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Steve Carter  property manager social @kodak 📍The Paris of Western New York

Somewhere in Williamsburg.

“Lots of lots on lots on lots. We’ve got lots.” - Downtown Rochester #explorerochester

Just finished this roll the other night and had no idea that the first half of it was all images from when I went to DC in February for the @walkwithlocals, @202filmcollective and @kodakcameraclub_roc photo walk. Fun surprise to see images of friends and people I met for the first time from that day when I got the roll back. Something magical about the mystery (or in my case, forgetfulness?). #kodakcameraclub #Gold200 #wwlx202fcxkodak

Film from the other night at the After Work Photo Walk™️ session with @hollandaise_saucy. #Gold200 #explorerochester

Golden hour reflections in downtown. #explorerochester

Slow news. #P3200

Give people thoughtful and well-designed (read: not over-designed) public spaces and then you too can see spontaneous soccer games at 10am on a weekday. #Portra400


Shot a roll of #P3200 for the first time in NYC and got it back today. Unrelated: today I learned what grain looks like.

Kicked off the Rochester After Work Photo Walk season on Monday with @hollandaise_saucy and this abandoned parking ramp. Down for this to become a regular occurrence during the anti-winter months. Takers? #explorerochester

Mr. Douglass still has a presence on Main St. #explorerochester

Golden hour in the RPL. #explorerochester

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