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Concept art for new label. Settled.

Last day filming. Took a break in between shots to answer questions for my buddy Arlo's 3rd Grade Project on the moral quandaries that define each superheroes journey. My favorite query: Would you trade your bow and arrow for a jet pack? Feels like a Thursday.

Ever since we met in late 2011, my Wife has raved - no pun intended - about Coachella. I decided - in a semi joking way - that I was going to hate it for no reason whatsoever. And I'd poke fun at her when the set list was released and she'd get excited. Then I'd ask her not to contact me at all during the weekend, again, jokingly. And I DELIGHTED in the fact I knocked her up and she had to miss the festival for the first time in almost a decade. But then, in May of 2014, we fell in love with the desert... next thing you know we have a place there to relax during the Arrow season and host our friends and family. Then last year during Coachella, something felt different. She was at our house, with our friends, doing something she loves... without me. That's not how a marriage / friendship / partnership should work. If your Wife (or whatever) loves something, you should love it too. So I did something every spouse should learn to do: I admitted I was wrong and apologized in a very concise sentence with zero uses of the word "but", then asked to go. And we went. We did everything she wanted to do and I got to share an experience that brought us closer together because doing something your partner loves always helps you understand them better. What a weekend.
Until next year. ☀️🌵🎸❤

Lovely weekend with @cassandrapants --

This guys caption wins.

Hanging at my friends place.

Our second label! Link for the Wine Club is in the bio!

2 years makes it a tradition. Thank you so much to the @wwe for their exceptional hospitality. One of these days I'll hop back in the ring... I have to.

On my way to Wrestlemania. In a borderline tragic turn of events my good buddy Josh Segarra couldn't make it because he's busy being ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING on Arrow. So naturally, I made a cardboard cut out of his head.

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