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Welcome to Yoga Girl. Where everyone can be a @yogagirlofficial. I hope you will join us for community, stories, and being of service.

I am honored to be one of Yoga Girl’s contributors, as a mama, writer, and yoga teacher. I’ll be sharing stories, writings, classes, and more.

Connect with us here:

It’s official: Squealing is my middle name, @yoga_girl! I’m in love with you, Rachel, @jenpastiloff, @lara.heimann, @amandac.kelly, @ryden.angela, and our community.


This is my excited face wearing something soft and cozy made by my guy, @stvntiller. Bring on the softies! I’m bribing him to make extras!


Huddle up.
Pep talk.
Go team.
And get back in the game of life.

Let’s huddle up, friends.

Thursday’s at 4:30pm & 5:45pm at @solfirejstreet.
Saturday’s at 4:30pm at Solfire.
Tuesday’s at 9:15am at @momentomyoga.

Write Club (a monthly gathering) is THIS Saturday at 6:30pm at Solfire Yoga.. Write with me, no experience necessary, welcome to all.


Tiller and his sexy furniture. If you need a little somethin’-somethin’ — ask this guy, @stvntiller.


It was all a reality.


I finally got to meet this amazing woman in the flesh yesterday! We’ve been online friends for years and she is in Sactown this week and popped into my class yesterday.

She is the sweetest. She is an amazing yoga teacher and beer genius! Follow her adventures of bringing good beer to you.

So great to meet you and squeeze you yesterday, @beeryoga!


Send grace, just in case.
Today’s Write Club Wednesday Prompt is delivered to your box, it is an invitation of grace. Will you join me?

Next Write Club Meet-up workshop in Sacramento is Saturday, September 15th, at 6:30pm. Reserve your spot by visiting my website:


All are welcome, no writing experience necessary. We’ll take pen to paper and express from the inside out.


I have a slight obsession with artists. I just finished watching @jordanache’s live. She is a gift. Go watch the recording. I took love notes because she moved my soul.

A life without regulations and checklists; young parents living in the moment rafting and beer drinking down the Truckee River with their two nuggets.

Pictured here is my brother, mom, and myself in 1987. My brother age 3, and I am 4 on this summer day.

Not pictured: life vests and safety gear - because we didn't have any, nor was it required - maybe it was but not for us. It's funny to look back at my parents and their ways of parenting, when they were the most carefree.

I asked them, "what did you guys do when we got knocked off the raft and into the river?” Their response, "hold onto the rope, keep your head above water until we dive in after you." Simple as that. I wish I could say I am as carefree as they once were, but I’m not.

I often feel too structured and tied to stupid warning labels, caution signs, and bullshit helicopter parent-shaming. Perhaps my parents were so carefree because living life didn’t have a warning label or a rule attached, if it did, they probably ignored it, anyway.


Recruit your flutes (thanks, autocorrect).


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