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Steven Vogel  radical philosophy, direct action, parenting, art and t-shirts.

trying to stay calm and self-reflective whilst your ego-tripping bullshit machine is slinging at full speed...
nice drawing done just for the fuck off it. #drawing #illustration #zen #blacklodges

When two friends can communicate best via comics - concept sketch for a little something @hannielkhatib and myself have in the pipeline #beer #onlythetruthisfunny #doodle #conceptart #hannielkhatib #blacklodges

In a world where the sitting US president wants you to “sit up at attention” the same way North Koreans do with Kim Jong Un, just remember, not being down with this bullshit just means you’re normal. #doodle #truth #fucktrump #solidarity #blacklodges

sharpie doodles while some millionaires are chasing a ball around a pitch #zzz #doodle #161 #fcknzs #sharpie #blacklodges

no matter how well you think you got yourself and your past in check...well if you ever want to hear a good joke, tell the universe you have a plan and watch it laugh. time to work on them shoulders again i guess. #doodle #pma #drawing #getatme #blacklodges

my “art” is a by product of my social interactions, my social interactions aren’t by-products of my art.
i don’t make shit to talk about it. please don’t ever approach me and talk about the nonsense i make, once it’s done i’m already bored of it, hell, most of the time i’m bored half way through making it.
buy a t-shirt and i’ll buy you a beer and we can talk shit about what’s important.
who knows, i might doodle about it. #doodle #holyshit #drawing #beer #blacklodges

don’t tell me what what your job is, tell me who you are. #doodle #drawing #capitalismkills #blacklodges

it’s a special kind of feeling when your son really gets into star wars and wants you to draw something for him. guess i’ll be busy for a little while folks. #this #blacklodges

them big shoulders don’t always do what you think they do. trust me on that one. #blacklodges

I’m not a satanist. I’m not a Christian either, despite, or because i was raised Roman Catholic. I’m not even spiritual, not in the slightest and if you wanted to pigeon-hole me (i don’t) you’d call me a radical atheist. I don’t care much about these definitions, there are more important issues than whose angry bearded man, who hates you but loves (you dirty sado-masochistic bugger you) in the sky has the biggest dick. Nonetheless, and since “faith” and the subsequent born-into tribe is such a loaded subject, here’s my two cents about this “piece”. Rationally, historically and humanistically, i whole heartedly reject the institution of the christian church. it’s morally, ethically, sexually and humanly bankrupt. i’m not here to give you a history lesson, but if you disagree, please, don’t comment but read a few books first. Secondly, one of the biggest influences of my youth was black and death metal, to a certain degree it still is. it’s a powerful symbol, especially here in europe and i’d imagine in north america also, albeit not in the nonsensical religious sense. In the sense of the complete rejection of the influence the church has had had, and still has on our society, it’s patriarchal, sexist, racist and fascist sway over our governments when, at least here in germany, over the 70% of the nation consider themselves not to be religious. It’s a rejection of its history, it’s violence and systematic oppression. in terms of the actual craft, i wanted to work on a larger scale for this, use paint and brush to create more texture than i could with a pen and especially digital work. I’m going to make a t-shirt with this, for me, and if anyone wants to pick it up please, be my guest. it’ll be available this weekend as per usual. peace out comrades. #art #painting #blacklodges

isolation research triptych #doodle #drawing #illustration #triptych #blacklodges

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