youtu.be/O69BFg_z4C0 (link in bio) #wonderwoman #galgadot @dccomics #chrispine #DCEU #filmreview #moviereview #pattyjenkins

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