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By Ren Hang, "p. 41".
The brilliant young Chinese photographer/provocateur died last night at age 30.
Rest In Peace, and thank you for the beauty you left behind.

Nevin. Soggy Lake, CA.

We Sing Of Only Blood or Love.
Bombay Beach, CA. 2013.

All my bitches love me.

She's just a tiny li'l valentine, but she's into big avvvventures an' she gotta big ol' heart.

Hey, babe. I guess tomorrow's a day for lovers or somethin'.
Meet me in Long Beach in an hour... that stupid mouth looks like it needs some kissin'.

Been deep in the archive for weeks. New website, comin' real soon.
My job is weird.
Old 35mm behind-the-scenes photo by Mike.

Vejay, photographed at his home in Silverlake.
November, 2016.
Roll your own.

Pat. South Salt Lake, 2016.
From BML campaign with STS, last summer.

Vejay, photographed at his home in Silverlake. November, 2016.

Baby needed fresh headshots for pilot season, so I did that thing I usually won't.
That fuckin' smile, though... gawtdamn.

Fuck walls, Mexico rules.
Coco at Coco's Corner, Baja.
Coco lives hours from the closest services of any kind, on a treacherous trail that is part of the infamous Baja 1000 course. Once a week, a friend brings him supplies. When we showed up at sunset, unannounced, road-worn and hungry, Coco served us warm beers and quesadillas made of the very last of his cheese and tortillas, insisting that his friend would show within a few days and he'd be okay.
Coco lost his legs to diabetes years ago and is surviving off the grid in one of the harshest environments imaginable. Despite his poverty and conditions, he insisted on serving us, a couple privileged gringos, the last of his food before putting us up for the night in his make-shift housing units.

I want to be more like Coco.