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Are you catching the spring cleaning bug? 🐛 have you ever thought about spring cleaning the toxic cleaners you use in your home and replacing them with natural, chemical free cleaners? As a mom of two, this has become one of my biggest priorities. Making sure that I'm providing a safe, chemical free home for my babes. And I want you to be able to do the same. So, if you order your starter kit by Saturday, I will give you a free bottle of Thieves cleaner to start tackling that spring cleaning list!! Let clean out those cleaners while cleaning up our home!

That moment when you finish your run and look up to see a silver lining. "Don& #39;t be afraid. Just have faith" -Luke 8:50

Had a few minutes to kill before picking up Logan from school so out for a fast stroller 3 mile run!

Did you know that dryer sheets are probably the most toxic thing in your home? And it's something we don't even think twice about using. The price we're paying (literally and healthfully) to remove static and have fresh smelling clothes is breathtaking. 😷BUT you can change all that with dryer balls! Who doesn't like a good set of balls!?! The dryer ball set already comes with a bottle of lavender, but from now until March 31 you can get a FREE bottle of lemongrass included 🌾

so here my end of March gift to you...if you purchase your starter kit today or tomorrow I will gift you this dryer ball set!! Yes, I said it, FREE BALLS! 🌾 So if you want to take hold of your health and wellness comment below saying "I want balls" . If you're already using and loving dryer balls say "I& #39;ve got balls" and if you're just ready to order the dryer ball set say "I& #39;m getting balls"

Women---balls are no longer for men!

Even when I'm working out I'm in mom multitasking mode. A lot of us mommies have a hard time finding "more time" to do things like read books, connect with God, grow in self development, and tap in to ourselves. These are some of the most important things to our happiness and balance as mommies, but we put it on the back burner because we're so busy taking care of everyone else. I've decided for me, that has to change. Even if that means I've got my HIIT workout playing on my phone, and my laptop open, listening to a podcast or an audio book or worship songs or a you tube video with momtreprenuers. I don't need "more time" I just need to use my time. So yes, while I work out, and have two crazy monkey babies running around in the living room, I am committing that moment to exercising my body and my mind, and filling up my soul. You just have to make it work with whatcha got!

Living the life. Moana and Easter eggs. This little one has been throwing me for a loop. She's waking up three times in the night now 😩and just wanting to nurse and sleep in my arms. As tired as I am, I'm welcoming these little moments because I know to soon our snuggle time will dwindle. But seriously, this chicky is showing no signs of weaning and I feel like I just may be nursing her

Oh let me count the ways (that we use lavender) 🌿Logan has been waking up with growing pains, so we use lavender to help him relax 🌿it's a must in our bedtime diffuser blend, to help little wiggly bodies calm down and fall asleep 🌿a few drops in my daily laundry dryer cycle 🌿with our doors and windows open, that spring air is stirring up the allergies, so we diffuse it with peppermint and lemon to give us some allergy clarity 🌿 my clumsy mom hands that can't seem to stay off the hot stove love a drop on those burns 🌿this oil isn't called the "Swiss army knife" for nothing!

When the couch covers get washed the living room turns in to a jungle gym

On Saturday night, we kite 🗾

You guys. This book. ❤️I've probably highlighted and circled and flagged the entire thing. I want to Live Loved. I want to be an Agent of Grace. I want to be For Giving. I want to feel set apart not set aside. ❤️ my path is unfolding more with each moment I relish in God and His plan. I can't get over the strength this book has brought me.

Trying to get it in my head that a marathon is possible --- slowly building up.

I usually do a big ole salad for lunch, but this was a really good way to switch things up a little.

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