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Writing a story about phones. Here's the first iPhone from 2007. No reason to post this, I just thought it was a hoot. For the children among you, SMS was text messaging.

Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, takes a break to refill her bile ducts and the anger organ that serves as her heart.

Fell asleep reading Gary Larson cartoons and was apparently possessed by my dog while in a highly suggestible state. Found this note when I woke up.

Molly, aka the Thing of Evil: "Yeah, okay, I'm dirty. And wet. Big damn deal. Because that Frisbee is dead, do you hear me? That blue plastic SOB is DEAD! I killed the bastard! Gone, got it? GONE! Sleeps with the fishes!"

No grooming today for the Thing of Evil. She has been banned from her second Petco (and doesn't give a shit).

“’I’ll be happy when he’s in a nice pair of county browns. Happier still when he’s in a cell twenty feet from the go‑to-sleep table.’” Hear more from the audiobook edition of THE OUTSIDER in this excerpt read by Will Patton from

Anyone want some Pennywise for breakfast? Is it your favorite? Mine, too!

Here's a very cool collector's edition of a vinyl double record by a close friend o' mine. You might have to mortgage your house to get one...but it WOULD be worth it.

A horrific crime. A confounding investigation. Evil can have many faces… maybe even yours. Tap for volume and listen to Will Patton read an excerpt from the audiobook edition of #TheOutsider, available now from @Simon.Audio!
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Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, promises not to tear my throat out if I let her clean out the ice cream carton. Claims vanilla "is good for dogs and causes pure thoughts."

I'm posting a brand new short story, if you want to read it--think of it as an appetizer to the main course, THE OUTSIDER, coming next week. The story is free. Read, print, share, whatever. Go to my website or click the link. Enjoy!

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