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Stephanie 🍻✈️  Hey girl, hey. Mama to four 💁🏻💁🏼💁🏻‍♂️👶🏻 Wife to @beerandloathing Content Strategy @ioninteractive Contributor @HuffPo 🌸☀️🚴🏻‍♀️🍻🖥

The world doesn't seem so divided when you look at it from this angle...

I am currently in the process of weaning Tavi, after nearly two years of exclusive breastfeeding. As a parent, I almost always give credit to my children for a lot of their accomplishments, even if I had a part in getting them there. When they were successfully potty trained, all high-fives went to them. When they get impressive grades, they receive congratulations for their hard work.
But, for this, this long journey of breastfeeding for nearly two years? I am giving all of this glory to myself. Two years is a long time to commit to breastfeeding. It means that you will still have a child who is physically dependent on you and while it's beautiful and lovely and a bonding experience, it is also painful (physically and at times emotionally). But, I did it! I nursed her while rowing in a canoe, on a plane while sitting between two strangers (who didn't say anything or didn't notice, who knows for sure), and while working a full-time job. I did it, and now, it is over.
Mom's rock.

Howdy, Home! #florida

Kody and I. Two different cities, three years, two different medians... and some tulips. Once in NYC and once in Chicago.

We bean'd


Rooftop dranks with Kody. @kbetonte


Wrote a little article for HuffPo about finding and making time to nurture my relationship with this guy. Link in bio. ❤️

Chris will be heading back to Swank this Saturday for the Farmers Market! Get some booch from 9 am - 12 pm!

I should have ramen eggs on hand e'yr day. #ramen #ramenlife

Ramen is on point tonight...

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