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Stephanie Sharp  UF grad, traveller, Seattleite, dog-owner, and software designer with a random assortment of pictures

Day 2 of #BushWalking/#Hiking. Wishing my flight from Melbourne to LA had been cancelled instead of my one from LA to Seattle...

#BushWalking (or #hiking) day 1

Got pretty close to some wild #kangaroos! (And emus and wallabies, not pictured.) #Straya

Some of the #animals in Melbourne's zoo! My favorite #wildthing is in the last pic. 😉 (Also.... #meerkats are the cutest!)

All stolen pictures because my phone's camera stopped working, but I couldn't not post our #sailing pics from Independence day!

Happy #Murica day! #freedom 😉

Ending the conference with some Texas beers

Saying goodbye to the car! We've been through a lot over the past 10 years... From passing my driving test at 16, pickups and drop-offs of little siblings, up to college, through getting stolen (and finding its way back to me!), to driving all the way across the country to Seattle (sans cruise control no less!). It's held family, friends, strangers, thieves, puppies... And now it's Lindsey's! Take good care of Bluerolla. ;)

Our attempt of #MtStHelens. The weather beat us this time... but carrying two ice axes made me twice a badass, right? #hiking #pnw

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