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Stephanie Stone ♡ @⇝ KatsuCon  🐝"No giving up!"🐝 🍯NEXT🍯 KatsuCon, SakuraCon non-cosplay: Prints, patterns, videos, & support: ⬇️YouTube + Etsy + Ko-Fi + Patreon⬇️

ONE WEEK CAN YOU BELIEVE IT 😭 this is actually another throwback to SakuraCon! Aqua, like Tharja, was only worn once 🙈 the problem with blasting through cosplays. I hope to revisit her soon because she she needs to be done justice ;; JUST LIKE IN THE GAME, SHE NEEDS JUSTICE 🙏🏻 anyone else excited for KH3???

happy Monday y'all! here's a #throwback to the one and only time I cosplayed Tharja, at SakuraCon! I feel like I should fix that 🤔 though I also need to fix some parts of this cosplay! I also need to figure out the rest of my Katsu lineup as well as my SakuraCon lineup!! Who's going to either of those?
PC: @christian_ong

"Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her looks fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fist." Happy Sunday everyone!! this weekend was Interesting for me...haha how has everyone's weekend? Returning home from Vegas tonight so this week I'll be working on that Katsu crunch and the Bakugou shirt pattern + tutorial!
PC: the amazing @awesomejaymee 🎉

"Hey, pretty boy." aka Aranea's first lines and what made me SWOON and IMMEDIATELY fall in love with her 😍😂 How I wish I could be as mobile wearing her as she is in-game, haha. For those of you at AI, I hope you're having fun!! 💕 My next con will be KatsuCon, so once I return from Vegas I have a lot of work waiting for me 🙃
PC: @zhoucow 🎉

"You've got a hard path but don't let anyone tell you how to walk it."
MORE ARANEA GOODNESS FROM THIS PAST WEEKEND 🙏🏻🔥💕 She was always my favorite part of FFXV :') I really hope to do more FF cosplays this year; there are so many girls I love 🤧 Also, I don't think I had a full body shot of myself as Aranea before?? so now you can see my shoes :')) 🎉 happy Friday y'all!! let's have a good weekend 🤗
PC: @zhoucow 🔥

happy Thursday my dears 💕 how is life going for everyone? What have y'all been up to? I sat down and really planned out my Katsu cosplay (I guess I should put my lineup up soon) and I got working on some patterns that I'll be putting up on my Etsy shop soon! At last 🤧 it's exciting and fun to be working on that 💕
PC: @awesomejaymee

"Darkness is coming. If I were you, I'd watch my princely ass. Uh—'kingly' ass." swipe for a close up!
I WAS SO STOKED to work with such magnificent photogs at ALA let me tell ya- 😭 I always wanted more photos of myself as Aranea but after I initially wore her to Fanime, I didn't want to wear her again unless I remade a lot of her. I agreed to do a group with my cosfam partially to also push myself to remake her, and with @lorentz_iwood 's assistance in digitalizing the patterns I originally made (since I kept them) + using our laser cutter, I was able to crunch her out the two days before ALA 💀 She's a pain to wear but it was easier this time with some modifications; I hope to wear her again and minimize the suffering even more 🙃 thank you SO MUCH to @charleslanphotography for taking this Incredible shot 😭🙏🏻

As I wait for photos back from ALA, I was blessed by another photo from our FFVII project back in September!! I want to frame this LOL I love this 🤧😭💕 Coming home is nice but I always miss hanging out with people! Most of this squad will be reunited at KatsuCon at least, our next con~
PC: @awesomejaymee
Barret: @hunky_bananas
Aeris: @cheercos
Cloud: @lorentz_iwood
Tifa is yours truly!

last day of ALA 😢 NK Cell with some RBCs! say hi and let's take lots of selfies because I couldn't do it yesterday with all my armor 🤧 also I forgot grey contacts sjdhsjs so I'm brown eyed NK :')

gOD it's been two years since I wore Aranea hello suffering :') say hi if u see me tho I wanna see all y'all ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ shout out to @lorentz_iwood and @komacosplay being troopers and helping me get in this beast

Heading out as Kairi for a couple hours today 💕 I have everything this time hehehe :')) excited to see everyone for the meet & greet from 2-4p! come say hiiii ❤️ I'll be Ochako for it!

We're going to be on our way to ALA shortly 🎉 Excited to see what the weekend holds! Including the reunion of most of our KH group tomorrow 💕 KH3 is being released in just a couple weeks now 💀💀💀 where did the time go??? PC: @dchocoa.wav

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