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Steph  twenty one // film student 📍Paris exploring, creating & connecting.


My new favorite thing is sitting in this cafe and writing little stories, watching people walk through chapters of their lives and daydreaming away all my anxieties. ☕️

Uploaded a new video on YouTube of collections of little moments from my first week back in Paris! Link in profile or at youtube.com/stephhalexis 🌻 Outfit inspired by the loveliest bean pal @caitlynhasenfratz 🌻

Hiding away from raindrops before rays reappeared. Noises of pavement patters and empty streets after keyholes were turned and minds began to unwind into restful reservoirs of dreams. A short wandering afternoon yesterday with @camila.craig 🌷

Just two little pairs of black boots sat down by the river the other day. Watching swans and people and sparkling water. @caitlynhasenfratz

Coffee and catch ups with @caitlynhasenfratz at @bootcafe ☕️ wandered along cobblestone streets, admired advertised apartments, searched for biscuits and broccoli and then I got caught in the clouds cries but couldn't be happier under my umbrella rushing through the raindrops.

Yesterday I watched the sunlight through the windows change from sea blue skies to bright burning sunlight to hues of golds as the sun fell behind buildings and the clouds danced like grey smoke.

Arrived late on Thursday back to Paris and I couldn't feel happier to be back and moved into my own cute studio apartment. Missing spain and my parents but here it feels like a dream I never have to wake up from. Parisian rooftop views, brightness, greys and pinks and whites and greens and a beautiful space to fill my world with. Met with @greeenies yesterday for the yummiest fluffy vegan croissants who is so so lovely and such a genuine person who deserves so much love! Spent the rest of the day wandering around Paris, getting to know it again, searching for groceries and unpacking my unnecessary amount of suitcases to find three of them still almost full with things I no longer need. But I feel like I am bursting with happiness and energy and things just feel so right.

From my first roll.

Less than a week left in Spain before returning to Paris. Where I'm at right now? Excited and ready. Ready to feel more immersed into a community of connections, more creative, more involved in life and just more me. Being back here has been lovely and relaxing but it does often exhaust me of me and I feel a little trapped. I stare at the skies and gaze at sunsets and seas and feel in awe of the freedoms in the waves and the swallows that fly around me as I walk in close perimeter to my house. The freedoms are all in me and yet sometimes I choose to remain inward in the four walls of my mind and that's okay because its all about learning. Becoming more in tune with my own needs and wants and feeling strong enough to live out my own inner voice telling me to just be and live and feel free and forget about shoulds and perfections and rules and just follow me.

Just posted a new post on my blog titled "Rosy Daydreams" which comprising of a string of words inspired by the feeling of a colours and two collages. "The shades of sunsets and sunrises as the sun warms your skin with its stillness, softly sending you into a rosy daydream." - link in my profile -

The sun tires me out here in Spain, my mind often feels foggy and overworked and I often spend too much time in my room but at the same time, I feel relaxed and content and will return to the sea soon when it calls. Working on creative things and connecting back to myself again. I have so many words and photos I want to share that it's a little overwhelming to put together and I sometimes get so distracted from my passions and fall into a whirlpool of waves but I always find a way out.

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