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20170518 首次煮这道排骨虾蛤面 🍜 用了好多好多的虾壳!熬了一夜的汤头特别香甜可口,不输一些熟食中心小贩的。可是!没有比妈妈的好吃!真想念妈妈煮的美味菜肴!😭

20170512 Virgin clubbing experience in Tucson and on the rooftop! Still a relatively quiet scene but it's better than no laughing & jiggling about!💃🏻

20170510 Copycat DTF pork chop fried rice! 😬

20170426 Had been pushing back this cream puffs project for the longest time and I finally got down to making them! These puffs came out really well (scroll to the left to see the empty cases)! Filled up these puffs w a cream fancier than pastry cream or custard! Gosh! One of my most delicious bakes! 😋

20170425 Fish sliced beehoon because I managed to get fresh pomfret and cod. First time filleting & deboning a whole fish and luckily it wasn't as daunting as I thought it to be. Made the soup from scratch w ikan bilis stock & deepfried leftover pomfret bones. No wastage as every part of the fish was used. The end result was a rich & milky broth. @killtimejack said it tasted like the hawker centre's! 👍🏻

20170418 Throwback to April's homemade glutinous rice.

20170412 Jan is here! x So thankful for this one & proud to call him mine. Our trip to San Diego wouldn't be as kickass without u. Thanks for being the driver, photographer, security guard, bellboy, ATM, friend & lover. 😘

20170412 Jan is here! x After the send off: Once in a blue moon awesome breakfast date because we sleep in whenever the opportunity arises! 😛

20170412 Jan is here! x Jan heads back TX and to S'pore tmr, for real! Dear babe, missed u being around since we hugged goodbye. Awesome possum memories! All those laughters, drinking & food w u! So glad we made this happened! To many more of such adventures in the future! Wait for my return! Meanwhile, have a safe trip back, stay strong and embrace whatever may come your way! Love u! ❤️

20170411 Jan is here! x Hike at Sabino Canyon: Seven Falls! My first hike and I did it w @shityunj! Look at all that vast cacti! Cacti everywhere and honestly, it's the first time I've been so close to them! On our way to Seven Falls, we sighted squirrels & many kinds of floras, crossed few rivers, said hi to oncoming hikers, got lost at some point, took selfies, climbed rocks.. all under the sweltering heat. We were just so glad to reach our destination point where we were welcome by the Seven Falls, a 7 level, cascade of water falling. More importantly, we could finally have our BK breakfast! 😂 We found a spot and soaked our tired feet in the super cold waters. Other hikers were seen climbing up/down the different levels of the waterfall and jumping into the cool waters. Hiking back to the start point, I felt a little under the weather. I guessed I was dehydrated. Luckily BFF was there. She even got me an energy drink when we finally reached the visitor center. Big love! ❤️

20170409 Jan is here! x At the farmer's market for these uni (sea urchins)!!! Caught in the morning and brought alive to the market grounds, hmm.. we sorta sealed their fates. 😅 These babies were superb fresh, creamy & sweet! There were many fancy food stalls and stuff too! Gotta be one of my favourite farmer's market! ✨

20170409 Jan is here! x We saw seals, herds of them! The nearest one we got to was less than 5ft away! 😛

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