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Stephanie (Allain) Kandray  Eph 2:8. Wife & mama of 3. Raising small humans to do big things in kind ways. MA->KY->NC. Step 1: ❤️ God. 2: ❤️ your neighbor.

When your besties’ 11 & 9 year olds almost got you on height, you document it and laugh about it and know that next year they will pass you up ❤️😆

The lessons in perspective that my little people teach me on the regular are straight life-giving. 👀 Where I see just a weed, they see the earth producing, a seed transforming, growth processing. 🤔 Where they think just leave it be, I think cut it back, yank it out, or mow it over. 🙂 I’m daily hoping for little people perspective where my oversight and overthinking grow so quickly and without invitation.




I sure do wish I still had the creative writing skills that my 9.5 year old self exhibits here 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

🤷🏻‍♀️ 😬

•You know that deep REST (like after a couple hours in the hotel pool) that is looming around every corner but somehow you can’t figure out how to lean in and make the turn towards? •You know that quiet REST (like after answering five hundred questions and meeting five thousand needs) that is within arms reach but a gauntlet of tiny humans stand between you and it? •You know that unburdening REST (like after you’ve met a project deadline) that is still tangled in webs of did I, should I have, and a sundry of other uncertainties? 😰I’ve yet to find that REST in comfy hotel beds, in moments of solitude, in reports of a job well done. 😅BUT, I’m learning to find that sanctified REST in new mercies after daily sleeps, in loving souls who rejuvenate my weariness with their steadfast presence in my nutty life, and most importantly, in surrendering and yoking and trusting in THE ONE who gives it. 📖Matthew 11:28-30

We survived the Nor’Easter, specifically the part when you can’t send the kids outside to play ⛈😰

•Sometimes an ordinary Thursday becomes extra-ordinary when you work alongside your great-grandma.
•Sometimes education looks like learning about family treasures she’s cleaning and sending back home with you.
•Every time you slow down and you watch and listen to the extra-ordinary happening right in front of you, it is clear that life is meant to be shared amongst generations, in basements and kitchens, on ordinary Thursdays.


Cousins make the best of friends. @karyneaton

So much learning happened today at the Engine 8 firehouse! His Village Co-Op educated the firemen in all matters of chaos and curiosity. Oh, and our kiddos learned some things too 😉.

Limbs and cushions scattered, all in the same wild and haphazard way.
Snacks and precious minutes of time stolen, both stealthily and without permission.
Plastic and fleshly superheroes present, the line between their realities mostly faded.

I’m still kinda new, but is this the boy-mom-life that everyone is talking about? 😆💙 #lukemichael1002

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