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Steven Compton  Houston, TX 🗡RED DAGGER TATTOO STUDIO🗡 FK-Irons. 🍕 Hush Anesthetic. 🌭 Eternal Ink. 🌮 Electrum. 🍦FYT Cartriges 🦄 CONTACT 💌COMPTON713@GMAIL.COM🍔

Thanks to every single person who helped support me. This year was a lot of “adjusting” for me. I will work harder next year. I could be a better person and artist if I applied myself more. Thank you from the bottom of my little robot heart. 🖤

Healed clip of everybody’s favorite tattoo 🌈 I know yall really miss 6ix9ine.... I heard he’s getting out of jail soon. 🕊 thanks for viewing. Done with @fkirons @hushanesthetic @eternalink @balm_tattoo @electrumstencilproducts @fytcartridges @secondskintac #6ix9ine #free6ix9ine #freetrunks #dbz #futuretrunks

👼 💉 it’s not drugs, just sparkles. Don’t flag me 🙏 thanks, I love you.
Angels magic syringe on @ice_cream_wolf at the @eviantattooshow this was a blast the whole time. Thanks for looking...
Done with @fkirons @hushanesthetic @eternalink @electrumstencilproducts @fytcartridges @balm_tattoo @secondskintac #angel #stitch #treyway #disney #liloandstitch #angelandsyringe

Bowser from the other day. Some fresh some healed. Thanks for looking done with @fkirons @hushanesthetic @eternalink @electrumstencilproducts @fytcartridges @balm_tattoo @secondskintac #nintendo #bowser #supermario #finalboss

Sorry for my absence. Dealing with personal issues. I’ll spare y’all the details. Here’s sylveon. Thanks for your support everyone 🙏🏽 Done with @fkirons @eternalink @hushanesthetic @electrumstencilproducts @fytcartridges @balmtattoous @pokemon #slyveon #letsgoevee #pokemongo #sailormoon #crisismooncompact #sailorsylveon

GUESTEMBER here @reddaggertattoo featuring..... @loganbarracudatattoo September 15-27th.
@martyrietmcewen September 21-24th. .
@raito_pinku September 25-30th. .
For all scheduling inquiries email these artists at their respective email. Thanks!!!

RARE CANDY 🍬 fixed my tattoo since it kept getting flagged. Anyway, keep in mind that diabetes kills people everyday. Let’s not forget. 🙏🏽 #geturownsht

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