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Stephanie Ratcliff  Vancouver singer/songwriter, whistler, and burger expert.

We’re all practiced up and ready to go! See you tomorrow night at @localslounge y’all! @belmont_bar Is hosting for the last time so we’ll try to make it count. Come at 7pm for a beautiful set from @sola_music_soul first!
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Gonna spend some time chatting with @crommunist (and laughing - this guy is pretty funny!) and singing a whole lotta music this Sunday evening at @localslounge . If you're in need of a warm/cold beverage, kind people, and some chill music and conversation to sooth you into the coming week, you should come! (Alternatively, you could stay home and watch This is Us, which is killing me right now because I'm in Season 2 and it’s really sad... yeah, you should definitely come to my show.) Message me for deets!
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I was recently asked what prompted me to pursue music. The truth is, had someone told me six years ago that I would be a musician I wouldn't have believed them. Six years ago "pursuing music" was the last thing I ever thought I'd do, or could do. I was still very much battling depression and still struggling with living. There were times I was so hopeless that all I could do was lie on the floor and weep.
My story is one of death and resurrection, in all sorts of ways.

I received a huge honour from @breakoutwest last week, one that I am still feeling shocked about! As it sinks in, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The things we make, like most things in life, are best done together and sometimes only done together, and this is true about my music. I know without a doubt that without God and my family and friends and community, not only would I have not made any music, I would not have gotten off the floor.

So I'll keep this award on my shelf joyfully, and when I look at it I'll remember all the beautiful people that helped me get back up and that have helped me stay up, and have dreamed with me, cheered me on, worked with me, believed in me, and helped me take my music beyond the places I could take it alone.

What prompted me to pursue music? Hope. Yes, I love doing it and it's incredible satisfying, but that's not why I do it. I do it because somewhere out there is someone on the floor weeping, unable to get up or see light or believe that a new day will come. If my music could reach that person and shine some light until they have strength to rise again, that is enough. You and I - we are not alone.

Thank you for celebrating with me. So many of you have sent such kind messages to me this past week and your support means so much. Thank you for listening to the music I make - to my heart that creaks through in bits and sputters, to my love for stringed instruments and too-many-words-crammed-in lyrics and epic bridges. But mostly, thank you for being my friend and for walking with me in life. When it all goes away, and it will, love remains.

Thank you @pacificsoundradio for such a fun evening! These good folks are working hard to promote Vancouver music and are doing it exceptionally well. Love their vision! Check out their weekly Sunday show from 4-6pm or online.
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Back home and excited to end off an incredible weekend with a double-header tonight: Radio interview from 5pm-6pm with @pacificsoundradio and then a short performance and interview at @beersnug from 6pm-7pm. Free show in a super tiny space; please come if you’re able! 🤗

Canadian Music, y’all! It’s alive and well! @lucafogale @wearehighlove and @thejerrycans all blew me away. Thank you @breakoutwest for putting on such a killer event!

When you win your first award, ever.
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Wow oh wow! Thank you, @breakoutwest and Canadian Western Music Awards and all the people who voted! Really really honoured. @danielklenner we did it!! Congrats to all the winners and nominees - such a beautiful crew of people here!
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#Repost @localslounge with @get_repost
We are excited to announce the twenty-fourth edition of our live music and interview series, featuring the heartstring-tugging sounds of @stephiecliff! Stephanie will bring her achingly beautiful music and side-splitting charm to our stage at @belmont_bar on October 21st.

We're pleased to have @sola_music_soul opening the night with her own indie folk stylings. Tickets are available through the link in our bio. See you then!

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Doing this music thing has taken me to some pretty “fun” places. On Thursday I have the honour of travelling a little closer to home to #kelowna for the #westerncanadianmusicawards and to see if me and my little EP Things Above Ground will do some winnin’! Maybe? Maybe not? Excited to dress up, either way! All the best to the other nominees! .
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First gig since coming back from tour and I am stoooooked! Playing a private party in Port Moody this afternoon. 🤗 Also, musicians out there - I’m tired of carrying guitar and mic stands separately/loosely. How do you pack that kind of stuff? .
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Me and my brother. So happy to have him here for a visit!

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