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薛保生  Achieve wellness in body and mind, attained financial abundance while maintaining a balance of work life, family bonding and being socially active.

Lazy Monday... soundly asleep with big dreams 💤
休息是为了暂时不用走路。梦、想时分 😴

Happy birthday in advance to My FirstLady.

Those talking eyes that melt our hearts everyday... ❤️❤️❤️
🍿: Will you still love me tomorrow?

Same 8km trail run with the same bro, same venue. Different angles, different views, different feel.
Same career, same trade for 20++ years everyday. Touching different lives and feeling accomplished in different ways💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

I’m humbled that the two cents worth of my thoughts were shared on Chubb’s LinkedIn page. Thank you Chubb Agency Team. I enjoyed the event as much as you have enjoyed organizing it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

A beautiful gift from grand-aunt @blessingindiss & @evelynsit.@A comfort zone for🍿

Thank you @i_am.y4n for jio-ing and thank you @christianemikaela for the music.

Alcohol doesn’t make you fat. It makes you lean... on tables, chairs and random people 🤪 - Harry’s Bar
#mondaybooze #mondayblues

A curious Sunday for 🍿... “What’s that doing there?” 🤪

At 50, I have never done any rock climbing nor the supposedly easier, bouldering ONLY 4.5m at its max height, but without harness nor safety rope.
To reciprocate the support Chubb agency has been giving to me, I accepted the invitation to this fun event and challenged myself to do something I’ve not done before.
We were briefed on safety tips like how to fall safely minimizing injury if it remotely happens and quickly learn some techniques of scaling the wall, starting from low heights.
We scaled the 4.5m wall successfully as part of a team challenge and even came in as the fastest team!
On hind sight, I was actually quite fearful halfway up at about 3m, figuring out the next step to get to the top. My hands were trembling a little due to fatigue and there was no clear solution then. Looking down from that height without safety ropes can be traumatizing. Giving up and jumping off from that height would be disastrous. Climbing down would be equally challenging and hence the only way is up.
Many a times, getting out of a comfort zone requires us to accept the challenge when it presents itself, regardless how much confidence we have on accomplishing it. When stuck in a situation, we just had to stop looking down(or back) but try our very best to move upwards(or forward). Another little personal breakthrough for me today.
Thank you Chubb Agency team for organizing this fun yet enlightening event.
Photo credit: Chubb Agency Team

Lunch with view. Good food, great value. Thank you for recommending this lunch venue, @wailing.f Owe you one😊

Welcoming today’s daylight and the Festival of Lights with a pre-dawn ride. Happy Deepawali! 🌅🌅🌅
Another 💯 Vitality points and Northern sector captured💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
#aiavitality #aiavitalitysg

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