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Steph  british film student in Paris. 🌻 exploring, creating & connecting | twenty-one | infj

Just finished my second year of university in Paris. It’s been beautiful and I’m feeling all sorts of shifts taking place. I’ve met some of the most loveliest people this semester and spent time with my few very special loved ones I already knew and experienced so much and so little all at once. Many moments of monotonous minutes but also many monumental memories. I feel I’m glistening more and more into a more unapologetically genuine version myself every day with a clear headspace and a heart full of love and possibilities bursting through my arteries.

Cannes 🌞

Just spent a lovely few days in Cannes for the film festival with @missdaytonabeach & @0liviacook 🌞🎬

You’ll find me here when the skies fill their oceans with sunlight.

My words flow the most freely as the last seconds of the day slowly transition to the next. When half of the city is tucked away and the other half is awakening in the moonlight sparkles. My words come rarely these days but when they do, they explode with glitter and the sky inside my mind begins to fill with the colours of the sunset. I feel I’m changing all the time with the seasons. I’m starting to see the clouds at midnight fading again. I’ll always be changing, evolving, growing. Its my favourite form of
fulfillment; learning and experimenting and connecting. From stagnation and hiding away, I want to bloom. To feel unapologetically myself after feeling so afraid that no one will understand me or think I’m too peculiar. When truth is, when I’m feeling insecure, all I can project is a portrait of fragility, shut off from everything, including myself. For no purpose other than keeping myself safe. But safety is stationary and I’m ready to run into the stars.

From when it snowed here the other week. 🌨

Found a new little cute spot last week with @missdaytonabeach 🌷Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovely people that follow me. While it’s just another day, I hope you’ve all had a day of self love & love for others (and chocolate and cute animals). My multiple dates tonight were Bridget Jones, vegan white chocolate and peppermint tea. My ten year old self might not be cool with seeing this but my eighty year old self is cheering. Here’s to love in all its forms. 🌷

Haven’t posted anything since I’ve been back in Paris but it’s always quite an adjustment coming back to living by myself and the sudden silence between the walls but it’s also so so lovely to be back. I’ve met a few new incredible people that I’m so happy to now have in my life and reconnected with some of the lovely people I already know. 🌻 I came back yesterday from the best three days in Rotterdam for the International Film Festival with the loveliest, funnest, likeminded beans and I’m left feeling overwhelmingly excited to make my own films and be surrounded by creative company.
Just a little quote I found, “You mustn’t live so lightly,
Spin your stories, tell your tales, 
Let them dance across the oceans 
And set the wind upon your sails. 
For every truth found on your travels 
And in the pits of your despair, 
Is a shout into forever 
Of “I existed, and I cared.” #myklvhome

Wildflowers picked on a morning walk and an afternoon of reflecting on endless feelings and frustrations but also manifesting dreams and uplifting my mood watching @realmirandahart one of my favorite people of all people who’s unknowingly helped me in life more than they know🌻 Also, without being too cliche at this time of year, I finally posted something new on my blog of a look back on twenty seventeen. Quite self explanatory! Link in my profile!

Spanish winter sunsets.
I think about time
How it glides within
The skies of my eyes
But I often forget to see
It’s trails

Missing blue skies & sunny strolls. 🌻

I’ve practically been living in two particular cafes at the moment with finals, #monabymylittleparis & @baguettscafe which are definitely by far my favorite cosy little places 🌻

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