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You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!✨
Ever feel like you're constantly ready to start? But when you're about to commit, you back out?? What if I told you I had a new group that would be perfect for you?! Seven days, 30 minute workouts (for ANY fitness level!), meal plans, TONS of recipes, my superfoods, ME as your coach (for life!), and the support, motivation, and accountability that you NEED to be successful!
Could you commit to seven days?? Could you make it a week, before you make it a lifestyle?? I bet you could! Drop your fave emoji below (or DM me!) for more details!😘

Lazy girl's tip to food: Make enough dinner to use for leftovers! Crockpot BBQ chicken last night for dinner turned into a BBQ chicken salad for lunch today! Easy peasy!

Love at first bite!🦇🎃👻

"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing!" ~ Walt Disney
Today marks DAY ONE for my newest support & accountability group! They spent last week learning how to incorporate daily workouts & clean eating into their lifestyle & today is their DAY ONE! Today, they hit the ground running on THEIR journey! And I am right there by their side, because I need the support, motivation, and accountability just as much as they do (if not more!!!)!
Today is your last day to join this group! Today is your day to START DOING along side this group of amazing women! What are YOU waiting for? DM for more details😘 #dayoneoroneday

Super thankful for this guy! If it weren't for @carldaikeler I would have never met some of these ladies or have the relationship with them that I do now. I wouldn't be as healthy or happy as I am now. I wouldn't be encouraged to better myself. I wouldn't have found a passion for helping & empowering other women. I wouldn't have been able to build up a second savings account. I wouldn't have found the ultimate accountability for MY journey. I wouldn't have found something to do during my spare time that excites me (besides watching reality TV!).
Are you ready to join us? To change your life, too?? If you've ever even thought about doing what I do, what WE do as a team, hit me up! All you have to do is have an interest in health & fitness, be willing to learn, and be willing to share your journey! It really is as simple as that!❤️

100% obsessed with her tongue lately, except if it comes to trying to eat food. No interest. Who's kid is this?!

Thankful for this girl! We don't talk often. We see each other even less. But nothing changes. ❤️ She's off, back to Portland and I'm back to my mom roll (hoping all 3 girls nap!) and to nurse my hangover!

Embrace your body...it's the most amazing thing you'll ever own! ❤️ To say I love my body all the time would be lying. Am I proud of what it's accomplished in 37.5 years? Heck ya! That doesn't mean that I don't have days where I pick myself apart or don't love what I see in the mirror. My journey has taught me to focus more on the good, then the bad. To embrace what I can do, versus what I can't. To love myself now, even if I'm still working towards my goals. To try and Barre those negative thoughts & speak kindly to myself. And SO much more! It isn't about being perfect. It's about loving yourself every step of the way!😘 #raiseyourbarre

Wine flies when you're having fun!🍷❤️

My BOOtiful baby girl!
(She was all smiles because she had 💩 allllllll the way up her back!)

Soccer Saturday!! Their team definitely won't be winning any trophies this year, but proud to see my girl improving a little! Like kicking the ball a few times in between picking grass and running around in circles... 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️⚽️

Sleepover! Just like the good ol' days! ❤️

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