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Steven Arroyo 

Art? That's a mans name - Warhol

Luca and my brother's son Benny. These two share the same space in age as him and I did.

Yes......thank God that's how life works.

These two thieves stay thicky icky 🖤

Tryna print wallpaper, anyone with a source ⌨️▶️ lastevening@gmail.com

Some days I want to be looked at straight in the eye, go head and pick one. Other days I want to share my art, my children, my brother, my mom, my friends, the tune in my head, and even the freekin food I'm about to share with someone. And there's days when I want to delete everything I ever posted and drive into a forest. That's just me being true to me up here. Thanks for sticking around to see what's next. 📸by the prolific MT aka @skullphone

9 eastern 6 specific. Mind scientific. Transa's triptych, ecliptic, and hieroglyphic.

Imma keep the fifty, sixty words for a cat that needs'em up my sleeve. My friend here has showed up for me every time he said he would. And always reminds me he's coming. He shows up real as fuck, humble as fuck, and sometimes sick as fuck, but always Spanto as fuck! HB Bud, you know what you mean to me.

Trip a man and men and every man in a group of men can conspire to take the life of another man and men. Include a woman and women a child and children. A neighbor, a doctor, an orphan, a friend of a friend, and even friend's, of friend's, friend's. We all know what we think of them. Students on a bus with books, teenage bangers with their looks. Your pharmacist, your bank teller, every clerk who ever helped you out the door. A fisherman, a truck driver, a maid, a dog walker, a cool ass kid who could of been your future friend. Now he's dead and now the world as planned will never be the same. Could one of you stand up and remember what your coach taught you, or what your gut is telling you? Can you stand up quick or slow and shout or whisper, wait, wait, wait a minute. Can you grasp quickly for the memory of what harmony felt like. What a surprise feels like. What cherries taste like. What's wrong with you guys with guns and knives and trucks. Oh and you decorated politicians and leaders with missiles, and aircraft. Don't think your kills are any better. What part of life passed you by? An elephant can feel a fly land on her back, have you not felt a woman's lips on your ear lobe, or her teeth bight down on your chin. Are you hungry when you kill or is your belly filled. You're dead now with all the people you killed. There's no such thing as a bush league killer. The tide will turn and peace and respect will reign. But damn you dudes make right now hard for all the life you don't regard. Peace Bro's + Sis's Photo by my friend @rootandreach

Reminiscing on a sight unseen, nose clean, bloody spleen, mob scene, twenty fifteen.

Some kids ask for a car, proud my kid asked for a job so he can go buy his own damn carssss.

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