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Steven Vogel  i do this thing called whatever the fuck i want.

as promised here’s your chance to pick up some original artwork before i bury it forever. oldie but one of my favourite skulls i’ve drawn to date. A4 in size, signed, 100€ ships tomorrow morning. DM with serious interest only. #drawing #illustration #skull #original #blacklodges

2018’s drawings and doodles. i’m going to try something new this coming week, background story is that i don’t keep any of my original art. it either goes to whoever paid for it, friends or i throw it away.
i’m just looking at the pile from this year and yeah it’s mostly heading towards the trash.
with that, i’m going (try at least) draw a larger and smaller piece every day and mix it up with stuff from the “archive” this week and make them available to buy.
50€ for a small piece
100€ for a bigger piece.
also, if you want an older piece, take a screenshot, DM me and i’ll see if it’s still around. #doodle #drawing #illustration #trash #blacklodges

tfw you’re dead inside but still have to deal with a world out there #doodle #drawing #ftw #blacklodges

fuck yeah friday...still gotta paint the hallway tomorrow but let daddy dream for a moment. #friday #doodle #eatass #seeyouinchurch #blacklodges

available now, in collaboration with @baileyillustration and strictly limited to ten sets, link is in my bio. about the process behind these:
Matt and I got together to create this set of laser engraved glass hip flasks. They come at a 100ml size with a screw aluminum lid. The majority of the process behind making these is mostly arduous craft work; we both started off drawing these skulls, selecting the bottles and then through a process of trial and error, worked with a laser machine to get these images burned into the bottles. It sounds easier than it was, but in reality it took us a good 6-7 hours of work to calibrate the machine to get the images burned into the bottles just right, a question of depth, positioning and adjusting the speed and power of the laser. The result you can see above.
These glass hip-flasks are re-usable and can only be purchased as a set. The artwork and the finished products are a one-off and will never be done again. #hipflask #laser #laserengraving #future #gift #present #collab #blacklodges

saying that, there hasn’t been any sun let alone daylight for weeks here. still, coffee, cigarettes and tom waits does the trick. #doodle #coffee #coffeeflavoredcoffee #quote #tomwaits #blacklodges

slowly unearthing pens, paper and motivation to draw again. #doodle #drawing #illustration #blacklodges

found a few (10 of each) whilst moving this past weekend. printed on 300sqm A3 card the left one was done by the wonderful @baileyillustration and the other by me. ships immediately. link in bio. no reprints. #print #prints #art #design #baileyillustration #blacklodges

cool is only one letter away from fool. #coffeeflavouredcoffee #lettering #blacklodges

a solid 11hour sleep, coffee in bed and not thinking about the week ahead vibes from the new pad. 🖖🏻. #coffeeflavoredcoffee #broke #happy #quote #blacklodges

i don’t have to dream, reality is more fucked up than anything my subconscious could come up with. #doodle #drawing #lifesabitch #blacklodges

one of the many things i’m looking forward to working on next year is a project with my friend @sascha_kampmeyer that we called @lostsouls_collective - no politics etc “just” our combined love of old school metal and dark shit. here’s a little something i made for that idea earlier in the year. feel free to give that account a follow oh and have a look at my little venture today as well so i can buy more paint to refurbish this blasted new apartment. smooches comrades. #drawing #illustration #owl #skull #artfart #blacklodges

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