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Let’s talk tea.... ☕️ I started this diet with @hotskinnytea on a 14 day detox tea diet :) I’m only drinking this tea and eating vegetables and fruits for 14 days along with some protein to keep building my glutes! Wish me luck on my journey with @hotskinnytea so far it tastes super good 😍😍 #tea #teatime #detox

When bitches hate on you before you even start making moves #behumblesitdown

where’s the sun gone? ☀️ Feeling so fresh with no make up after @doctorrahimd freshened up my face with botox, no filter and no lines- 😎

My Rodeo ✨🌟

Little bit of red 🍷

Just another cute LA outfit 🌈

@maximmag 🌈

I hope someday you’ll make it right even if it takes all night ❤️ @mr_rhed @liv_made
X @beautynthebox_
Photographer @shotbysham @shotbyace302
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I am shy to share a lot of my personal life on social media but I just had to share my journey in August this summer. I spent the month with @yoga_iam_ibiza_goa_london . I consider myself lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with this wonderful beautiful woman who changed my life. Prior to this, I suffered from immense anxiety, depression and didn’t really have much guidance from anyone in my life. I was also on edge and my anger fits and mood swings got so bad- I lost relationships and my friends and family ended up telling me to go to therapy. I never wanted to admit I ever had a problem, I thought I was too cool and I was perfect. My mother then told me to try yoga and I just thought- that isn’t me at all and I don’t want to be a “yogi”. I tried yoga once in my life and walked into a teacher training course with no idea what to expect. It was always so hard for me to even wake up in the morning feeling good about myself, waking up to go to the course at 6am alone was a struggle. The course was transformational, powerful and life changing. I’ve never looked back at my old self and I’ve never looked at life the way I do now. I can now say I am a certified kriya yoga and chakra energy teacher.. The last thing I’d ever thought I’d be. I became introduced to the light side from the dark side and my life changed from that very moment on. I highly recommend and want to thank @yoga_iam_ibiza_goa_london for this beautiful journey and would also like to help people feel better about themselves and help change their life, the same way my life changed❤️

The comeback is always stronger than the setback @shotbyace302 @shotbysham @beautynthebox_

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

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