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I have been using this product for more than a year. I also share it with my mom and we have only used abt almost half of the bottle thus far. So 36 months after open expiration makes sense, and 39$ doesn't sound expensive anymore for such a big jar ! And I only take a super small amount to use everyday. I mostly use it as a night cream even though it is multi purpose. It actually works better than a lip balm in the dry winter. Even though I have combination skin and my mom has dry skin, it works well for both. It's really good at keeping your skin moisturized, giving plum, soft and smooth skin everyday when I wake up. The product was made from many types of natural oil so I don't need to use any face oil after. Sometimes I try out other products and my skin goes bad; but then I just need to get back to Egypt Magic Cream and everything is fine again. Highly recommended for newbies and those who wants to save money on skincare, as this product can work as eyecream, body butter, hair oil, or hand cream... almost everything you need. For the effectiveness, I rate it 9/10 but for the convenience, hmm maybe not! It's too sticky and shiny so you can't really use it in the day time and it will stick to your clothes or your bed if you use it as body cream. I hate the feeling of sticky hands so I only use 2 fingers for face, neck and lips. Egyptian Magic Cream is a trustworthy product that makes you feel secure. I would definitely purchase a second jar... well, maybe in the next 2 years?? ^^

#ByWishtrend 21,5% vit C serum
On my trip to Korea I bought the product in an #Aland store. It has been 2 months and I used up 1/3 of the bottle.
1. Package
The serum comes with a box which has another thick layer to protect the glass bottle. It also has very detailed directions, tips and warnings. The bottle and the dropper are separated, I'm not sure why they did that but I don't think they need an extra small plastic bag. I always keep it in the box to prevent sun exposure and keep the serum in the fridge all the time.
2. First Impression
The serum is transparent, lightweight, and has a very slight orange/brown color. I love the fact that it doesnt have any smell ❤️For the first month, whenever I applied it on my face, I felt stinging and a lil burning. They have the instructions that if you feel this way due to low pH level you can neutralize with a mask or emulsion, but I actually love how it directly absorbs into my skin so I only use it right after the toner step. It absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave the skin sticky, so I have to quickly apply moisturizer to lock it cuz I am scared it will evaporate 😁 I accidentally put it on my lips once. It tasted bitter and sour 😂 and hurt my lips.
3. Result
I can actually see the skin is brightened immediately (a little bit but noticeable). After a few days I really felt my skin had become much better. My dull skin was brightened up, looked smoother, shinier and much more youthful. Before my face was always darker than my hand and my shoulders but now it's the opposite! I have pores on both sides of my nose and it actually helped to minimize them. After just a month, I felt so much better about my skin. I haven't seen the acne scars fade away yet, I guess it takes longer. But vit C is supposed to gradually change the texture of the skin so it will take a long time and I will keep using it everyday and patiently wait for the result. So far it's been such a great product and I really love it. Highly recommend for people who want to brighten their dull skin. I will finish this bottle for sure and hope for a good result on whitening and anti-aging.
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