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Jumping in the cold springs on the Tarzan swing at Ojo De Agua on Ometepe Island. I wish I could rewind this moment and my entire trip just like the video!! Always remember wellness isn’t just about food, it’s also about self-care, relaxation and letting yourself be free and enjoy life.
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How many of you spend so much time doing everything for others that you forget about yourself? Self-care is essential for our physical and emotional well-being. For me, taking a trip for myself is the ultimate self-care gift, but there are other things you can do daily just for yourself that will help boost your energy and focus. Read my latest article for @thenutribullet to find out more. Link in bio!
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The sun is setting on the last day of my 30s. A new decade is upon me. There were so many things I wanted to say, to write, but after this trip a lot of it feels irrelevant.
I was told by a wise man that I used the past 40 years well...that they don’t own me and to let everything go and be at peace. It’s easier to do on vacation...the trick will be how it goes getting home and back to reality.
I have had the time of my life on this trip. And I’m not just saying that. You won’t see every moment here on Instagram...because I LIVED IT. I shared real moments with new and old friends. I took an old friend out of their comfort zone. I felt chemistry that wasn’t from a Tinder swipe. I ate and drank everything. I danced. I stayed up all night with no sleep. I have used the past 39.9 years well...so bring it...#thisis40 #costarica #puravida #steps2nutrition #dietitian #allthethings

Can chocolate be part of a healthy diet? Read my latest article for @thenutribullet to find out more about this antioxidant packed powerhouse food and why it is good...and bad...and good. 🍫💪🏼
Link in my bio!
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Taking cooking classes in foreign countries is my new favorite thing to do when I travel. Not only do I get inspired to make new dishes at home, but I learn more about a different culture and their eating rituals. Tonight myself, @worldlyroamer and @pops_pic made a typical Costa Rica meal. Salad, rice, beans and squash picadillo with pork and chicken. We also made corn tortillas from scratch, which was fun and delicious! I say it all the time at home and I will say it again, there is nothing better than taking the time to make your own food! It is not only nutritionally rewarding but a bonding experience with others as well.
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Don’t think I forgot #fiberfulfebruary folks! Even though I am traveling I don’t want to forget to get my fiber filled foods in. Here in Monteverde, Costa Rica, breakfast starts with a beautiful bowl of fruits-banana, watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple. A few pieces can get your digestive system going in the morning, especially if you are traveling and eating foods your body isn’t used to. Even if you are not traveling, fruit is not your enemy. It’s more about the portions. A few pieces have a lot of crucial vitamins, minerals and of course FIBER!
#steps2nutrition #dietitian #fiberfulfebruary #costarica #travel

Happy Galentine’s Day! I have a lot of special girlfriends i am truly grateful for but in this moment none more than @worldlyroamer. I wanted to go away for my birthday and she was quick to hop on board with me. This will be our third worldly adventure together. It’s safe to say we travel well together and she is a very loyal friend...I feel lucky to have her in my life. If you don’t have a man today (which is totally OKAY!) tell your girlfriends how awesome they are, go grab a drink together or even better, share a fancy dessert together...or BOTH! #valentinesday #galentinesday #steps2nutrition #dietitian #fiberfulfebruary #love #friends #travel

Just me, wet hair, chillin’ in a big chair.
Travel is one of my favorite hobbies. While I love a fancy five star getaway, I can also get down with a third world country. It makes me appreciative of everything I have, brings me close to so many different types of people, foods and cultures and how happy others are with next to nothing material-wise. What makes you more appreciative of your life?
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Ismael, @worldlyroamer and I at it again mixing chocolate drinks at @mansionchocolate. So delicious and fun...definitely the highlight of this trip so far.
#steps2nutrition #dietitian #chocolate #granada #nicaragua #travel

Doing the “roasting cacao bean” dance with my new friend Ismael at @mansionchocolate in #Granada. So much fun! I highly recommend this experience. 🍫💃🏻😊❤️ #steps2nutrition #dietitian #chocomuseo #beantobar #nicaragua #travel

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with expensive dinners and overconsumption of chocolates and pink frosted goodies...but does it have to be? Read my latest article for @thenutribullet to find some healthier options for this overhyped day of love. ❤️ Link in bio!
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You can have a busy day and eat healthy! It’s just probably not going to be fancy, and that’s okay. It should be easy, and thankfully so many grocery stores carry ready made salads and veggies you can buy that take minutes to prep. @traderjoes kale and broccoli slaw salad with some extra greens mixed in and @primalkitchenfoods ceasar dressing. A piece of wild salmon that took 6 minutes to cook. A sweet potato that went in the microwave for 6 minutes with @traderjoes garlic spread (my fave) and some broiled chicken tenders I had made the other night with garlic salt. I will probably also add an apple and maybe some nuts but in general I am covered for the rest of the day traveling across town for work. I’ve got lots of protein here, fiber, greens, healthy fats, complex carbs. If I can do it, so can you! #noexcuses #steps2nutrition #dietitian #fiberfulfebruary

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