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ALL THOSE SHIPS😊  Since 11 May 2017🌈 Sterek, Scisaac, Marrish, Thiam, Malira, Stydia, Stalia & of course: Drarry, Clony, Naudry, Hayffie and Newtmas (Don't hate!)

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Does anybody ship Layden?

I miss Isaac so much I'm gonna cry

Yeah good idea (sorry again I'm on a holiday so I don't have much time)


I was climbing on the rocks and it went fine and when I reached the ground I BRUISED MY ANKLE WHILE I WASN'T EVEN ON THE ROCK ANYMORE WHY WHY WHY does that only happen to me?

Anyone in who lives in England? Cause that's where I'm right now... plssss I've no friends...

Sorry! I'm on vacation

I want Isaac to come back😭

Sorry for being so unactive but I just really didn't felt like social media

Is it Derek... *ugh ugh* ... iS iT dErEK?

I can't sleep

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