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Happy Monday guys! Final day to snag the last spot for mini headshot sessions in Dallas. Sept 2nd only. Let's hang and get you a fresh headshot!

Hey Dallas! Need a fresh headshot? Offering headshot mini sessions Sept 2nd ONLY! 2 spots left. Message me for details. I don't do these often so scoop one up and let's hang!

Tag some talented videographers in the Dallas area who have experience with capturing corporate events and quick turn around time! Growing my Dallas crew and have some rad gigs lined up over the next year. Thanks, friends.

If we don’t tell our own story, the sum of life as we’ve known it, who will? And what other stories are worth telling? - @awitnesstolife

It wasn’t until the age of 27 that I realized I was unhappy with the direction my life was taking. I knew I needed to change. The hardest part is just getting started! It requires serious dedication, will power, and a strong desire to be the best you that you can be! The best advice I can give is to not give up on yourself. Your body can achieve anything you desire, it is your mind you must convince. - @amp_ifbbpro BEHIND THE SCENES IN MY STORY. Go check it!

Oh you know...just part of my favorite @slapfish crew. They're doing incredible things!

We started @btcrevolutions to create a company where people could be exactly who they are (unapologetically authentic), live better work lives, and apply their talents to meaningful change. Our movements are to ‘be the change’ we wish to see in the marketing space, work/lifestyle space, and the world. We’re the agency and workplace of the future. - @amandahite

Most of you are aware of my love for storytelling. The purpose of me photographing Nike Women’s Marathon was to capture reactions. To deliver images that had emotion. This was the first year that #Nike was implementing jumbotrons into the marathons in the United States. These Jumbotrons would be synced with the timing mats that each runner would cross over along their race. The timing mat would register their RFID chip in their bib and trigger the jumbtron to display a personalize encouraging message. Can you imagine after having no energy and feeling like you want to give up…you’re at mile 21 and your name pops up? This is brilliant and it’s safe to say that the reactions were priceless. Link in bio to the video/photos I snapped.

It's so important to capture the emotion from your events. This is how people connect when first visiting your site or social platforms. They want to see what they're in for. The vibe. The experience. If you don't have the story of your event properly're missing out on some great opportunities. Also, Eggo waffle banners are life and Kellogg's knows how to put on a legit event. 👍🏼

One of my favorite things is getting to photograph people in their element. I fly in, spend the day at their space and in their neighborhood...adventuring, hearing their stories and snapping photos along the way. This is what people want to see. Stiff headshots are out. They want personality & to be able to relate to you and connect with your brand. Let's work together.

Kris lookin all sorts of slick. 🌴

The most dapper.

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