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Steph Moon  Wife. Momma to 3 littles. Artist. Sinner saved by grace just clinging to the cross. Essential Oils & wellness educator.

Hoooo boy. I tried to take a nap during nap time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© but the girls rebelled against any semblance of an actual nap. Now I'm grumpy and struggling to be kind, so I've put myself in time-out in my office with Stress Away in the diffuser and ink + paper. I feel better already! β€’ πŸ“Permission Slip: put yourself in time-out for a few minutes and do something to quickly recharge. You'll be a better mom/dad/human for it! #selfcare

He's home! And totally fine, all things considered. He had a blast at camp and is already looking forward to next year. Continued prayers against infections are appreciated.❀️

Pray for Silas - he cut his hand at camp and is in the ER getting stitches. He's ok, just bummed to be dealing with this. And Justin and I aren't there with him, so I'm sad about that. Thank you!

We just put this kid on a bus headed to @sharptopcove for his first overnight camp! SharpTop is dear to my heart and I have lots of YoungLife memories from there - excited for him to be experience the magic of this camp on a mountain. He's most excited about the giant cookie at dinner. Ha!

The kids decided to celebrate Mother's Day today since we couldn't do it on Sunday. So, I got an afternoon bath while they cooked dinner. I had instructions to "wear a dress" the the Moons' Restaurant .πŸ˜‚ The service and meal were excellent! Steak, Twice Baked Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, and cheesecake. πŸ˜‹β€οΈ

I caught the girls teaching an Oils class πŸ˜‚ Check out my Stories to learn from them! This cracks me up - they've been watching me. I asked who they were teaching and she said, "just all our friends and everyone in your phone." She means Facebook. Lol

Yesterday this little tomato plant was as good as dead. Completely limp and dry, hanging over the side of the pot. It hadn't been watered in 3 days. I watered it, at the urging of Evie, and then a little bit later I noticed she had put it in the middle of our bird bath that I had just filled. β€’ This morning, that seemingly dead plant had new life. You would never know that just yesterday it looked hopeless. It's amazing what a little water can do. β€’ I can't stop thinking about it today - how the life gets sucked right out of me if I spend even 3 days disconnected from the Living Water. No, I don't look physically dead...but things start withering on my inside. Fears creep in, and suddenly maybe God isn't as good as He says He is. That's usually the first sign that I need to stop moving and be filled up with the Word - I start thinking that my significance, security, and peace are up TO me instead of remembering that all of that has already be done FOR me. I forget that He is good. It's why I say it out loud so often like a broken record - He is good, He is good, He is good - because I need the reminder, and maybe you do too. β€’ Your day is probably as full as mine, but let's stop for a bit and reconnect with our Life Giver. Because He's good, and wants to fill us up.

When your kid's Field Day has sno-cones... πŸ˜‹

On the road again, with lots on my mind. This life is a vapor, a mist. I want to live it well. I want to leave every place and every person better than I found it. I want to constantly be adding value to people and be a speaker of life who stirs up hope. I want to drag Jesus into everyday conversations (name that movie). πŸ˜ƒβ€’ Life is a little crazy right now, and I feel out of control (it's an illusion anyway) of so many things. Learning to hold all things with open hands and to remember that the One who is in control is GOOD, so I can rest easy.

I didn't get to post anything yesterday because of funeral stuff, but this here is my Momma, and she's the best. ❀️ Happy Mother's Day, @cindydowden !

Always an adventure at Mamay & Pops' house! She jumped over this fella before she saw it. And Pops is in the doghouse for killing it.πŸ˜‚

Ridin' with Pops 😍

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