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Stephanie Vazquez  Our life in tiny squares. Mostly pictures of my warrior son, Noah. 🖤 Follow his journey and help spread awareness. #sturgewebersyndrome

My little wanderer. 🖤 📷: @idlewildphotoco for @jaxandlennonco “Little Wanderers” collection. Love every single piece. My credit card hates me. Or maybe it loves me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #littlewanderers #jaxandlennonco #fallphotoshoot #photography #fw18

I don’t often share much about me. And for the last three years it’s been about Noah and our journey. But for most of my adult life I have struggled with depression and anxiety.
As a child I never struggled with weight but upon delving into the fitness world in my mid 20s, that changed. I became obsessed with how I looked. And winning competitions showed me I could do anything.

Post competing I battled the image of how I looked on stage to my everyday life. 10% body fat wasn’t realistic for me, and yet I struggled to find a balance.
In my mid thirties I became a first time mama, still battling those demons inside. Sadness and anxiety took up too much space inside me. And didn’t just go away because a baby was there. It became worse.
I was a new mom and had a newborn with an incredibly complex and rare medical condition.

The first year blurred by. Mostly filled with hospitals stays, appointments and worry and fear so deep I couldn’t focus on any of the good moments. I regret that.
Things got really hard when we were faced with a choice to have a major life altering and incredibly invasive brain surgery for Noah. And over the next two years I put on 40 pounds. Stress, no sleep, the vicious cycle didn’t stop.
A lot has changed in the last two years. Noah didn’t have surgery. He is 14 months seizure free and living his best life. I’m not living mine.
I know deep inside that I need to make ME a priority. That the longer I don’t the harder it will be. The saying take care and love yourself before you can others is true. And if others can see goodness in me then maybe I can too.
Everyone is battling something and everyone has a story. I hope that you make you a priority and I promise to make me a priority too. For Noah and my family. But mostly for me. 💕

#thisis40 #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #confessions #noahsjourney #myjourney #truth 📷: @idlewildphotoco

He watches TV, I watch him. It works. 🙈 #sunday #lazymorning #handsome #couldwatchhimallday #tootd #vonbon #jaxandlennonco

Love how they are looking at each other. They have such a special bond. 🖤 📷: @idlewildphotoco
#fatherandson #bond #family #photoshoot #c10

He already loves trucks as much as his daddy. 🖤 📷: @idlewildphotoco
#daddyandson #minime #trucklover #c10 #photoshoot #familyphotos

I’m the luckiest mama because he chose me. 💕 photo by the beautiful @idlewildphotoco
#motherandson #myboy #lucky #love #mamahood

My world in one little square. 🖤Can’t wait to share more snaps of this memorable photo shoot.
📷: @idlewildphotoco
#family #photography #familyphotography #wecleanupnice #vancouverfashiontruck #jaxandlennonco

First day of preschool is done! Happy to be back at @creativekidslearningcenters with familiar faces and new friends. Can’t wait to see what this year brings you. You’ve already come so far. ♥️🍎
#preschool #creativekids

Run, little one, run. Be free to learn and love and discover. Tomorrow you start preschool. You’ll see old friends and make new ones, create memories and go on adventures. You’re growing up so fast yet you’re still my baby boy. I know I have to let you go but I’m holding on so tight. Keep on living your best life my wonder boy. 🖤 📷: @idlewildphotoco 💕

#noahsjourney #teamnoah #preschool #thisisthree #growingup

Just a couple of dinosaurs at the playground on a Monday. No big deal. @cocoandcubz 🦖🦕 #neighbors #friends #threeyearsold #dinosaurs #playdate

Day 1 of @pedalheads was a disaster, day 2 & 3 we had to end early because he shut down, day 4 he started to slowly open up and build trust and on day 5 he PEDALLED! I had instant regret early in the week. How could I think Noah could pedal like other kids his age with his deficits. How could I ask him to do what other kids do. He was timid and shy and scared and with so many reasons to be so. But he overcame this like he overcomes so many challenges. Although the road he’s traveling on is different than most it’s not any less important. Never say you can’t. Because one day you’ll find that you can. It doesn’t matter how fast you go and frankly if he never gets on the bike again I don’t care. What matters is he tried. No matter the outcome. So proud of this very special boy. 💕 #pedalheads #bikecamp #bike #threeyearsold #sturgewebersyndrome #awareness

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