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The kitchen still makes sense.

Equality and bubbles for all. #womensmarchsanjose #womensmarch

I've been making homemade sourdough ~3 times/month ever since the lovely @christensenemma gifted me a scoop of her starter a year ago. The Tartine recipe makes 2 loaves at once, but I have less time to bake now than I ever have. I now form 3 smaller loaves on Sunday, giving us fresh bread 3x/week, and keep pushing the number of days the formed dough can hang out in the fridge before baking. This one was shaped 6 days ago and baked this morning. Three cheers for a hot boule for Saturday breakfast with zero added effort. ✨

cornmeal cake • candied rosemary • rosemary syrup (recipe from gabrielle hamilton's prune)

Another year gone by.

During an especially strong holiday cookbook season, it's easy to focus on the books that dominate the press. But look further and you'll discover extraordinary offerings, like this stunning book by Canadian If you've ever traveled to BC or know someone who loves its vast, natural beauty, this is the book for you (or them). The writing, gorgeous food & location photography, and elegant recipes make it a complete package.

Sweet morning.

Thanks to @nomnompaleo's excellent online instructions, I just successfully made spaghetti squash in an Instant Pot. And it was very easy. Harder is figuring out how to make it taste not like spaghetti squash.

Loved profiling and photographing the women of @2ndstorybakeshop for this month's issue of Edible Silicon Valley. Here, baker + co-owner Cailin Bryant works her magic. #sanjose

After not baking for several weeks, it sure feels good to sink my hands into dough. (I knew @sarah_kieffer's braided chocolate swirl bread was just the thing.) Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Such a treat to see Irvin Lin (@eatthelove) as he makes the rounds with his debut cookbook, Marbled, Swirled, and Layered. Check it!

Made a ton of man'oushe (za'atar flatbreads) from @maureenabood's lovely Rose Water & Orange Blossoms cookbook. #rosewaterbook