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Steve Rine  Hi I'm Steve Rine I live with @robertwilhelm on the Bellarine Peninsula @Starhavenretreat . Watch #stevesadventures on Twitter : @Steve_Rine_ & FB

Bella: That was a great morning at the markets. Lets get these groceries put away.
Steve: Let me help you out. So how will you invite this Elvira lady over? Did you get her number?
Bella: Oh my, I forgot to ask her. I'll have to back to the shop. I am sure Rosie who works there will be able to help me get in touch.... I'll over there later on .... Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures Taken on #iphone6s by @robertwilhelm

Bella: "Steve, thank you for helping me with the shopping today."
Steve: "My pleasure, Bella. By the way how did you go the other day shopping for a wedding dress?"
Bella: " It went well, I think I found a dress I like. I also met a really nice lady called Elvira. I invited her over for coffee. I am sure you will like her."
Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures
Taken by @robertwilhelm on iPhone6s
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Mmmm delicious... that Rosie was very tasty. I can't wait to see Steve & Bella over coffee. Hopefully Steve won't recognize me in my disguise as Elvira. Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ™ taken by @robertwilhelm on iPhone 5s

Elvira (aka Vampira) : Mmm seeing @bella_rine and talking to you has made me very very hungry. That shop assistant Rosie looks plump and juicy.... Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures

Elvira: "Thank you for the compliment. My name is Elvira. When is the wedding?"
Bella: "My pleasure Elvira. My name is Bella. We don't have a date set yet but my fiancé Steve and I are getting stuck into the planning."
Elvira: "That's fabulous. I love weddings, if I can help in any way just let me know"
Bella: "Thank you, so much Elvira. You should come over for a coffee next week and meet Steve."
Elvira : "That would be great! I look forward to it." ... Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

Bella: "Hello, I'm looking for a wedding dress. Do you have any in your shop?"
Rosie: "We only have one. I will be with you in a moment, I am just helping this customer with a fitting. Feel free to have a browse in the meantime"
Bella: "Thank you... That's a gorgeous outfit you are trying on."
Elvira( AKA Vampira) : "Thank you so much, I really like it too"
Vampira thinks to herself: 'I couldn't be more lucky, that's Bella and she doesn't recognize me at all. If she only knew.... Haha ha... '

Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

Rosie: "How is this Elvira? It's made from the finest Egyptian cotton with a pharaoh style cut. I think it suits you perfectly ...."
Vampira: "I like it very much, but white makes me look so pale. Could I try something to match my blouse....?"
Rosie: "Very well, maybe we can try something from the Croft Collection. It's not a dress but I think you may like it... Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

Elvira (AKA Vampira) : "It's beautiful Rosie, but I think it's a bit too floral for my taste. Could I try something a bit less colorful? ...
Rosie: "Of course Elvira ... Let me get you something from our Ancients collection ... It's the latest rage ...?" Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

Rosie: "Vampira ... Oh excuse me, I mean Elvira, you could try on a dress from our latest collection. A kimono dress made from the finest Japanese silk.... The dressing room is just over here ... "

Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

Vampira: "Hello there my name is Vampira ... Emm I mean Elvira ... I would like to buy a new dress, can you please show me what you have on offer...?" Rosie: "Of course Elvira, my name is Rosie and I will be our assistant today. Over here we have some lovely dresses..." Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

I think a disguise will work... What do you think? Will this hair color fool Steve & Bella?
I wonder if it's enough ... ?
Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

At last I have found Bella & Steve. They have no idea I am here... But how will I trap them again?? I will have to come up with a clever idea ... Stay tuned for more of #stevesadventures ... Taken with iPhone 5s by @robertwilhelm

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