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Stephen Hurd 

Y’all remember Sparkle?? Look Into Your Heart and Something He Can Feel??

There will Never be a sound like her but she taught so many.. Aretha Franklin the “Master Teacher” #sirius channel 49

The privilege to work with her and the Late Rev Donald Vails in the 90’s was life changing ... Rest well Queen Rest well!!!

The 80’s were interesting .....

Hey y’all go get this CD project my brother @mr_yancey & One Accord they are singing......

I’m so proud of this young anointed gift Jeremy Wilder .. Y’all download this today....

Shouting out Happy Day to my brother for life @thm718 on his BIG 50th... i love you dude Ur old as well AARP welcomes you!!!

The amazingly anointed @gyarbuck blessed me and the entire EKBPC ....

Same power on this when i first heard it PICK IT UP TODAY!!!! @theatricalpace Amazing!!!

I’m trying to GROW in the grace @ekbpc #IMPACT

I love these two @gyarbuck & @mrmbutler @ekbpc INCREDIBLE