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Steph Rich Cosplay💕  Life's a beach and then you drive⚡️ Cosplayer✌️ Disneybounder 🏰 Part-time Princess 👑 Model/MUA💄 Wanna shoot? Just send a DM


So @crylo.gwen tagged me to do a cosplay side by side FOREVER AGO and I've been so busy with our new princess company(@enchantedfairytalesca😘) and my new job I haven't had the time to post! Here's an old @burnbadart side by side❤️🖤
I really miss Harley and would love to bring back this version and shoot her in my newer wig 🤗
I dunno who's done this yet so I'm just tagging the first people that come to mind!

📸: @j.a.g.cons.photography
🖋: @burnbadart

Thankful for many aspects of my life but I'm especially thankful for this one💕

"Violence is usually the answer"🐷⛓💀
Finally allowing myself to think about winter Sacanime! Since @menacemade is coming back and I didn't get to meet him last time, I definitely want to bring Roadhog back but I also don't want to freeze my butt off 🤔 Suggestions to warm this cosplay up but still keep the general design?

📸: @paperhackart

Happy 28th to the princess that really made me fall in love with Disney❤️ With the combination of music by @alanmenken and @jodi.benson's voice, plus an amazing, relatable story about a girl who feels like she doesn't belong, Ariel quickly became my princess 👑

📸: @colormephotography

Sending out a #wcw to the lovely @kgirlonfire💜💙
I love how close we've gotten this past year and don't know what I'd do without them💕
Scroll through to see the cutest @bluewallpics I've ever taken thanks to my inability to be serious around @kgirlonfire and @michaelkurnett 🙈

📸: my dole whip🍍@michaelkurnett

The clock has finally struck midnight on another magical @dapperday🕰✨
I got to meet so many people that inspire me on a daily bases and I got to spend the day with my people 💕 So when is Spring? 😅

📸: my dole whip @michaelkurnett🍍

Princesses doing @dapperday right and taking inspiration from the dapper kings themselves, the Dapper Dans! 💛💜💚💙❤️

We found the most amazing view of the city today🏙✨
So excited for Dapper Day tomorrow🤗 Who will I be seeing there?!

📸: @michaelkurnett💕

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the one who kisses me in front of castles, doesn't complain too much when I pick complicated cosplays, and forever my #1 Disneybound partner❤️ It's safe to say I have definitely found my person😘 It has been the most amazing two years of my life and I am so excited to celebrate this weekend in our place✨

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻
This year @michaelkurnett and I dressed up as genderbent Ron and Hermione❤️💛 If you know us irl, you realize how perfect these costumes are for us✨ These costumes would not have happened without him. He literally waited at his door for amazon to deliver these for us and ran over to the party with ties and wands in hand. I love my walking Wikipedia so much 😘
Also: Fun fact! Ron and I have the same birthday 🎉

📸: Bojack Horseman(@paperhackart)

"Ein, you're a cow-woof-woof!"🐶🐮

📸: @agentpg33ktography
💇: @kgirlonfire

Had the most amazing time celebrating Princess Audrey's 3rd birthday today. We got to decorate pumpkins, play a silly game with donuts on a string and have some delicious cake and ice cream 🤗 Truly a magical day for all✨💕

📸: @pyrrhic.cos
(Princess's face blocked for privacy but I wish you could see the amazing smile she has💕)

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