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Stephanie George  💃🏻Aries Afro Latina 🇸🇻 • Mommy Instablogger 👶🏽 • I love the art of lunchmaking 🥪 for business inquires email:

Thank you so much to @omielifeinc 😍 now I’m able to pack hot lunch with fruit and not worry about to fruit getting hot or the soup getting cold. It’s amazing!!! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when he gets home from school today ❤️

Ladies and gentleman this is my uncle @i_go_by_lupe ❤️ I’m so proud of him, I’m in tears. Kind of amazing to see my family history and see what my family went through to get here from El Salvador during the civil war @whitneymuseum
WATCH: Whitney curator @marcelacguerrero and artist #GuadalupeMaravilla discuss his work on view in #PachaLlaqtaWasichay, which was created by playing the popular Salvadoran game Tripa Chuca. Want to hear more from the artists in #PachaLlaqtaWasichay? Join us Sunday at 4:30 pm for Thinking Through Space, a panel moderated by @marcelacguerrero! [📹 by @orestionline]

Jumpsuit I wore yesterday at the Lauren hill , Dave chappelle and de la soul concert last night at Hollywood bowl is from @bronsonboutique

Lunch was so simple today, I had a long night running around town hanging out with all my fun friends ❤️❤️❤️ I had to get creative to make it look all fancy but it’s pretty simple, you don’t need much to make a bento look good. Just a couple of stencils and compartments 😍 happy lunch everyone, I’m so sleepy 😴

Just a recap of today’s lunch.

Sorry about the pinwheels unraveling, I don’t want to send him to school with eating picks yet since he’s still young but I was feeling a little festive today since he ate all his food yesterday aside from a couple of leftover carrots. Today I made him little octopus 🐙 hot dogs, 🍒 cherry jello with sliced peaches (he told me he loves peaches), 🍐 a sliced apple-pear I know it sounds weird but it taste like both! (Getting him to try new fruits through the bento box), mangos and cream yogurt, bologna and cheese pinwheels (made with flattened sliced bread instead of a tortilla today), and a little sweetness from blueberry chex cereal 🥣 for everyone asking me if he eats all his food, he eats about half or a little more than half at school, I always put two ice packs to keep it cold and eats the rest as a snack. As long as it’s kept cold or hot depending on what it is you have it’s good to eat, we can go places after school and he have his bento ready to snack on. It eventually gets eaten unless he destroys it or mixes everything up. Anyways I’ve got a fun day ahead of me, happy Tuesday everyone!! Positive vibes and love to everyone, it’s so pretty and sunny outside 😘

Rushed out of bed today since my alarm didn’t wake me up 😅 when lunch is this simple, the stencils are the “main event” so easy to use you will be so surprised and your little one will be happy too. I found almost everything on amazon or in @daiso_usa a Japanese dollar store, they have so many cute things that are good quality for lunch-making I went crazy and got every stencil they had. I like to balance it out with him and it’s so easy to portion control it with all the different food groups. Anyways, I need to go clean my kitchen that I destroyed in this whole lunch making process 😩 happy Monday everyone it is a sunny hot morning in California today ☀️

Just a remix on a classic ❤️

🍝🍽 Happy Sunday everyone 🤗 I was craving pasta all day yesterday and decided to make spaghetti alla vongole. It’s super simple and so filling, it gives you a nice seafood taste without over powering it. Butter is not traditional in this dish but somehow the creamy hints of a big chunk give it a little added flavor with that white wine and also the more red pepper flakes you add the spiced it will be! If your serving it for children only add a little and if you want more heat just sprinkle some on top of your own bowl😋 I hope you guys love it as much as I do, if your making it for a date make sure they are not allergic to shellfish, or else you guys will be taking that long romantic ride to the ER. Anyways this dish is so yummy and even yummier once you get to dip a piece of crusty bread in that sauce! I hope you guys like this video, I’ll probably be making more of them for you to enjoy 😍😍😍 #spagettiallavongole if this dish inspires you don’t hesitate to tag me #stgeorge

🥪 Some lunchtime inspo, is it weird to be planning out his meals on a Saturday? 🤣 I’m thinking of making him fried noodles for Monday 😍 @yackikuka is one of my favs!

Today for lunch we are having some dinosaur 🦕 chicken nuggets 😍 happy Friday everyone, today we are keeping it simple ❤️💕

Always been here for it and always will. It’s your body and your temple, your rights. Happy Friday ❤️

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