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Steve Saylor  BLIND GAMER on YouTube. ▶️ Hi, I'm Steve. I'm blind and I play Video Games. 🎮

I IKEA'd hard tonight lol. Thank you to my friends who were able to come with me and help me through with flying blue and yellow colours haha. Oh and I am SOOOOO not putting this together myself. I paid for people to do that for me lolol

I'm living my dream right now!!! Working on another TV hosting gig with @accessiblemediainc !!!

Happy Birthday @anthonymclachlan !
#Repost @accessiblemediainc (@get_repost)
Happy birthday to AMI This Week host extraordinaire @AnthonyMclachlan 🎂
Image description: @SteveSaylor smiles and points at Anthony McLachlan in the AMI This Week studio. They are both wearing birthday party hats.

That's a wrap! I get to do this all again next week!!! Thank you to the crew and @anthonymclachlan for having me back!! #tvhosting #tv #television #host #guest #AMItv #blessed #amazing #job #ever

Lunch done. Now for second episode! #tvhosting #toronto #AMItv

In between takes. #tvhosting #toronto #AMItv

My view of the day. Shooting another episode with @anthonymclachlan for AMI tv!!!!

When you can write off new clothes as a business expense and call it "wardrobe" #newshirtwhodis

I am sooooooo happy and blessed to call these amazing people friends. It's almost been ten years and although we have different lives we have always made time to get together as often as we can. Love these people so much.

This is my friend Mark. He runs the convention I was just at called ConBravo. This photo was just taken before opening ceremonies on Friday and this is how I see him. A man who is happy with what he does and the work he and his amazing staff and crew have poured their life, passion and souls into making this con happen. He helped make thousands of nerds happy and built an amazing community. I wish him and his team lots of rest and continued passion to do what they love to do. I've often said this is my favourite con to go to and this year has been my favourite thus far. I'm looking forward to going back next year. @blamemarktjan @chaotic.rogue @conbravogram @lessashamed @d20love I wish I could tag more Con Staff but can't remember proper handles. Very sleep deprived haha

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