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Stephanie S. Jolly  Grace-filled Living. ✨Lifestyle Blogger. Wife to @nealjolly & business owner: @forsuchatimeshop

Went @mariekondo on our condo and it feels so good 🙌🌿 Sharing my top organization tips, hacks and solutions in a new blog post that just went live (link in bio). We really try to keep it purposeful, functional and useful. If it doesn’t serve you or bring you joy you don’t need it! It’s easier to breathe, think, create and add when you leave some margin for yourself. Similar to our lives - the more we will fit up with stuff, engagements & commitments it gets hard to breathe and feel light.✨ So, QUESTION: How often do you edit your life and belongs? Once a quarter? Monthly? I’d love to know! 👇

Details linked here: #LTKhome #shelfstyling #mariekondomethod #organizationtips

Two things making my Monday better ✨ 1. My @fabfitfun box arrived #fabfitfunpartner to pamper myself up & 2. We’re cooking butter chicken 😋 having some vino and watching The Bachelor🌹Get 40% Off your box with code: STEPHANIE (see my stories for an unboxing) 🎉 Can’t wait to get my exfoliation on from Kate Somerville, pop on some eye masks and treat myself to more goodies in this amazing Editor’s Box. They are supporting The Kindness Factory which promotes acts of kindness in the community 🙌 All about those things!! How are you self-caring tonight? Comment below! 😘 Xoxo #fabfitfun #selfcaretip #bachelormonday #eveningroutine #mondayjustgotbetter

Brought in some new vibes for 2019 🌿 Showing more condo updates over on today for my takeover! If you love neutrals, cozy and need some tips for a small space, I got you!! What colour scheme is your home? Comment below! 👇🤗✨ Shop my living room by following me in the app: ‘stephsterjovski’ #liketkit #LTKhome #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #cozyhome #smallspaces #gracefilledliving #homerefresh

My word for 2019 was trust. When you battle with anxiety/mental health, you know just how hard applying that word can be. I intentionally put it there in front of me this year because I knew I needed to exercise this muscle more than ever for the seasons we’ll be walking in to. I can’t operate my faith, nurture my wellness or receive the peace thats there for me in all of its fullness, if I don’t let go of the control and trust. It’s about being present in the here and now, when anxiety wants you living in the past or worrying about the future. That’s the thing it never wants you being present. I’ve heard so many of you tell me what holds you back and a lot of you, like me, have a personal walk with anxiety, and I know (dealing with this myself) a lot of it comes from a lack of trust. Trusting the process, trusting yourself, trusting people - it’s hard. It’s probably something I’ll have to work on for the rest of my life, but the more I trust God, learn His word, know that He sees me and that I can cast all of my anxieties on Him because He cares for me, there’s comfort in that. I’m not where I used to be, and I don’t want to be. I’m grateful for that, and gratitude is what can really interrupt anxiety. He is already redeeming the story. There’s something there that makes me want to hand over that trust to the One who knows all of the hairs on my head, formed me in my mother’s womb, set me apart and knew me even before I was born, fights until I am found, goes in my place for my wrongs and has a good plan ahead. I hope that brings you some comfort today, because you are loved this way too. You can lift up all of those doubts and worries, knowing peace will come down. ❤️ 1 Peter 5:7 ✨ Details: #liketkit #happysundays #nottodayanxiety #forsuchatimeasthis #livefully

Is there anything better than starting the new year off on a clean slate? I’m constantly purging and editing my space to create some margin & peace of mind. Tag a friend who loves organizing (or could use some inspo) in the comments below! I have a bunch of organizing posts on my blog under the “interior” tab: closet/office tour and our kitchen pantry organization tips. If you’d like to see more, let me know which area you need help with organizing next! It’ll give me the push to clean up as well 😜 Love hearing from you! (Ps. On that note, thank you so much to everyone who left thoughtful, detailed comments on my last Instagram post - can’t wait to share what we’re working on to serve better and help encourage you) ✨

Shop my closet + organization solutions in the app: Closet Organization Systems ✨ #liketkit #LTKhome #closetorganization

Advice Needed 🖤 “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.” Took a few days (that’s a lot of minutes) to do just that and worked on our vision for 2019 with @nealjolly and some inspiring creatives in California this week. Man, I was so humbled by the stories and knowledge that was shared with me in a short number of days. I’ve always felt responsible to use this corner of the internet I have been given to bring more peace and grace into this space. I love sharing different things, but mostly love sharing my heart to help others, so i’d really love your advice here:

When it comes to personal growth, what’s been your biggest challenge? What’s been holding you back from starting something (it can be anything from starting a business, maybe a blog or a routine). I get so many questions across the spectrum - what’s the challenge for you? Feel free to go into detail (you can DM me if it’s too personal) 😊

This year, we want to be even more intentional with the content we put out to serve you. I always want to be a resource, so if you could give me some insight on the above question, I can’t wait to step in to what we’ll be sharing next to encourage you ❤️ Thankful for this space. Love you all so much. Xoxo #forsuchatimeasthis #gracefilledlife #purposefulliving | Wearing @ssprintshop

