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Back to co-creation and regularly scheduled program.

Teaching schedule:

Tuesday’s at @momentomyoga:
5:15pm, 45min power flow
6:15pm, yoga + mobility

Thursday’s at @solfirejstreet:
4:30pm, power hour
5:45pm, power basics

Saturday’s at @solfirejstreet:
4:30pm, power flow

The best things in life make us sweaty.
See you on your mat, friends.

You can find my playlists linked in my bio or search stephynow on Spotify. It’s the good-good.

200 hours later, we made it. More importantly, we will continue making it. This has been the best of the best. We left this retreat weekend and finale of our training saying: “there’s nothing else like it and each one of us manifested this.”

Thank you, @amkzing, for being a forklift of power and grace in our lives. My life is forever changed and it all starts now. Thank you all.

I am good.


The necessity of retreat. A weekend unplugged and going inward. I don’t know that there will never not be shit to shift. I will sit and shift until I’m dead.

This has been one of the best (and hardest) weekends ever.

PS - unplugging was the easy part.


Tahoe, we are going to be inside you soon. And a bear just crossed the road in front of us! @aquarian__goddess__

Just wrapped today’s live girl talk with @veazey_yogi. You can catch the replay for the next 24 hours on IG story/live.

Today’s topics:
- aging and body changes
- shyness / introverts
- sweaty and stinky places
- period talk and cycles
- contraception (pills vs IUD)
- “Authentic Sex” podcast
- womanhood, feminine and power
- more bloody stuff
- talking to your pussy
- women in Bali
- unplugging (retreat w/ women)
- taller online, big personality
- real-talk, unscripted

Thank you for being here.
And @espimarinovicmansi says it just right, “lives are the new podcast.” And she’s coming to Bali with us in October.

Girl Talk tomorrow at 9:15am PST with @veazey_yogi. We decided it’s time to talk woman to woman about womanhood thangs.

Join us live on IG. If you’ve got questions, send them our way.

move to be still.

Forever reminder. I posted this one year ago today. Still rings.

Every Tuesday, I get to teach yoga here. I love this place because we get to leave fancy at the door to move and breathe. There’s a pole dancing studio next door and a burger joint across the lot. And I really love that for what it is.

It’s a place for being yourself right in the middle of the hustle and bustle outside the walls. I love it here because we move, breathe, and play without the fluffy bullshit.

Meet me at 5:15pm for 45min power vinyasa and/or at 6:15pm for yoga + mobility. Every Tuesday at @momentomyoga.

What if you held yourself to the standard of just being yourself for yourself?

Join the club.
My yoga + write club (the online version) is available. Full hour of yoga and guided prompts to dig into yourself. Link in bio.
There’s no better how-to than to just do it.


Moves with us in Bali October 4 - 12th. Check out @veazey_yogi and her moves she’ll be teaching us in Bali.

Daily movement, 3 meals a days, write club workshops, food workshop, two private villas, private pool and jacuzzi tubs, Bali exploration, and more. You’re invited, link in bio.

Repost: @veazey_yogi.

Our Work Thru Your Shit in Bali movement schedule planning is just about complete. Between me, Steph, & Dan we will be offering a variety of movement practices ranging from high intensity to super chill plus some moderate intensity to playful and fun movement with less structure.

We’ll mobilize you, getcha to move rocks, dance in your socks and yog your heinie off. We’ll invite you to get your move and groove on every single day we’re there.

are you up for the challenge? Does it scare you? Does it excite you? We’re in this together, let’s see if we can make shift happen.

Movement is medicine.

Retreat web link is in my bio, if you sign up for our email list, you might be able to get in before June 1st, when registration opens.

I got to sleep in until 8:30am and it was pretty great.

Happy Mama’s Day to all the mamas out there mothering and nurturing our world. You know who you are. We know who you are.


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