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My Dad.
This picture, which was taken the day I graduated from Howard U, was on display in his house until the end. It’s back with me now.
Daddy passed away at the end of June. It’s surreal that he’s gone but I am aware how fortunate we were to have him as our father.
Thank you for blazing the trail, Dad, and for encouraging us to see our wildest dreams as nothing more than possibilities.
Love you. Always.

Happy Birthday, Galen! Love that none of us is too old for photo antics. (Honestly, these folks don’t know how to age!) 🎉

#tbt Volcano duty in Hawaii. I walked into a little shop in Hilo and came upon this Cali kid deep in thought. #IssaEverywhere

Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎁🎊 #️⃣8️⃣ to our sweet Babycakes! While I am still thinking about the folks in Hawaii, there was no way I was going to let a 🌋 make me miss her birthday. Oh and this smile? That’s what I get when I take too many pictures in a row! 🧡

Lava cutting a fresh path down a foothill of black molten rock. One resident watches as the lava is now just a few hundred feet from his home. #leilaniestates #kilauea #volcano

#LeilaniEstates is again dealing with encroaching lava. The lava river is visible after dark and with all the cloud cover, the orange glow is more intense tonight. #Kilauea #volcano #Hawaii

A plume of #laze on the trade winds. Laze is created when lava hits the ocean water. #kilauea #volcano

After sundown, the lava’s glow illuminates the night sky. #Kilauea #Volcano #Hawaii

For those who have heard #RustytheRooster behind our live shots near the #lava fountain in #Hawaii - here’s the whole crew. #kilauea #volcano

To see where the #lava hits the ocean, just follow that striking white plume which, despite its beauty, is hazardous. When the lava hits the salt water, it creates steam full of hydrochloric acid and tiny particles of glass. #KilaueaErupts #volcano

Yes, #lava really is that orange. #KilaueaErupts

Out of nowhere, a horse came wandering slowly down the path, lava percolating up violently behind it. #KilaueaErupts #Hawaii

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