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34 and thankful. Celebrate yourself well, my friends. Thank you for all of your messages and pouring love. I'm grateful for your words, kindness, and extended wisdom you have shared with me. Toasting this turn of a year to all of you, near and far. Hand on my heart full of memories from the past, dancing with the life force in the present, and onward into the future. May you continue to love it up and live it up.
This birthday boogie is for you. Get on that good foot and bounce in love with me.
34, let's roll.

Happy birthday to me!
The love of my life may love-tap me for sharing this photo but it's my birthday and may be the only day I can get away with it!
Spending the morning moving slow and imbibing with you is one of my favorite ways to celebrate life on this day of birth. Thank you.

Feel the love Friday.
My latest blog post is up on @lucyactivewear and it's all about the journey of self-love and how it is the light bulb to my purpose. This read is one that is close to my heart, rather, it is my heart.
Join my heart for an intimate read on life, depression, motherhood, love, and living on purpose.
Link in bio or here: #lucyambsdr #yoga #thisismyyoga

Your curiosity and passion for play will be the greatest tools to have on your belt in this practice and in life.
Your thinking cap will persuade you into believing things are impossible. You must put on your doing pants and play up to the curious mind, like that of a child. Everything around us begins with possibility. Childlike wisdom teaches us that imagination is the epicenter of creation.
To see a shape or a pose, one must imagine themselves. It will require refinement outside a typical vinyasa class. Your curiosity will take it home, it will require you to test your functional movements. It will ask questions, push limits, and in order to move beyond what feels stuck, you simply move through. You fall. Get back up and try again.
Whenever I teach poses like this in a class, I try to give 1-3 drills like in this video. Not too much, as to not overwhelm. They're simply drills that you can take home that don't rely on dependency of another. The practice is designed to be self reliant. A coach is great, a spotter or an assist is wonderful, but somehow-some way, you'll invite yourself to play. To know yourself away from the attachment of another to guide you, this is meant for you to dig deep. Trust your instincts and move from your heart as the way your will intends you into action. As with any body movement or training, only you can show up for yourself. The more you practice, the more you unlock refinement. Getting in touch with yourself along the way.
Like the nike swoosh, just do it.
Stay curious.
Turn on your play.
And get funky with it.
#yoga #yogatidbits

Sometimes I have to remind myself that living my life may very well disappoint others. Sometimes it is hard to be okay with this, as I don't aim to disappoint. A programmed conditioning to please and follow the steps or guides of another. Nothing is more exhausting than half-assed decisions or attempting to please everyone or saying yes when I mean no. Whenever I'm caught in this web of boundary testing, I will match myself to wrestle. It's not necessarily about the other party, rather it's about what I allow into my space. Many are often driven to be heard and seen, ones will even cause stir into dramatics. Actioning bypass or blast of the self righteous. Inviting you in to their complaints and feeding grounds of smallness, pointing at others firstly before ever themselves.
It is important to surround yourself with people that stand big, strong, and soft. It is important that these people also encourage others in their bigness, strengthening, and softening ways. It takes time to understand this. I often believe it takes steep lows, knowing darkness intimately, and maybe a time felt defeat. This is how we flutter open into the light. Into a love so deep, no corruption to buyout. This love cannot be bought. It cannot return to smallness. It is here to disrupt a system kept unwell by conditioning. This is prioritizing love for self and bringing it forth unto others. Life is a priority, love is mandatory. Create. Live well. Love deep. Light on. You be you. I'll be me. In this land of we.
Light on my toes, balancing reads atop my crown. Once this was a side-gig coaching others to stand tall and walk with purpose. A side-gig into a deeper life-gig.
Away we walk, together.

15min in 40sec. The only fancy and flashy moves come from the occasional squirts of the vacuum pump. Move like water, love like air.
Now is here.
Here is now.
All is well.
In my favorites with @tbnewyork.

Move to the beat of your bum and you'll never miss a beat.

This is an inside job.
When it's easy, show up.
When it's hard, show up.
When you like it, show up.
When you don't like it, show up.
When you are high, show up.
When you are low, show up.
Show up in as many ways and days. See yourself in all of your faces. Not just the light and free, but in the dark and heavy. When you're IN it and when you're OUT of it. This is the greatest job in the world, the work within. The study of self is the study of all.
Too many attempt wars on others and those too many take comfort in fear, far removed from responsibility. Blame, victimhood, even hurting another is easy. When you are willing to see the deepest, even most painful parts of you, the weight of responsibility will set you free. Yes, responsibility for your life will set you free.
When you don't want to look, you don't want to see. When you don't want see, you don't want to feel. When you don't want to feel, you don't want to heal.
When you do, you'll choose to be seen.
When you do, you'll choose to feel.
When you do, you'll choose to heal.
And this is when you'll be free.
And it may take every bit of courage inside of every fraction of bone within you. And it may very well be the most courageous act of all. To take on your life and love yourself wholly.


Imagine if you lived with your heart above your head as often as possible.
What does the heart above head sound like?
What does this heart above head look like?
What does this heart above head feel like?
It sounds like breath or saying words, to myself or someone. Like, I love you. It sounds like the words meant from thought to spoken for a lover or another. I miss you. I am here. I forgive you.
I wonder what it looks like. Could I capture this heart above my head in a photo? Maybe an expression of laughter or holding my son's hand or lifting him above my head. Literally, lifting the heart that beats outside of my chest.
It can feel like bouncing pounds and beats of drums like when the breath quickens by movement. It can be felt through excitement as joy does when it bursts into a room like chasing a bubble pop from winded lips. It can drum so loud from fears, sadness, and anger.
The heart invites us in. It is the inclusion of all. Every emotion. Every experience. Every beat. Every reason. The heart does not hesitate, it simply asks us to feel this. Feel me. For I am here. Always with sound, sight, and feeling wholly.
It is love.
Love invites us to feel.
Love invites us to heal.
To heal, we must feel.
Tonight, this was the invitation for the ones who continue to lovingly show up and be a witness to place that digs deep.
All heart.
All love.
You all are so beautiful to witness.

Left 6 inches behind and poured some honey on these locks thanks to my favorite hair goddess, @adriennebaranoffextraordinaire. Feeling weightless, free, and looking forward to headache-free days.
Psssst! Sac-town, Adrienne is my go-to woman for the love of hair. Go make pretty.

Colorado! I'll be seeing you this summer at @yotmfestival August 11-13th. I'll be teaching 3 classes on the mountain and sharing the dance of life through breath and soul.
Join us for 3 days of yoga, dance, pranayama, meditation, live music, and play.
See you on the mountain!

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