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Salmon n' shells for dinner tonight! @eatbanza pasta, steamed broccoli, @traderjoes organic marinara, EVOO and some @flavorgod PIZZA seasoning (might sound crazy but it's so good!) and a piece of wild Atlantic salmon cooked in @chosenfoods avocado oil and some onion salt and fresh oregano on top. Might sound odd but it's really good! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #dinner #fish #freshherbs #playwithfood

Hot skillet nights...🔥
I've been up since 5am. Worked earlier in the day and took a catnap late this afternoon, then made my way over to @platform_la for some Wellness Wednesday action. Great little event with @tenoverten nail salon, @healthade kombucha and @parsleyhealth. Sometimes it's difficult going to these sorts of events where the women all seem to know each other and it doesn't feel like they want to let someone new into their circles, but I made the best of the event and got to chat with the nail salon owner about less toxic beauty products and did some networking with the Parsley Health rep, so all in all, it was a win. Walked home and made myself a healthy dinner. Wild salmon, cooked in @lodgecastiron And @fourthandheart ghee butter and @traderjoes onion salt, some red quinoa and broccoli cooked in water and some @braggsacvhealth liquid aminos and sesame oil. #steps2nutrition #dietitian #wellnesswednesdays #dinner #doityourself #platform #networking #healthyfats

Attention friends!!
Have you ever wanted to know more about WHY greens are so healthy for proper gut function? Do you love salad?
If the answers to one or both of these questions are YES, come join ME and @fearlessfig @rachel_bocchino_ and my friend Karina Wielgosz, owner of a wellness clinic in Playa Vista for a very special nutrition based discussion on Sunday, September 10th from 4-6pm at the NEW Sweetgreen location in downtown Los Angeles. Space is limited!! RSVP in the link in my bio. Look forward to seeing you all there!
#steps2nutrition #dietitian #sweetgreen #greens #guthealth @sweetgreen

Happy Toast Tuesday! What a delicious creation I put together this morning, inspired by @whatrobineats of course!
This is @barelybread multigrain toast with @betterbeanco Cuban black bean spread, sliced avocado and sriracha. I never would have imagined beans on toast would be good but this was actually awesome. An excellent savory breakfast choice with some healthy fat and lots of fiber! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #toasttuesday #toastlikerobin #healthyfats #breakfast #snack

A meatless Monday dinner. Normally I would add a piece of chicken or fish, but it's late, I have to go to bed soon (crazy day tomorrow) and I didn't workout hard today so I don't feel like I need it. I had some delicious meals out this weekend but it's always fun to play in the kitchen at home. I made sweet potato zoodles with my @padernousa spiralizer and ironically only had an orange bell pepper left, so I sautéed all of it in avocado oil and @delallofoods basil pesto. Soooooo good and filling! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #fiber #doityourself #zoodles #veggies #pesto #healthyfats #meatlessmonday

Fun times at @propelwater fitness festival today with these wonderful ladies @fitbritla_ @howharditri @thelovelybass
For whatever reason, I woke up and wasn't really in the mood to attend this event today, but these ladies did a good job helping me change my mind. We took a few fun classes, had some delicious @sweetgreen salads and got to catch up on life, which to me is a major part of my enjoying this fitness community! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #fitness #fitnessaddict #strong #goodtimes #friendship #fitnessfestival

My favorite new headshot so far. No filters yet and untouched. Time to get my website back to where I want it to more excuses! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #entrepreneur #headshots #photoshoot #nofilter

My delicious lunch bowl today after a tough @speedplayla workout!!
The rest of my black cod with onion salt seasoning, @bouldercanyon cilantro seasoned cauliflower rice, @betterbeanco Cuban bean dip and half an avocado with Sriracha. 💣💣💣
#steps2nutrition #dietitian #doityourself #lunch #glutenfree #spicy

Home sahweet home and back on the healthy eating band wagon. I spoiled myself and bought some black cod which honestly needs ZERO seasoning but I cooked it with a little onion salt from @traderjoes. That on top of a kale/Brussels sprout salad mix and @primalkitchenfoods Greek dressing...equals lunch today. Not gonna lie, bagged salads are super convenient whether you are busy or not. The trick is using your own dressing OR perhaps just half of the dressing they give you, because usually I'm not a huge fan of the bagged salad dressing ingredients. In general, a great way to get your greens in with a large variety of produce! #steps2nutrition #dietitian #greens #lunch @yourtaylorfarms @sprouts

As much as I love cooking, sometimes convenience is nice. My parents live right by a @nekterjuicebar and @cyclebar so this morning I got in a spin class and opted for this bad boy after. This acai superfood bowl is around 570kcal so it's not low calorie but after a crazy sweaty spin class, I think it's okay from time to time. Not to mention it's full of NUTRIENTS like acai, spinach, kale, blueberries, goji berries, banana, chia and hemp seeds, cacao nibs....yea, this bowl is a nutrient powerhouse. 😊💪🏼
#steps2nutrition #dietitian #postworkout #acaibowl #superfoods #nutrients #powerhouse #antioxidants

Anyone seen this before? It was recommended to me before flying. You drop one in a bottle of water (16oz. preferred) and it's full of vitamins and electrolytes meant to keep you hydrated. I put one in my water before getting on my flight today. Do I notice a difference? No, except my flight was only an hour long so perhaps on a longer flight this will recharge you. Nothing wrong with plain water, in my opinion, but this is only 10 calories if you need some flavoring and added vitamins in your day. @nuunhydration #steps2nutrition #dietitian #hydrate #water #travelsmart #electrolytes

Happy Birthday @ginandjules !! Good times, you are loved! ❤️❤️🎂😊👍🏼#friends #birthday #goodtimes #party #belair

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