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Stephanie Ramirez  i love my dogs more than i love people so expect to see a lot of them

Its national brothers day but Oliver thought i meant national lovers day..either way it works..

I thought love was only true in fairytales

Tonight an old asian lady showered me and if im being honest i wish an old asian lady would shower me every day

He was such a good boy today 😍

Michael phelps in the house

Happy mothers day to my favorite human being. I hope im never a mother but if i ever am i hope im even close to how amazing she is. ❤

Felt the need to post this. I found this beautiful pup being shooed off this mans front porch. I stopped to see if he had a collar. To my surprise he did have a collar but it was so tight that it had cut through his skin. It was so infected that he had maggots around his neck and reeked from the infection. Luckily i found a rescue shelter and i took him to the vet to get treated. It absolutely breaks my heart that a creature who will give you nothing but unconditional love can get treated so unfairly. I hope whatever disgusting human did this to him gets what they deserve. Love your pets guys, innocent animals dont deserve this or any kind of mistreatment. 😔

When you spend all day every day with some one but you still miss them the second they're not with you anymore :(


Are we skinny yet?

Super embarrassing my brother by giving him kisses and forcing him to take pictures in front of his friends. But he's leaving to science camp and i'll miss him ☹️❤

I love the fact that my dog doesnt understand the fact that he's incredibly heavy. And by love i mean hate #iliveforslobberykisses

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