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Can't even express how proud I am of @larougeartistry! Today was the soft opening of her gorgeous salon in Ventura! Look at her beautiful family photo 😍😭❀️
So grateful for the people I'm surrounded by. They all continue to inspire me to always BE better (not do, but be - there's a huge difference). Continually thanking the universe for everything I have and everything that is yet to come.

It's so nice that I live walking distance from cute coffee shops to do work now!
This is a #nutella latte 😍

Fritti Mari (aka the BEST calamari I've ever had) and apple lime kombucha beer πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ#loyalroyals
Highly recommend @royalstonebistro 😍

Picture of a bagel and cantaloupe. Enjoy!

Happy 23rd birthday to this blessing in my life! I couldn't have asked the universe for a better sister. I love you so much, @sylviaannn and I'm so proud of you for everything you've accomplished and for what's to come. Love yourself and enjoy your Jordan year today! You deserve every bit of it! πŸŽ‰β€οΈ

Im ready to tackle the world 🌎 now more than ever! Thank you #CoreStrengthExperience @michaelbernoff_results

Proud sister moment hearing @sylviaannn stand up to speak in front of 300 people. Wow! That's COURAGE!!!

Saturday night improv with da boyz ✨ Everyone come watch @garyware - he performs every Saturday night! #YesAnd

I've been obsessed with avocado toast and raspberry white mochas lately. And this coffee spot is so awesome!

Happy National Siblings Day!
I'm grateful for this little nugget every day in my life. We fight like no other (duh, because it'd be weird or super fake if we never fought) yet the one thing we've learned as adult siblings is the way we resolve our arguments. We always make sure to make-up and hug it out. Im proud of @sylviaannn and everything she's accomplished so far, she's the hardest working and determined person I know.
You're going places, Yung Trinh. I love you! πŸ’•

Grow. Never stop working on yourself. πŸ’› And the more you wait, the more time you waste. Stop waiting. Take action NOW.

I wanted to share some wins with you guys in hopes of it serving as inspiration!

1️⃣ Since I started my business 8 weeks ago as an independent Social Media Strategist, I've booked 4 clients and 1 project. *YAY! - shakes butt*

2️⃣ I've found value in myself as a woman and a business person and I live in integrity with it knowing what I deserve. (Bonus: I went to Vegas and got 'integrity' tattooed on my back with one of my best friends, haha!) *YAY! - shakes butt*

3️⃣ I came to the realization that I not only want to do Social Media work for my clients, yet I also want to be their PARTNER and be viewed as a team member. I ONLY want clients that value a genuine, authentic relationship with their social media strategist. And they have to know that my job is not to bring them dollar-for-dollar profits with the advertising budget they give me, but that my job is to TAKE CARE OF THEM and to be aware that they're being taken cared of. Because these are the clients that I wake up at 4am in the morning to do their marketing and to serve. *Self-high-five!*
Please feel free to share your wins and let's cause a ripple effect!

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