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Puffball✨Princess  ▪️Music🎶Festivals▪️ | 🍑Booty 🌀Here to motivate💪🏻 & inspire💭 🌟Embracing life & spreading love💓

✨I'll play nice if you do😇✨

✨Wanna know why today's a good day? Because I got to listen to @ZHU's new release during my morning workout - & I'll probably have it on repeat for several days 😍🎶 For those of you who don't know.. #ZHU is my all time favorite artist in the world🙏 There are feelings I get that I can't explain listening to his music & times where I've felt like his music is my only outlet.. & for all this I'm making this post to personally say thank you💗 Go listen👂 to #stardustexhalemarrakechdreams if you haven't yet. I promise it'll make your heart sing💥✨ #zhu #moag

✨Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool🌊✨ #oceanside

✨Surprise!👀 The #edco lineup has dropped!🔥 & oh my.. this year has so much FUN left in store for us! 🎉🎶💗 My BFF @chrissyyawnick💋 & I are going to take over @edc_orlando🌅 in November & I can't freaking wait! Who's on the top of your can't miss list? Let me know ⬇️! I'm stoked on Green Velvet, Excision, Jamie Jones, Skream, Rezz, + so many more! I can't wait to see what Florida has to offer & meet the Florida rave fam😍✨ #edcorlando #insomniacevents #edc

#humpday part 2/3..🌊✨ #happyhumpday

#humpday part 1/3..😇✨ #happyhumpday

✨The countdown has begun my friends!🤗 Only 1 month until we're all reunited under the stars, dancing🎶 the night away💜 Who's gonna be getting jiggy w/ me @NocturnalWLand?✨ #Nocturnal2017 #nocturnalwonderland #insomniacevents

✨Hi loves!🤗 Wanna learn more about my rave fashion?👑💄 Check out the super fun interview I did w/ @iheartraves💘 over on their blog! We covered topics from how my rave fashion has evolved, where my inspiration comes from, some of my favorite outfits, & so much more! I'm super excited for you all to read it & I would love to hear any feedback from you guys!✨ (PS - How cute do the @iheartravesunicorns🦄 look here? 😍) Link is in my bio or you can copy/paste it from here: ➡️
#iheartraves #ihrstyled #audiotistic #insomniacevents #puffballprincess #dollskill #yrushoes #edmbabes #festivalseason #festivalfashion

✨Stuck in the feels today.. With a case of the #MondayBlues..💙 So wishing I could be dancing my worries away, (& fanning everyone off that walks past me - you're welcome😇) Sending you all love💋 & uplifting vibes in hopes for the universe to return it back to me🙏 & because you all deserve it.. Xoxo✨ #freedomravewear #paradiso2017 #paradiso #paradisofestival #uscevents #unitytravel #puffballprincess #yrushoes #edmbabes #festivalseason #ravebooty

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