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Steven Mango  🔺 My last name is really mango like the fruit 🍊 🔺 I make videos for YouTube 🔺Business Inquiries: 🔺 Latest Video ⬇️

Laura Lee has been in hot water. After her old tweets and past history resurface, Laura faced a huge backlash from her subscribers and the online beauty community. Laura posted an apology video with fake tears and jump cuts. She went on to lose over 100,000 subscribers and counting. Then, Laura goes on to purchase tens of thousands of fake subscribers to make up for the huge loss on her channel. In addition, many companies and influencers have spoken out against Laura. Is this the end of her channel? Link in bio ☕️

John Kuckian is at it again and has found himself in hot water. Whether he is buying subscribers, doctoring DM’s, violating YouTube policies, or coming after other YouTubers, John has proven that he is unwilling to change his behavior. We also show you, and discuss, Shane Dawson’s Snapchat story that was said to be about John, in addition to revealing many other contradictions that John spews on social media and on his channel. Enjoy! Link in bio ☕️

After Gabriel Zamora called out Jeffree Star on social media, Gabriel’s past similar history resurfaced when appalling tweets of his were discovered. Then, Laura Lee was exposed after her shocking tweets were reposted online. Jeffree Star then went on Snapchat and laughed his head off, citing karma after Gabriel, Manny, Nikita, and Laura tried shading him and calling him out for his past remarks. If that wasn’t enough, Nikita Dragun was found to have outrageous tweets that she came under fire for. As a result, Laura Lee deleted her Twitter page and Gabriel Zamora went on private. What are these beauty gurus hiding? Link in bio 🐸

Gabriel Zamora posted, and since deleted, a photo with Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, and Laura Lee in Ibiza. In this photo, they were all giving the middle finger to Jeffree Star. Gabriel went on a tweeting spree discussing his former friendship with Jeffree. The Internet blew up once Gabriel made these posts. What really went down that contributed to the decline of their friendship? Link in bio ☕️

Today is our five year wedding anniversary ❤️ When I found you, I found out what it means to fall in love. Going through life with you these last 6 years have been one of the most special and exciting times of my life. My love for you grows deeper each and every single day we spend together. I would choose you over and over again. Happy Anniversary 👰🏻 Love, Steve 👦🏻

My husband Jeff is an attorney who has been following Tana Mongeau’s Tanacon drama from a legal perspective. Recently, Tana posted an apology for Tanacon on her channel after going on a multi-week break from social media and YouTube. Jeff breaks down her apology video and discusses more possible legal ramifications surrounding Tanacon, Tana Mongeau, Michael Weist, & Good Times Live. He also answers your further legal questions regarding Tanacon and the continuing drama surrounding this failed convention. Was Tana sincere in her apology video? What is the tea? It’s all spilled here for you today! Link in bio ☕️

A former close friend of Jen Gerard speaks out to Mango Tea exclusively for the first time. The tea she spills on Jen Gerard and Gerard Cosmetics is shocking! We uncover the truth that has never been told before. Link in bio 🔥 ☕️

Kathy Griffin show tonight ⭐️

James Charles accidentally posted an adult photo on his Snapchat. Over 10,000 people saw the photo before it was removed. It was, however, screenshot and posted online. James addressed this on Twitter. What did he have to say? Did James leak this photo on purpose? Mango Tea has the photo in question and all of the tea for you! Link in bio 🍑

James Charles posted a video on his channel titled “SNEAKING INTO A BEAUTY CONVENTION IN DISGUISE... this gets real.” In this video, James goes undercover in special FX makeup to interview beauty influencers. James experiences rude kickback while in disguise and spills the tea about his experience doing so. We discuss his video at length. I also talk about the disaster that was Beautycon and all of the tea from last weekend. Enjoy! Link in bio ☕️

I went undercover to Clearwater, Florida and visited Scientology’s Super Power building and related Scientology properties within the city. As a former Scientologist, I wanted to gather information on the status of Scientology within the city of Clearwater. The information I found out was eye-opening! Link in bio 🕵️‍♀️

My husband Jeff is an attorney who demanded a refund on my behalf for my ticket to Tanacon. We filed a claim through American Express to get our money back. The credit card company finally mailed us a letter with their decision on the matter. Tana also posted an Instagram story addressing Tanacon & Jeff reacts to her post from a legal perspective. Link in bio 💼

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