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stephenkenn  From 2011 - 2017 ✌🏼

#TheBowlineCollection was design for Japanese lifestyle brand @colony2139 with a focus on the materials found the sport of sailing. This week we are presenting the collection for #NYCxDesign at #AndAndAndNYC. Tomorrow is the last day to come by and we'll be concluding the presentation with a podcast called #AppliedEmpathy moderated by @themichaelventura - email if you'd like to join us at 7:30pm.

Shock Cord - Sound Cave
Designed as reminder for us to intentionally seek out solitude. There is no door or entrance, the cords need to be pulled open to enter the space. Once inside you can sit on the rope stool and listen to sounds of the ocean and be mentally taken away to another place. #SolitudeAtSea #NYCxDesign #AndAndAndNYC

I'm really grateful for this one. She's thoughtful, organized and will never shy away from a hard conversation. I'm refined by her desire for excellence and encouraged by her love for people. #InItTogether #SolitudeAtSea #NYCxDesign #AndAndAndNYC Also... matching game is strong! 💪🏼◼️◼️ - 📷 @rubenhughes

Tonight we'll be joined by @curious_corners and Sayaka will hosting a class in indigo dying during our cocktail party. We love natural indigo and are excited for tonight's mash up of conversation and creation! #NYCxDesign #SolitudeAtSea

Shipping Container - Reflection Room //
Enter the vertical box and wait for the cover to the sealed along the edges. This is now a space that is private and can be used for reflection. You have control over the light. You can choose to think in the dark, or use the light to read the contemplations of others. There is a marker in this space for you to contribute with a reflection from your time spent in solitude. #SolitudeAtSea #NYCxDesign

Our rope stool is made with shock cord and at #SolitudeAtSea we made a sound cave from that same material. Stop by this weekend and listen to what is playing in the headphones. 🌊 #NYCxDesign

If you need a little break this weekend, a place where you can rest then try out our #SolitudeAtSea lounge that is designed to be a little haven in the city for inspiration and reflection.

Big thanks to @theprocessc for the incredible footage for #SolitudeAtSea Also, if you live in NY and want us to leave a stool or 2 behind we are selling them off at a good price. They are available for pick up on Tuesday morning. 😉✌🏼

We are so excited to be presenting #TheBowlineCollection for #NYCxDesign at #AndAndAndNYC come by this afternoon for some coffee from @stumptowncoffee roasters and experience our space that encourages reflection on the concept of solitude. #solitudeatsea

Morning flights are the best for so many reasons... this being my favorite.

On Monday evening @beksopperman and I will be joining @genevievegorder for a conversation around the topic of Placemaking - for #AppliedEmpathy presented by @wearesubrosa .
If you'd like to attend please send an email to 🤙🏼

Heading east this morning.

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