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Steven James Habon  Father of Kodey Dylan USMC-0369/408🇺🇸🇵🇭 Be a family man. Be loyal. Attack life. Reengage. Repeat. Fitness=Longevity ⭐Cowboys NATION⭐ 😎Positive Vibes🤙

Shoutout to the mother of my child for helping me surprise Kodey this past weekend. Thanks. It worked. 🤘🇺🇸 Best part of deployment? The end of it and seeing this guy. "Is this real?! Are you really here?!" -KD

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Happy birthday to my boy, Kodey Dylan Habon. The big 1-0.
What does growing up sound like...? Like this.

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Advanced Course 2-19 - Gunnery Sergeants Course 2019. Okinawa, Japan. Best group of people I've met, except for one sorry ass Gunny. Thanks for the dope ass memories and the surprise b-day! Hit me up when you're in the Bay. Oorah to Gunnery Sergeants acting like Lance Corporals! The. Best. 😎

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Story of 3rd Plt, 1st Sqd - Embedded Reporter 16FEB10-Lance Corporal Noah M. Pier(0331 - Machine Gunner) - On patrol - IED attack followed by small arms ambush. When the IED blew, all of us inside got knocked out for a few seconds. The ringing in my ears was defeaning. Eyes wide open, we all came to and hopped on our feet. The IED exploded inside a compound that I was using for an overwatch position. It killed Pier instantly and critically injured another. Luckily for us, the IED was buried too deep and blew upwards instead of out, limiting fragmentation. The building was rigged w/secondary IEDs. We were trapped inside the building. I had 1 KIA, @31gunsup took shrapnel to the face, and then we got ambushed by Taliban w/machine gun fire. Half of my squad is outside the compound, while the other half is trapped inside this explosive, booby trapped house. My team leaders outside handled themselves with such poise and took care of the ambush, while I'm trying to get Pier and Roach off the 'X' and to the LZ. Pier was trapped behind a wall and I can hear machine guns rocking outside the compound. I needed to get outside ASAP. I told my guys to clear-condition 4 their weapons and we started beating down the 2 foot thick, mud wall just to get to Pier. We made a hole in the wall, grabbed Pier and moved to the CCP. My other team leader had already set up the LZ. When the day ended, I wanted to quit. I gathered the rest of my squad and I told them I couldn't do this anymore. I couldn't stand the guilt. I felt like I failed at everything. No day has fucked me up mentally more than this day. As bad as the day was, my men handled themselves with such poise, confidence and I couldn't be more proud. My men lifted me up when I was all the way down. @the_bruiser96 @ralph_ak @31gunsup @shawn_de_matador @alexeckner Lance Corporal Noah M. Pier(0331 - Machine Gunner) - Exfil - 16Feb2010. My squad, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad will always have my respect. Cheers, boys. To Pier. Gone but never forgotten! Semper Fidelis. Everybody wants to be gangster until it's time to do some gangster ass shit. GUNS UP!
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Take 2...Damn you, copyright.. Marjah, Marjah, Marjah... You puckered my butthole a couple times with that AK/RPK Fire - That...Snip, Snap, Whiz! Played dodgeball with IEDs. The coldest night in combat I have ever experienced. I served next to warriors and it has been my greatest honor serving as a Squad Leader in combat. I truly enjoyed watching Cobras gunning down Taliban. Cheers, 1st Bn, 3rd Marines, BRAVO Company. Especially, 3rd Platoon. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🤘 Operation Moshtarak 👊 Battle of Marjah anniversary. Cheers, men. Cheers to the fallen! FUCK THE TALIBAN

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Squad Leader Days: POGs wanted to insert ground sensors at the most IED-laden sites, to identify when & where the Taliban are inserting these IED's. Took a wide loop from Outpost "Man-Bear-Pig" & pushed north. Took some fire & radio'd a "situation report" to higher. Taliban was trying to lead us into a firefight by shooting at us, indiscriminately. However, orders from the Command Post was to break contact & continue with the mission. Higher was right, and the focus was inserting the ground sensors. We broke contact systematically, team by team, utilizing bounding over-watch. In doing so, Slim hit an IED. He always ran point for his team, always leading from the front. Out of the corner of my eye, an explosion happens & Slim flew straight up about 10 ft, and fell back down. 2 legs missing & he yelled, "FUCK!" That's all he kept saying... I told the squad to get outboard security & don't FUCKING move. I called for the engineer to sweep & clear a path towards Slim cause he was hurting, badly. At the same time, I'm sending up the casualty evac transmission. Before the engineer can clear a path, @ralph_ak starts sprinting towards Slim. I start yelling from my position, "Don't fucking move 1 more step! It's not clear!" He kept going & ran through the uncleared path. I told the engineer to keep sweeping anyway. 2 Afghanis sped off on a motorcycle. In my heart, I knew it was the Taliban observing us, as they always do. My M-Gunner radio'd to me & asked if he can shoot the fleeing suspects. As much as I wanted to, I said no. We were in a dense area & I didn't want any civilians getting hit by possible stray rounds. The same path that @ralph_ak ran through, the engineer found a secondary IED. A common Taliban practice is to set multiple IEDs to set off a chain of explosions. Once the path was cleared, I ran to Slim's position. He was ghostly white & slipping in & out of consciousness. I wanted him to live but I knew he was gonna die... Both legs were blown off above the knee cap. The U.K. Air force came screaming in with their Chinook & took off. We found out later Slim didn't make it. I wish I can relive this day & correct mistakes.

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📽: @direwolf0331
The field be like...
CAAT Platoon conducts medium(M240B) and heavy(MA-Deuce .50 cal) machine gun qualification. Concludes with mounted, unknown distance shoot from 200M - 980M. Long days and cold nights. The wind would cut through your cammies. Winter in 🇯🇵 #GruntLife #Infantry #MachineGunner #CAAT #USMC #WeaponsCompany #GruntCorps #Winter #Japan #Military #Job #Profession #MilitaryLife

Home be like... - Camp Fuji - Japan’s Mt. Fuji is an active volcano about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Commonly called “Fuji-san,” it’s the country’s tallest peak, at 3,776 meters. A pilgrimage site for centuries, it’s considered one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains.

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COD - Throw that on the game cover

HBD, DevilDogs. Hope it's a good one, LeatherNecks.
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Shoutout to my BM for recording this and sharing it with me. My son is gonna steal all your ladies in High School. Bet! 🤣😎🎶🎸 Kodey's first recital. Sorry I wasn't there, kid. But your pops is ALWAYS PROUD, RockSTAR. 🤘🤟 #KodeyDylan #Son #MilitaryDad #DadLife #iMakeBadAssBabies #LadyKiller #FutureMARSOC

Mando "FUN" - Weapons Company DOMINATES the softball tournament and shits on these Line Companies - SSgt Denning gets cracked with a rogue softball throw from warmups - Sgt Marshall with a P.S.A. about how shitty Tier 3 Liberty is. 🤣🇯🇵😎 Weapons Company leads the way.
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