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Steph Moon  Wife. Momma to 3 littles. Artist. Sinner saved by grace just clinging to the cross. Essential Oils & wellness educator.

Happy Earth Day! Man. God, through His creation, gives us so much goodness! The little bottles of oil I'm always talking about are such a GIFT.

I've got a gift for you today when you get your Premium Starter Kit!
Locals- 2 lucky people could have their kit in hand TODAY! When those are gone of course you can still get one you'll just have to wait for shipping.

Details in comments!

Heyoo! My post last night got some people thinking, and some of you are ready to stop wondering about oils and just get started! Swipe right to see the options for getting oils into your home. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit forever and ever amen. Best bang for your buck, and has the oils that you'll return to over and over. If you need an excuse: tax refund, Mother's Day, Earth Day, good day, bad day, every day. 😂Link to order in profile! Or DM me.

😂😂 Truth. I hear all the time, "I've got to research oils more before I can use them. I've heard they're dangerous." But no one stops to research the harm they are doing to their bodies when they consume 76g of sugar in one sitting...or grab another Diet Coke or dye-filled sports drink. Research, yes, but stop being "afraid" of plants and put your fear where it is warranted. #processedfoods #sugar #dietdrinks #eatrealfood #plants #unicornfrappuccino

Here's the *almost* finished mudroom! I want to get baskets for the cubbies - these are just what we had laying around. I was super happy to find those little pillows in the @target Dollar Spot yesterday! What do you think about how it turned out? •••• P.S. It is impossible to take this picture at a decent angle because WALLS.

My dad and I built a bench and shelving for our mudroom! Proud to say there was no yelling and all appendages remain intact. 😜The paint is currently drying and then I'll share the *mostly* finished product.

Daddy and Pops hung up our swing and these 2 have spent a lot of time in it.😍

Isla's PSA: The dye from the egg coloring kit does NOT taste like a SweetTart. 🤢 • Got to talk to our friends at Poison Control for the first time since we went non-toxic in our home over a year ago. I don't miss having to lock up our cleaners! #notblood #everythingisstained

I think @kidsaretheworst has been spying on me. 🙋🏻 if you can relate. Tell me about the worst (or most recent) mess your kids have made. I'll go first: Silas snuck into my studio when he was 3 and found my box of acrylic paint and proceeded to open every bottle and paint the carpet and furniture in 2 rooms and his entire naked body. 🙈


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Keep in the tub/shower and use every couple days for smooth, bright skin.

Coconut Lime Body Scrub
- 1 cup unrefined coconut oil
- 1-2 cups white sugar (or more if needed)
- 1/2 cup Dr. Bronner’s unscented Castile soap
- 6-7 drops lime essential oil
- jar

Peppermint Lavender Body Scrub
1 cup unrefined or refine coconut oil
1-2 cups white sugar (or more if needed)
1/2 cup Dr. Bronner’s unscented Castile soap
5 drops each Peppermint and Lavender

I also like to keep a small jar of scrub by the kitchen sink for my hands - especially when I have handled raw meat and just want an extra scrub to make sure they are clean. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap followed by this scrub is A+. :-)

Storms all around us today so we're hunkered down watching all the movies and *finally* napping. The whine was strong with that one all morning. I want to take a bath and watch the storm through my big tub window but I know as soon as I do there will be a Tornado Warning and I'll have to run out and get everyone under the stairs and I'd prefer not to do that soaking wet and in a towel. Ha.

•You can't be a mover and a shaker if you're standing still.• There are millions of would-be entrepreneurs on the planet with tons of creative, bright, innovative ideas, but most of these never make it to market, and do you know why? TOO MUCH THINKING AND NOT ENOUGH DOING. Too much worry and not enough action. Success goes to those who like to practice, to the people who just keep going, keep failing, keep studying - it all adds up. It's about doing the work. Action beats worry. Actions beats thinking. Action always wins. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Resolutely Difficult Advice by @jamesvictore via Entrepreneur Magazine.

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