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stevan  Bella Novella💕💍 President of @nozzle_bandung [NozzleAutoClub] [Run_Gk5] @vanautoparts PD.Central Motor🚗 Rai Raka Boarding House🏠

no one is perfect, but our love is both complementary😘

Dear?? Very!!🤗

My Moodbooster😘

Rabbits are mammals that have various types and have 2 teeth in general, but my love for you is only 1💑

no panda,no problem

no Bella it’s a problem💑


38 Cars at Giias 🚗
📹: @yogawidiyanto76 & @joshuatrusty (Nozzle Media)

to get a beautiful thing there must be sacrificed..

modest, but not demeaning to others✌🏻

Be Humble🤫
@fikri_lin 📸

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