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Stephen Hurd 

P&w holiday fun....

The work is wonderful That @marandacurtis don’t play fair...go get it today

Ooh my sister said Yes to Jesus today her and Mrs Tanya are the best ....I’m excited for Michelle and her Destiny

Today I celebrate my friend and brother for over 28+ yrs.. KevinDickinson I’m glad you’re alive Happy Day I love you man!!!

Had a Sunday dinner for my staff just to spend time outside of the Assignment .... I’m trying to a better leader I love my team!!

My friend and Mentee is doing great things.. I need you to go buy this incredible HOLIDAY EP on iTunes TODAY!!

Nothing like family, food & good foolishness !!! Happy Thanksgiving 2018!!

Full As A Tick...Ready to Pop

Amazing Carpet Cleaner I’m the DMV.. Kleen Carpet Cleaners look y’all tell them I told you to call!!!

Join is tonight at @fbcglenarden at 6:30pm for a full Concert of worship with @donmac6453 as we celebrate 29yrs of our Pastor @jkjenkins50 & our 101 Church Anniversary !!!