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Stephanie Stone (人・㉨・)♡  🐝"No giving up!"🐝 @ttd_eye⇢ "stephstone" non-cosplay: 🍯NEXT🍯 EUROPE HIATUS UNTIL 6/21, Anime Expo ⬇️Ko-Fi + Patreon Support⬇️

The man @tyrawrrnosaurus coming through with these super clean edits 😍🙏 throwback to WonderCon when we first wore these costumes! Any interest if we switch and do the originals? I was also contemplating something along the lines of a photo book someday as well...
PC: @tyrawrrnosaurus

swipe right ➡️ for the full image!
Since it seems like many people weren't familiar with this old cos, here's another photo of Panty Anarchy but when I was her angel form two years ago 💕 Who has seen the show? What outfit of theirs is your favorite?
PC: @blizzardterrak

Swipe right ➡️ for the full image 🎉
Since I was going down memory lane... here's an old photo from when I cosplayed Panty from Panty & Stocking ❤️ I miss this girl 😭 I was fortunate enough to have the honor of working with @coslife_ this one time as well 🙏 Anyone remember her? I would love to bring her back and do more outfits. Her angel form is one I want to redo for sure!
PC: @coslife_

ok so in my downtime I decided to catch up on Haikyuu..... because there's 300+ chapters now and I stopped around 150 and I've been sucked in again 🙈 I'm still not quite fully caught up but I wanna pull Kiyoko out of the closet! Haikyuu anyone ???
Adorable Yachi is my best friend 💕 HMU if you cosplay Yachi also omg 🙏❤️

reposting for the aesthetic row!! Thanks y'all for responding so much to my last post about E3 🙏💕 I love chatting about video games hehe. Currently my sister and I are awaiting our train to Rotterdam! We spent the day in Brugge, which was great because last night we watched the movie In Bruges 🎉 Hope y'all have been doing well!
PC: @shibe.ig

E3 got me shook 🙏 The Last of Us 2, KH3, RE2 remake, Death Stranding, Jump Force, FE:TTH, and new Smash??? 😍💕 I'm looking forward to those like I'm looking forward to coming back home to hang with this guy 👀 Are you guys paying attention to E3? What are you excited for?

Genderbent San: @lorentz_iwood
Genderbent Ashitaka: 🙋
PC: @awesomejaymee

How is everyone doing?! My sister and I just got to Belgium. we're almost kinda halfway done with the trip :0 and I've almost finished writing the outline for the book! I'm so stoked to get started on it *___*! Thank you so much for those of you that have stuck around despite this hiatus. It means a lot to me +____+ I wish I could do more and provide better content... hopefully some photos I never shared will be enough ? Here's a lovely photo from when I first had the wonderful opportunity to work with @awesomejaymee at WonderCon earlier this year 💕🙏

one more Momo to complete the set! This was down the street from Fanime, by the way! I love how diverse the shooting locations are 💕 I'll be bringing her again for AX, so I guess AX will be Fanime 2.0 :P! I'll be upgrading Momo before then so please look forward to that 🎉
How is everyone doing ? Let's chat; I miss interacting with everyone 😭 What's your favorite thing that happened to you recently? For me, I got to explore Oxford, which I've been wanting to visit since 2006 👀💫 PC: @dietary_fiber

gotta love ~aesthetic~hehe. a part of Momo I really need to remake is her breast plate :( how is everyone doing? I feel so much more disconnected being an ocean away and 9 hrs ahead! I'm wrapping up dessert with my sister; tonight is the last night we're in Paris for this round and tomorrow we make our way to London! We will return to Paris for the end of our trip however~ I hope everyone is doing well! thank y'all for the response on the question in my story also. it sounds like the majority of you are interested so I'll do my best to make a decent vlog to post for y'all ❤️❤️❤️
PC: @dietary_fiber

hope everyone's been doing well!! I received these beautiful photos back of my fantasy AU Momo so when I can I'll be uploading from this set~ this poor costume got so beat up at Fanime; I have a lot of work to do :(( at least the hip armor is good :')
PC: @dietary_fiber

I've been in France for 2.5 hrs and I feel like such a millennial for having a hard time with life without my phone - navigating a foreign country without technology is difficult ;; I feel like I come off as rude because of it and I can't Google simple questions, so it makes me slightly anxious. But, Paris is beautiful and my sister and I are off to sightsee a bit!! here's an old selfie from when I still felt human lol. I'm gonna go jump in the shower now 💀

Reminder that I'll be quiet from now until I return to the states 6/21 so I'm sorry if I'm not as responsive to DMs / messages!! I'll be writing stuff when I have downtime and uploading it all on my Patreon blog for those who are curious~ I'll upload another photo when I land in Paris as well since I'm currently waiting for my flight there 🙏 I hope everyone is doing well! it's so hot everywhere and the humidity here on the east coast makes existing outside difficult 💀

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