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Stephanie Birch  mama, writer, yoga teacher @lifewithbirch | sac, cali | guide | big island retreat summer 2017 | | music moves👇🏼

One-minute for today's #yogatidbits. Modified Sun A. This is great for beginner's or any practitioner needing an earthy-grounding sequence. For the sake of time in the video, I'm talking through it faster than a typical warm up. I usually start slow, taking a few breaths in each posture to settle in to these shapes, and eventually moving through them (one-breath-one-movement).
Child's pose
Standing knees, reach up
Table top
Modified Chaturanga
Table top
Child's pose
For a bonus yoga gem, peek my IG story. Chuckles welcome.
Happy practicing with @lifewithbirch.
#yogathang #lifewithbirch #oneminuteyoga
Wearing my favorites: @lucyactivewear & @tbnewyork. 😘

"I've got your back," says this light. I am at my best when I'm in creation mode. I am choosing to stay here. I must choose this everyday, like that of an athlete or craftsman. Pen to paper, tap to screen, capture to express, painted to play. I'll stay here in the exploration of expression allowing my heart to speak for itself.
Let your heart speak for itself. Go quiet for a time. Practice. Do something. Anything. Turn off. Settle or rattle, your choice. The more you turn in to yourself, the more you tune in. It's a practice, an inquiry of self. Choose to be curious through thyself.
Through pain, comes passion. Passion remains idle without action. Act. Live on purpose. Move if you must. Try something new. Get uncomfortable. Know yourself in your unknowing ways. Begin again.
Those that are stuck in idle balk from sidelines. They live for the transaction and outcome, swaying the crowds to sit still. To watch. Play up the mouthy chats and cue up the finger points. Little movement happens from the stands.
So, you move, darling. Move with your heart. All of your heart, simply move. Inspire yourself. Breathe life into your life. You create the wind. You set the sail. #writeyourheartout #lovealltheway #lifeinspired

Live wildly present.
This goes out to all of my sisters; the ones living and loving and creating and dancing and singing and expressing themselves wildly every damn day.
The wild in me bows to the wild in you. @lucyactivewear #shareitsister

One part of me says, "you should go to yoga."
And the winner in me says, "go make the bed. And by 'make' I mean get back in there."
Listen to your inner-winner, my friends! #thebedlifechoseme

Within each of us we have basic needs; to feel loved, to be encouraged to grow, and have a support system locked and loaded. Some people may refer to this as tribe or a teacher or family or a love system. Which can be there for you the moment you are birthed or you can build them from the ground up. Often such builds happen during life transformations. Some marry their best friend and build their own family. There are the bonds that hold up through experience, even traumatic ones. Some people have setbacks which leads to a setup for a comeback. Some travel, explore, and search. Some people take a teacher training.
I hope you have a system that is all-out and open with their love. They're the ones rooting you on, encouraging you to be big, and grow outside of the mediocrity comfort zone, the ones that you proudly cheer on and say, "fuck yes" to them in their own rite. I have many people, some "BTS" relationships that I lean and learn from, ones that say, "go big, Steph!" They're the same ones that, like me, often faced with much resistance in this beautifully chaotic world. Because they love. They love good and hard. And so many people fear that hard love because it shows up powerfully-soft. It means to be a warrior of truth, hold close to integrity and live wildly present, empowered. People that live disempowered will attempt to knock down or control those that are empowered. Love does not aim to control another. Love rises and the only way to conquer it is show up as a badass lover. It is internal and eternal power.
Come train for life with us for the next @breathlessyoga teacher training with the one teacher who always encourages us to be big and brave and give a shit about love, @soul_activist. Whether you're interested in teaching or not, it's for life. Your soul will turn radiantly hot and stay lit with a tribe of other powerful souls. Training starts at @radiantyogaedh, April 22nd. The world needs a forest fire of love and you are it. #lovealltheway

Let's do the yoga thang this week, move and groove with me on my weekly playlists (linked in bio), or come practice w/ me or some of my favorite teachers on
Sacramento schedule:
Solfire Yoga:
Wed at 5:45am
Thursday at 4:30pm & 5:45pm
Sat 4:30pm, power flow
Sun Series for beginners 4:30pm w/ my sister, @janna_yoga
Radiant Yoga in EDH:
Final Fridays w/ yoga + hip hop at 6pm
Sat 8:15am
My Spotify weekly playlists are out every Monday, catch some flava in ya ear. Most recent playlists titled: Raise up your love, Lone wolf trait, This is how we do it, Unspoken words, and Family Affair.
Love moves us higher, together we rise when we love. Let's ride and rise, dear ones! #lovealltheway #yogathang #yogaplaylist

It is your responsibility to create. Your focus turned on by being in the process. Let go of any attachment to prerequisites or fiddled outcomes. Creation determines your vibration.

Rainy day bendy play. @lifewithbirch

Real life. Tired and snuggled up on the couch while my son plays on the iPad. There are dishes in the sink I'm avoiding. Legos strewn across the floor in the kitchen. Windows dripping wet with condensation from the rain, single pane windows is not the business sometimes. The wind gusts kept me tossing last night as I was adrift half sleep dreaming a tree was going to fall on our house or a car was going to skid into our living room (neither happened). It's a no school day in honor of - I'm guessing a president, haven't googled it yet.
All is well and perfectly imperfect so I took a selfie to remember how simple and beautiful and messy and ordinary this wonderful morning-day-to-life just is, facing forward. #writeyourheartout #riseandshine

Light on these feet. A simple capture, second-nature detail of the feet that rarely still. Maybe it's the years of training and movement through the sport of flips and back bends or racketed swings and backhands. The happy feet that confide in each other through the dance of movement.
In yoga, even after all these years, planting four corners of these feet still feel foreign, I have to plant them wide, in order to secure my base. Sometimes I feel less grounded when I push them into the earth. They're the feet that want to move and dance, tip toe and play, tap and stomp, float and fly. Perhaps in order to feel grounded, it means I am to stay light on these happy feet. #happyfeet #movetobemoved

Play it up Saturday. Sun C from this afternoon's delight.

Take flight and wing it. You can spend everyday training your wings for the someday-maybes. Without great leaps and unsteady in your ready, those someday-maybes may turn to could've-would've-should've looking-back days.
You were born ready, will does not rest in hesitation. Keep your heart forward and up, you'll always be guided from the center that breathes life into your life.
xo @lifewithbirch