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Stephen Harper  22nd Prime Minister of Canada 🇨🇦

Friends, I am excited to announce my latest project: RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption.

In my latest book, I explore how this era of political disruption is impacting business, the economy and government: How did Donald Trump get elected? Why did Brexit happen? What is populism?

Leaders everywhere want to know what this means for the future. I hope you will join me. Link in Bio.

As incoming Chair of the International Democratic Union, I appreciated Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy’s warm welcome in Madrid today.

Honoured to succeed my friend Sir John Key as Chairman of the International Democratic Union, a global association of more than 80 conservative, Christian-democratic and centre-right political parties committed to freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.

Senator Enverga, Laureen and I in Manila, November 2012

Let us honour the memory of our heroes, those who fought before us and those who continue to stand up for our freedoms. Lest we forget.

Honorons la mémoire de nos héros, ceux et celles qui ont combattu avant nous et les hommes et femmes en uniforme qui continuent de se battre pour nos libertés. Nous nous souvenons.

On October 22, we remember Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

En cette journée du 22 octobre, nous nous souvenons de l'adjudant Patrice Vincent et du caporal Nathan Cirillo.

Laureen and I were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of our friend and colleague Jim Prentice.

Laureen et moi avons été choqués et attristés d’apprendre le décès de notre ami et ancien collègue Jim Prentice.

Thank you to Calgarians and Canadians for having given me the honour of serving the best country in the world.

Merci aux gens de Calgary et aux Canadiens de m’avoir donné l’honneur de servir le meilleur pays au monde.

Make no mistake – Justin’s job-killing tax hikes are the wrong direction for hard-working Canadian families.

Our Conservative Party has a positive plan to cut taxes, create jobs, and put more money in your pocket.

I need you go get out and vote for our Conservative Party today. Can I count on you?

It’s Election Day. All across Canada, people are deciding who will manage our $1.9 trillion economy, make decisions about taxation and spending, and represent Canada on the world stage for the next four years.

This is a close election, and every vote counts. Join me in voting for our positive Conservative plan to protect our economy.

Today, every single vote makes a difference.

Our vision is a Canada where benefits are paid to parents, not bureaucrats. Where the budget is balanced now, not on the backs of your children and grandchildren. A Canada where more tax dollars are left in your pocket.

If you believe in our vision, go and vote for your local Conservative candidate. The choice is too important to sit out.

Great rally last night in Abbotsford.

Today is Election Day, and in an election this close, every single vote matters.

I’m asking for your support for our Conservative plan to lower taxes, keep the budget balanced, create 1.3 million more Canadian jobs, and protect our fragile economy.

Can I count on you?

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