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Steven Arroyo 

It ain't even the weekend in LA.

This Danielle Chick on my left curated a bad azz little shop @matilija_shop

Knock knock. Who's there? @xxalexb killed it. ❤️

Harrison doing what ever the want he fucks 💛

Woke up a year ago today not knowing in a few hours I'd be like, SAY-WHAT, in an ER room. Woke up today, telling stories, laughing, bullshitin, and always filling my composition with as much beauty as I can.

My first coupe was a '64 Ford Galaxy 500XL with the 390 engine. Back in 89 she was 25 and I was 20, so I borrowed a little of her sinister looking lowriding game. No matter how loaded I was I thankfully never got a DUI. We would get pulled over and I'd have to walk behind the car to take the sobriety test. I knew my friends were counting on me to pass. After about 10 minutes of questions and balancing I would always return to the car. I'd see the amazement in my friends eyes and then we would celebrate with another swig of warm Cutty Sark.

We would buy these suits in the Sante Alley that were knock offs of the suits that Politix knocked off from Armani or Hugo Boss, then we'd go to blows in them. We would share our ties and all our money with each other. We would end up at El Tepayac on Evergreen as the sun started to rise. Manuel always had a bottle of Bacardi for our coffee mugs and oregano for our menudo. Duran and I back in '89 at Memo's brothers wedding.

Operator, well could you help me place this call See the number on the matchbook is old and faded - Croce

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