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Steven Vogel  the al bundy of doodles and t-shirts. grumpy with a big slice of cynical sarcasm, hoarder of useless facts and vinyl.

semi-officially back from my trip to scotland and planning out the next black lodges drops for the upcoming weeks, which are looking tasty. next up will see some real gems from @deansnuts and a big halloween drop the weekend after that - premature i know but with production and shipping this way you’ll actually have the gear for halloween rather than a month later. There’s more but we’ll get to that when it’s time - for now, make sure to sign up for the newsletter ( link in bio ) to stay up to date with those drops and to regularly claim your early bird discount that comes with every newsletter. stay sharp comrades. #communique #newsletter #drawing #starwars #illustration #blacklodges

a full day spent in the company of academic and practical brilliance has re-fueled my love for philosophy and the marriage or theory and praxis and equally heightened my disdain of our system of servitude. if doodles changed the world they would surely have demonized pens by now. #doodle #drawing #illustration #anticapitalism #philosophy #blacklodges

sunday’s travel notes part 4 #doodle #drawing #illustration #scotland #blacklodges

travel notes vol. 3 - p.s.: i saw a school of bottle nosed dolphins on the ferry yesterday and that pretty much blew my little mind #blacklodges #doodle #drawing #illustration #travel #islay #scotland

travel intermission equal to the usual disdain of @instagram and @facebook throttling any post that vaguely resembles anything commercial. ach. oh and fuck nazis. #tgif #doodle #drawing #illustration #propaganda #supportsmallbusiness #fcknzs #161 #blacklodges

For the past 25 years, anti-capitalistic and/or critical capitalistic thought, theory and praxis has been at the core of my life.
As I am sort of in the middle of this PhD I have had to admit several hard-hitting “truths”, one being that those 25 years have essentially failed in the goal of establishing a humanistic, sustainable alternative.
Whilst the majority of pro-humanistic, socialist gains for us in the West were made in a time before neo-liberalism and the current existence of hyper-brutalistic capitalism, they were made only because capitalism allowed them to happen. Granted, the force behind that was predominately “us” but we only tweaked an inheritably unsustainable system for 1-2 generations to benefit from.
Tough call to make, but an important one. Our theories and praxis were flawed. We are however at a massive turning point.
Neo-Liberalism, the IDEA behind our current totally fucked version of capitalism, has been so successful that “we” are entirely re-evaluating theory, praxis and goals. We have the technology, knowledge and experience at our fingertips for this to become a factual reality.
One conclusion I am pushing at school is that we no longer need to fight capitalism in it’s current existence as it is so rapidly killing itself that whatever praxis “we” could conceive would immediately be rendered irrelevant. Rather, my proposal is, that “we” need to lay the groundwork for a post-capitalistic world through theory, practical education and guidance of the generations following in our footsteps. My generation will most likely not see Rome burn, but we can see the fires closing in. My son’s generation, however, needs to be given ideas, guidelines and examples of what can be done differently.
A new kind of theory and praxis, balanced between books, education, fires and direct action.
#lettering #philosophy #theory #praxis #postcapitalism #criticalthinking #blacklodges

hand poke yourself // anti millennial art vol.2 #doodle #drawing #handpoke #millennials #blacklodges

From and for the local political action group meeting. No matter how you feel about “the man” he’s still got his claws in you, so fuck your apathy, get up and do something about it. Your Silence Is Consent. #communique #poster #activism #stpauli #politics #blacklodges

Cry Me A Fucking River // Anti Millennial Art Vol. 1 #doodle #drawing #crymeariver #millennials #blacklodges

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