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Buns down, Bier up. Happy weekend, my friends.
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I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm doing it anyway. As they say, it's only kinky the first time, or maybe the second...
Sometimes that means doing things that scare me the most. Sometimes that means getting really uncomfortable. Sometimes that means showing up. Sometimes that means putting myself out there even when there are nay-sayers and slayers. By sometimes, I mean always. And then I think, if I'm a no in the eyes of others or slaying myself by the lips of another, it's because those are the voices in my head. As though they wear like an introduction sticker. "Hello, my name is..." These attachments, so comfortable and yet so false. Outside illusions, old wounds, and pain. Those do not come from my heart, what's true, is my electric-center, it's my beautiful-badass-beating-heart. That's the charge, I feel it and it's why you feel it with me. We are connected here.
Just because it's not for someone else, doesn't mean it's not for you. I used to think this road was a little lonely, heck, a year ago it was. I tend to lean into my alone-ness now, to listen and learn, sometimes it means I am meant to move or transition. There's a pause to lean and learn. I trust in how little I know then and now. I revel in the little I know and keep walking into the unknown. This is the freedom. It's doing it anyway. It's teaching it anyway. It's loving it anyway. It's living it anyway. The less I know, the more I feel. The more I feel, the more I see. The more I see, the more I recognize how life is an interconnected web of motion, dripping with cadence and ever-lasting wisdom. It is knowing and unknowing all at once.
Live it anyway.
Love all the way.

Oh, my heart! Thank you, @ktmcarlin, for the beautiful sketch.

You are not responsible for other people's perceptions of you, nor their projections.
Please know that you are worthy of living your wild and loving yourself wholly.


Happy birthday to my main man, @stvntiller! I will forever chase and tackle you with my love. Thank you for all that you do; the endless days into nights for your (heart) work and craft, your quiet ways, every time you tell me: "don't look at me in that tone of voice," accepting my bed hog status, the way you always love me through my wild ways, and for being my absolute opposite that is just enough push and pull that keep the eyes and heart open and alive.
I love you more than you know, lover-butt!

When you give yourself everything you need, you will always be taken care of.
Come practice the #yogathang this week:
Solfire Yoga in Midtown:
Wednesday (mañana) at 5:45am, subbing for the lovely, @alloccasionsartistry.
Thursday double of fun at 4:30pm & 5:45pm.
Saturday, we are launching our hearts forward and up on the mat at 4:30pm for power flow.
Radiant Yoga in EDH:
Saturday at 8:15am for power flow.
See you on the mat, my friends!

Joy, meet Edge. Edge, meet Joy. I think it's time for you two to get re-acquainted. Rather, meet up, at minimum, once a day.
My latest blog post is up on Link is in my bio. Read my take on capturing joy when I meet my edges. There's a return of childlike wisdom that keeps my momentum lit when I dive into my fire, the heat that gives birth, the essence of where life exists.
Practice with us on! 10 days free or $14/mo. Yoga, meditations, nutrition, wellness, healing, and love in abundance here. Enter the code STEPH and give yourself or another the gift of connection through community.

Prost, my friends!


Alright-then, weekend: you're officially being tackled.
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