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I Am Stephen Storey  Inspired. Excited. Grateful. Salvador, Bahia 🇧🇷

Meu Deus

I love Forró
I used to to be terrible when I first started 6 weeks ago but I’m making progress.

Going spearfishing with my friend @andersobonys
Let’s see if we can catch something today.

Brazil updates “Put ya mama on the phone, I ain’t coming home no more”

Meu nome É Baiano
So happy and excited to be apart of Ginga Mundo.
I wrote down on my bucket list 7 years ago that I wanted to learn capoiera. And it’s happening here in Salvador.
Very grateful.

Yemanjá Festival
Hundreds of thousands of people came to celebrate the queen of the sea by putting flowers in the ocean.
Partied for 12 hours straight Saturday.
It was an insane time.
Lots of music, dancing, and capoiera!
Scroll through the videos to see a little bit of what went on. #baianodaporra

As we celebrate black history month let’s not forget about our Afro Brazilian brothers and sisters

Brazil has more people of African origin than any country outside of Africa.
Afro-Brazilians have a rich history and culture and have a played a major role in Brazilian culture for centuries.
Take some time during black history month to study Afro- Brazilian contributions to art, dance, martial arts, politics, sports, and culture.

If you’re over the age of 18 and you aren’t pleased with where you are in life.
Got news for you it’s your fault.
If you don’t like your job it’s your fault

If you aren’t happy in your relationship it’s your fault.
Don’t think you’re being paid enough for the work you do it’s your fault.
Once you accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life and commit to change the things you have control over, only then will you begin to succeed.

Geo-arbitrage is simple,

Make money in a strong currency, live in a weaker currency. I did it last year for the first time and it was amazing everything was cheaper and my money went further. I’ll be doing it again this year.
Is Geo-arbitrage right for you? I can’t say, that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. But it is very enriching.
#salvadorbahia 🇧🇷

You become what you think about....most of the time.

You want to be winner? You want a life where you can pick up and go when you want? Maybe you want a better body?
Here’s how you do it: Start acting like the person you envision yourself being.
You want to be fit? Act like how you think a fit person would act. You want to be wealthy? Start handling your money the way wealthy people handle money.
I got news for you, yes you reading this, the instant you decide success is for you. You will be successful everything that happens after that will be a manifestation of your thoughts.
I took some big risks in my twenties , I’ve failed in business several times. I had to give A Mercedes Benz back to the car dealer because I couldn’t afford the note. Had to go move back in with my folks. Went without power in my place and food in my fridge because my pride and sheer stupidity wouldn’t let me get a job.
I say all that to say this. When I decided I was going to win no matter what my whole life changed in an instant. I made a vow I would never live in a poverty mindset again.
About this picture. I tried this suit on a month before I moved to Atlanta in 2015 as motivation I took a picture in it. Took me a couple years but I came back and bought it. And several more since.
When will you make your decision for how you want your life to be? Times ticking.

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