Starting the new year with a cold? No bueno! Sharing 9 tips on how I boost my immune system to stay healthy during the winter (and all year long, really) on the blog today - link in bio 🌱 (hint: they’re all natural & most of them are even free!) 💁‍♀️>🤧 Tag a friend who might be sick in the comments below so they don’t miss this post! #wellnesstips #naturalremedies #immunesystembooster #healthynewyear .
Shop the post here: APP #liketkit #LTKhome #outfitoftoday #uoonyou

“A synonym for happy is contentment.
Most of us have good in our life (not at all times and not everyone).
You are content when you realize all that is good, is a gift, not a right.
This dramatically increases your ability to enjoy life and be happy.
We’re happy when we’re content.
When ordinary life is enough.
When our apartment is enough.
When our body is enough.
When our status is enough.
— As long as your happiness is dependent on getting what you want, you will rarely be happy because so many of our desires go unfulfilled.”
- John Mark Comer

So when you believe that someone else’s life, body, home etc. “looks better” than your own, think about these words:
Gratitude turns what we HAVE into ENOUGH.
The world is constantly telling you, you need more earthly trophies. Just a little bit more. That game never ends. It’ll never be enough and it will never bring happiness or contentment. That’s the thing, you’re never fulfilled if you still need more. I’m not saying don’t dream or make healthy changes or feel inspired/have a vision for your life - I’m saying when the world, or *new year mantras* keep telling us we need to be or have more, we should reply back with this in our spirits: I don’t need more. I was made for more:
More kindness.
More gratitude.
More giving.
More love.
You are loved and seen as you are. Let that liberate you 🙌 You are enough. You were created for such a time as this. ✨ I found my happiness and contentment when I truly understood gratitude. The Lord is my Shepard, He gives me everything I need. Psalm 23 | Happy New Year!

My first blogpost just went live and it’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been. Link in bio to read. #forsuchatimeasthis #newyearthoughts #gratitudeiseverything

Tis the season for all the things that twinkle, glitter, and sparkle ✨ Found my entire look and decor for our next party at @NordstromRackCanada 💫 and these are perfect for a NYE spent at home! Are you planning to stay in or go out this New Year's? #nordstromrack #rackpack #nyeparty #newyearsoutfit #partydecor #teamjollyholiday #ad

In these last days of December you might be feeling worn out and weary because you didn’t reach those goals you set out to accomplish or maybe you’re still searching for your purpose. Either way, you don’t need a new year or a “month” for a fresh start. It can be right now.

We’re all looking to fill our lives with meaning, and some of us may even attach what we do, have or certain numbers (like money, followers etc.) to our value and self-worth, but you are not a machine, you are a soul.
Where you were placed, when you were born, the people in your life - those are no mistake. You were born for such a time as this, to make a difference in your generation and by grace, through faith, you’ll receive courage and favour to do what you were placed here for. It looks different for everyone.
We launched our clothing label called ‘For Such a Time as This’ on @ssprintshop this year, inspired by the book of Esther and it’s really meant to be a movement to encourage men and women to step in to what they are called to for this generation. I pray your purpose will be revealed to you, because you are more than your career, numbers and to-do list, you are more than your past, your hurts and fears. You were made for more and this is your time.
This sweater & more is currently on sale for 20% off on our shop with code: “YOURTIME” for the next 24 hours only. View more at / @ssprintshop#forsuchatimeasthis #2019goals #bedeeplyrooted #pursuitcommunity #gracemakers #gritandvirtue #faithoverfear #purposefulliving #shereadstruth
📸: @nealjolly

I don’t know what you are walking through or what you’re carrying this Christmas. Maybe it’s deep hurt, pain, suffering, sickness or sadness. Maybe it’s none of those at all but you still feel lost. I do know this:
Jesus tears down walls, takes up your cross, dies for your sin and fights until you are found to have a relationship with you. That’s why He came on our earth. We don’t have to climb any ladder, perform or do a set of acts to get to Him or earn His love, He came down and took on flesh to be with us. That’s the heart of God. When everyone else is done with you, He says, “I want that one.” He was born, so He could die, and be raised again to give us, life. “And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

I know this: You are loved and fully seen. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and all peace. Merry Christmas! We love you all so much! xo The Jolly’s #princeofheaven #hopeoftheworld #godwithus #emmanuel #shalom #glorytoGod

Smiling because peace is a promise He keeps. Christmas isn’t perfect for anyone, but you can let your hearts rest in gratitude. Happiness is a fleeting emotion, but Joy is when you make peace with who you and others are. My joy is Jesus, He is the greatest gift, and all I have to get ready for Christmas is my heart. 🎄❤️✨ #myshalom #annvoskamp #christmaseve2018 #princeofpeace #joyoflife #powerofgratitude #hopeoftheworld #thegreatestgift

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